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    Another Motorcycle

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    Promoted by the Professional Recovery Operator Magazine, The largest annual trade event in the UK dedicated to the Vehicle Towing and Recovery Industry.... returns to the Telford International Centre Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th September 2019 for further information, Visit, www.recoverytowshow.co.uk As well as all the very latest Recovery Vehicles from all the main manufacturers, the Tow Show displays a broad selection of the Equipment, Accessories and services that make up the Recovery Industry the 2 day event includes seminars, live recovery displays and one of the highlights.... the Gala Charity Dinner.... the UK industry dress up for an evening of entertainments, presentations and fundraising for the industry charities.
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    The past 2 Saturday's have started out with early morning calls to remove new unwanted lawn decorations. The first one was a young girl who ran a stop sign, jumped the curb and travelled through about 60 feet of yard before totalling 2 innocent vehicles in the driveway and damaging a third. It hit with such force that her car was stuck in the first grand Marquis and the second Marquis was moved far enough that it almost hit the house. Not bad for a much lighter car than the 2 she hit. Not wanting to do anymore damage to the poor guys nice lawn and not having any room to work, I set up on the main street and winched it all the way back to the road. This let the other company called have the entire driveway to work on getting the grand Marquis out. Almost a week later to the minute I got a call for an impound. I arrived at the location looking for a Chevy pick up, but only found a Saturn that had the driver's side almost completely removed. The trooper pointed to the house 3 doors down and there sat another lawn ornament. After it stuck the car, the pick up travelled through 2 chain link fences and a stand of shrubs before hitting a tree that luckily stopped the truck just short of making an unannounced appearance into the house. The yard was completely walled in by shrubs and the passenger front wheel was only being held on by half a tie rod. Only having a narrow driveway to set up in, I had to accomplish the recovery in a few different steps. I brought the truck out towards the opening in the shrubs as far as I could until I ran out of room. Once it was lined up and out of room, I moved into the street to winch it the last few feet before I had to to spin it into the driveway. I was planning on towing it once I got it to the street, but once I got the rear of the truck clear it became obvious that I was not going to have the time I needed to swing the front around to tow it on my own. I called my dad to bring me a bed while I brought the rear end around to line it up with the driveway. Once he arrived we loaded it up and I cleared the rest of the debris out of the driveway.
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    HONK is annoying me!

    Things have changed a bit. I am still set at $95 hook, no free miles and $4 per mile. I have the app set on my phone and I take what jobs work for me and decline the ones that dont. They still call for updates at times even though I update things in the app. They pay with credit card within the hour. Still low volume, but for the rates, I make it work for me.
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    emergency lights on for no reason!!

    Had to take my mom to the airport. Here is a perfect example of why we die on the highways. AAA tower driving around with emergency lights on. What is he warning us about? all the junk on the back of his truck about to fall off? most aaa trucks drive around with emergency lights on here. DONT WONDER WHY NOBODY PAYS ATTENTION TO EMERGENCY LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!
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    Crash Truck Crash

    We received a call for this heavy duty rollover. We immediately dispatched myself in my wrecker as the recovery supervisor, a heavy and a medium duty truck. Upon arrival I found this crash truck on it's side with a large debris field. There were 2 passenger vehicles involved, however another towing company was dispatched to handle then. I immediately cancelled our medium duty and told him to bring a pick up with brooms, shovels, and barrels for the debris. Once my heavy arrived we were given the go ahead to start the recovery. I used my truck to remove the mail box so we didn't crush it then proceeded to upright the truck. As it didn't roll all the way onto it's side the recovery was very simple. Once on it's wheels we hooked up to the front end and started cleaning the debris and fluids. It slid across all 4 lanes of the highway, leaving a trail of glass, fluids, and assorted truck parts in it's wake. Between my blower and a couple brooms we had the mess contained quickly and were on our way back to the shop.
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    F550 Truck Bar Tow

