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    A few new things have gotten checked off my long list. We now have a SSL cert's on towforce.net, tow411.net, and tow.photos. So that " Not Secure" message in Chrome, Firefox or any other bowser will not be popping up any more. It will be showing the address's with https://. ? Along with being able to sign in with your Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and Twitter logins. you are about to signin with your microsoft login also. Moving to SSL has made those alot more reliable. We now have more payment options along with PayPal, I have added a new payment processor to the site for cards. We also now support Apple Pay and Google Pay for those bowsers/phones that can handle it. ✔️ Few little fix's here and there and thats all to report right now..... back to the road.
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    Repeat Business is Appreciated

    Congrats and a BIG THANK YOU to Greg Embrey, Greg's Towing! My firend, your repeat business is appreciated more than you will ever know! Thank you again!
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