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    Just a note to share that you don't have to be a runner to participate in this event, Shane Coleman and I walked this last year as a way to try and solve all of the problems in the industry. Although we didn't solve the industry's problems, we spent our afternoon walking to support the museum and its causes.
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    Went to tow a pickup and trailer about 10 years ago. The pickup was fine and very clean. When I dropped the trailer, there was blood coming out of the door and that unmistakable smell. Turns out the owner had about 20, 5 gallon buckets of rotting meat for bear hunting. Needless to say a couple of them that he had not tried very well had tipped and broke open. The guy just walks in the trailer and picks it all up without gloves and cleans up the mess. He said he had a feeling he might have some tip while he was driving. I wish he had said something before we hooked it, i would have helped him secure them better. Disturbing but glad it wasn't something worse.
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    As towers, it can sometimes be hard to remember that the casualty isn’t the most important thing on scene. Yes, what you are there to do is tow a vehicle. But why you are there is to help someone in need. Simply put, you should always take care of the customer before taking care of the casualty. Why? Because it’s the customer, not the casualty, that may feel overwhelmed, unsafe or confused. Because the customer is in more danger than the casualty. Because it’s the customer, not the casualty, that called for assistance. And it’s the customer, not the casualty, that expects good customer service. When you arrive at the scene, before you even start inspecting the casualty, you should speak with the customer. You need to introduce yourself and quickly move the customer to a safe location. WreckMaster recommends putting the customer in the cab of your truck with their seatbelt on while on the road side. At the minimum, the customer should at least be placed on the non-traffic side of a barrier. Speaking with the customer is part of your survey. They may have information about their vehicle that may be important. That said, always be sure to verify what information the customer tells you before beginning your tow. After your survey has been completed and you’ve made all your calculations, you still need to explain to the customer what is going to happen. This is an important conversation to have so they know what steps to take after the casualty has been moved, but also to help put their mind at ease. All conversations with the customer can happen with the customer in the cab of the truck and the operator on the non-traffic side of the scene. Remember, towing a casualty is what your are there to do. Helping someone in need is why you are there. View the full article on WreckMaster.com...
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    09.10.19 - We responded to this Armored Car Rollover: Equipment use was our Century 1150R, Int. Hazmat Truck, a JCB TilaSkid Steer, Casadia Freightliner with NRC 4040TB. Once we rolled the unit over we cleaned up the scene. transported to our garage for state police inspection. A Big Thank You to thank you Mass Hwy and Mass State Police for the traffic control for our crew. We are very lucky we have the Best here In Massachusetts.
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    Bucket Load: Rollin' In The Money

    Let me try this, the Century is the Rotator, then the Hazmat truck with tools and supplies for mitigation/cleanup. Skid Steer to carry the contents of the load from the crash and supplies to & from the area. The Second Heavy is actually the NRC Carrier to transport the Armored Car. Eric, will need to explain the Plan of Action. Sure appears Professional from Start to End. Should be the Industry Standard! After all it's just money...
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    06.11.19 - Middleton Fire Department posted on their FB Page: at approximately 1130 the RECC received calls for a car into the pool at 36 Village Road.Crews arrived to find an suv teetering on the edge of the pool. The two occupants had been helped out by bystanders and they were not injured. The vehicle ended up slipping all the way into the pool. Coadys’ wrecker was called to lift the vehicle out of the water. Crews stood by for the removal of the vehicle.The operators from Coadys’ did a great job and made the removal of the vehicle look easy . Luckily there were no injuries, but the pool will be closed for a while. RESOURCE LINK
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    Versatile multi purpose tow truck

    This is one of our multi purpose accident units, very adaptable for all sorts of car and van recovery, This vehicle was Based on a IVECO chassis because of the sensitive work it was doing on statutory removals, tow aways and repos we did not have any graphics or writing. the slide bed has a payload of 4 tons , built in extension ramps for low ground clearance vehicles. The Knuckleboom crane equipped with a street lifter attachment for damage free removals, the frame has a hydraulic levelling and rotating capability. It can lift 1.5 tons at full reach and rotate through 180 degrees. the lifting equipment can be easily dismantled and stowed at the front of the platform fitted with hydraulic winches on the platform and an additional front mounted one.. Note the Jack Plugs for 12 and 24 volt jump leads … Second car lift with provision for clip on ball hitch and a clip on winch fairlead on the platform. This truck was very busy al the time and did pretty well anything asked of it within reason, including carriage of stolen /recovered goods, load transfers.
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    Great to see this reposted, it was well worth the reread.
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    From TowTimes.com - Raising the Bar

    "No tire changes should be initiated roadside for operator safety" This should be the policy of every Tow Company and Motor Clubs should adhere to this policy as it would save at minimum one life a year. a lane should be blocked with a blocker vehicle This should be a requirement on roadways where the speed limit is a minimum 55mph. A standard industry requirement, to include safety glasses, reflective vest, as well as a hard hat. OK, safety glasses are going a bit far as they are not going to have any effect on roadside safety in regards to possibly being struck. I prefer reflective clothing over a vest as most fail to put the vest on. The clothing eliminates that safety fail. Yes, I'm good with the safety hard hat. Problem is the hard hat that would benefit our industry professionals are at minimum $150.00. The best ones are over $300.00. There fore the cost factor is going to be an issue for many. Yes, I have been researching them and may or may not purchase one this year. If you think those General Plastic Construction Area Hard Hats are going to benefit a Tow Op on the side of the road. The only thing that will protect is a bump on the occasional head which many of us can relate too. The answer is never more regulation, it is education and desire to save lives. Most in this industry in all respect to those effected by a loss is reactive rather than proactive. I think to many who were just out there doing their job and could not have avoided the incident that took their life or cause injury to them. Yes, we can think back that maybe this or that could have been done differently. Yes, reviewing these roadside deaths would possibly save lives. Often out of respect for the family we do not ehter into these discussions. When we have ventured into this discussion few want to participate due to the high probability they could be on the list of those injured or whose name is going on the Wall of Fallen. I generally take so many precautions that I know many think I go overboard. My life has a value, I protect it the best I can. Your family places more of a value on your life than you do. You may or may not know that, but I am sure they worry more and more each and every year. The Odds of being struck increase the longer you are in that situation and they know it. Think Safety
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    There needs to be an established protocol to render services on the side of a roadside that has speed limits in excess of 35 mph. And they need to be adhered to with a zero tolerance. No tire changes should be initiated roadside for operator safety, a lane should be blocked with a blocker vehicle that has the capacity to absorb the impact of an impaired and or distracted driver. Proper PPE should be a standard industry requirement, to include safety glasses, reflective vest, as well as a hard hat. These implementations will be costly. They will cost millions of dollars a year to implement. BUT, they will save lives. I strongly believe that these implementations will decrease the fatality as well as injury rates by at least 65%. And they will be worth every penny of the millions of dollars required. For decades this industry has been demeaned and bullied by the motor clubs, insurance companies, bottom feeders in the industry, as well as motoring public in their prescribed methods to pocket these millions of dollars that should be invoiced, and that would cover safety. And the price has been paid for in souls of the departed, life changing injuries, as well as pain and suffering that has been inflicted upon those who work on the side of the road as well as their families who have to pick up the pieces to move forward. If we want to raise the bar, we need to ensure that our people are safe on the side of the road.
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    Bucket Load: Rollin' In The Money

    Nice work! About 30,years ago we had one that rolled over into a stream. Recovered it & took it back to our shop. They secured the building & then opened the side door of the truck.....& the coin flowed out of it like water all over the floor!
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    Scrap disposal.....

    Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2007: Well I figured while scrape was still up I'd get rid of some accumulated parts... We made several loads of rears, tag axles, front axles and motors and transmissions.... We used the M-62 tator to load everything into the dumpers... It made alot of extra room also in the yard.... Stay well... Steve Lamb Towing said: Look at all them gold necklaces. Y'all must be up in Joisey. git r towed said: Steve I love your old M62, it's like mine and it always comes in handy for something. Mine still has the old single lift cylinder. keep up the good work. ..............John FMS Mike said: Mint Work..Where can i get one of them sporty T-shirts?? MTA415 said: Hey Steve, how much ya gonna charge me to send me one of them Highpoint T-Shirts?
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    Joe Driscoll

    Assisting Fire Rescue

    Topic Created on Tow411 in June of 2007: This is the 1st call to assist fire rescue with the new rotator. All we did was winch the cab up about 6 inches and hold it. Although it wasnt much they got to see the new truck spin. xcessiveforce52 said: truck is looking good , good luck with it.......... wstowing11 said: It doesn't take much to impress with that wrecker !!! BigRigJeff said: It's good to see pix of towers like you and fire departments working together. Great truck pix, keep them coming. Jeff Shelby Service Towing Inc. Warren, Mi. letsplay2 said: Sweet... Did you handle the entire recovery? Devin ASAPautomotive said: Very Nice! How are they getting you to the scene when they request you to assist in an actual rescue? Are they providing you an escort? Joe Driscoll said: Thanks for all the replys. Devin we couldnt do the recovery because the rotator hasnt been inspected by the highway patrol. We assisted a fire department for a city we have a contract with. Donny when they call us to help them we just get there the best we can. They give us no help at all. Resqtator said: Good job and beautiful truck! If you need to get closer for a rescue and their hoses are in the way, just tell them; they can usually move them without much trouble. Next time they might ask for a lift instead of a pull. Especially after the demonstration and cross-training you are going to set up with them! Thanks for posting. Rich Towman26 said: You know that sucked to have to turn it over. But with dad starting the wrecker / rescue back when we were kids & perfecting it throughout the years, he would definatly be happy that truck is sitting there now! Running the Code III's wont be the same from now on, will they! Warren Driscoll FMS Mike said: That's My Kind Of Truck!! Michael Nick Ovenden said: Good job Joe Glad to see you out at work again!! Jerrys Road Service said: Sweet truck thx for the pics hope you get the inspect soon start making more $$$ BigWheelRecovery said: Sweet truck thx for the pics hope you get the inspect soon start making more $$$ tiggor said: Beautiful truck Joe, Did you go and get a job with it? Haven't gottin ours inspected yet either. Guess we will have to call "CUPCAKE" wow did i say that!! See ya on the big road
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    A Little Much....MD Tow on Box Truck

    That sling is factory?
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    I am not bashing you, but in the event that there is even a thousandths of a percentage of a chance that something will fly off of a vehicle, those amber lights are not going to mitigate your liability one bit. Again, I am not bashing you. I have a Doctorate degree in stupid towing procedures course number 5403. When I was young, ten foot tall and bullet proof, and had no concept of death, I almost killed a policeman when I boiled the brake fluid in a one ton Chevrolet hauling a dump truck loaded with roofing shingles on a misty morning. I almost ran him into a ravine. (I had zero training, and I was a dumb ass. Now I am an educated, trained, experienced, realizing I will not live forever dumb ass. Some of the secrets I will take to the grave. Or maybe I will write a book on stupid tower shortcuts and failed tricks of the trade. I have been very fortunate that I have been watched over by the patron Saint of towing on many occasions. I do believe that many people run their beacons as a safety warning to other drivers that they are a moving hazard.
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