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    1969 AMC Hurst Rambler

    Today I had the pleasure of picking up this beauty from our friends at Wheels in Motion in Pottstown PA after a full restoration. It was delivered to its owner this afternoon. We have our BA Products soft tie downs and soft bridle made to protect a beautiful car like this during transport. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Orcas Tow

    A rare 2 trucker.

    I had a call today for a new Suburban that had rolled backwards into a market swail, I have been here many times before, honey hole I guess. The 40 gallon plastic gas tank was sitting on the sharp rock retaining wall so winching forward was not an option, needed lift. We brought 2 trucks & my son with me. We positioned the trucks at 45 degrees to the rear wheels, boomed out, used WreckMaster K straps in a basket wrapped through the rear wheels around the wheel hub, snatch blocks then terminating the wire rope at the boom. I had my son in the drivers seat with the engine running holding the brakes while we winched the rear up allowing the gas tank to rise off the rock wall, once level my son eased off the brakes allowing the Suburban to roll forward slowly as we kept winching until the rear wheels were back on solid ground. Recovery was done very slowly with all 3 of us working very smoothly together, which was key. All good, no damage in or out, they drove off under their own power.
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    One cannot break the law, or policies, but we do need to, collectively as a nation do a better job in working to give people a second chance. It is a very stressful undertaking to make that decision on any hire. It is exasperated when the person has a record. I am not advocating a hug a thug mentality. For the record I am 100% for the death penalty. But there are some people out there with records who have excellent skills, and with a second chance are worthy of the opportunity to be an outstanding employee.
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    BMW in a culvert

    This afternoon Paul Jr was called to Fairview Road approx 1/2 mile east of Route 401 for a BMW X5 in a ditch. We found no damage to the vehicle and the right front wheel was in a drainage culvert. A low line was place on the driver’s side rear lower control arm using an endless loop. As soon and tension was applied, the left rear wheel dropped to the ground and the right front lifted up out of the culvert. The vehicle was placed in neutral and winched back to the roadway with no damage. The vehicle was driven from the scene. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First day wit GoJaks

    They work great with the flatbed, but only if the vehicle is on a hard smooth surface that is fairly level AND you have some starter ramps to transition onto the deck. We have been using them for years this way, just need to know when they will work or when skates are the better tool to get the job done.
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    Come for the Tow, Stay for the View

    We were called to pick up a vehicle for the state park service in Atlantic City at the light house. Where it broke down made for a pretty good picture.
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    Hats off to you!!!
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    Absolutely yes! I believe in cameras so much that I have dual facing cameras even in all of my personal vehicles. We live in a twisted society where false accusations are commonplace. I really am considering a body am, although there are some legal restrictions on civilian use of body cameras that vary from state to state. I will share a very personal story, one from nearly 30 years ago that illustrates exactly how important cameras really are, and perhaps is where my feelings about them come from. I was an 18 year old kid, fresh out of high school and new CDL holder driving school bus, yes a school bus. All was good until after the first Christmas break when my supervisor changed my assignment to a high school route from an elementary route. Mind you, this was the district I graduated from just 6 months earlier so these were former classmates (underclassmen) of mine. On this route there were two trouble maker girls that I had previous encounters with as a student, and despite me making it known I had no interest in either of them (was already with the girl who became, and still is, my wife). SO there is bad history between us, lots of history! First complaint happened within a week of me being on the route, one of their mothers decided I wasn't driving safely and lodged a complaint with the district. Fortunately, the Director of Transportation knew me well, he was also in charge of the auditorium where I spent most of my time as the student tech director for lighting and audio (geek I know). He dismissed her complaint without so much as a second thought. Next time the girls decided to report me for lewd comments, glances and one even said I tried to touch her. Absolutely not! Now, complaints of this level could not just be swept aside, so there was a full investigation that took all of a day thanks to the cameras we had on the bus. My employer had been very progressive and installed cameras that captured student behavior early on, although the system relied on a portable Mini 8 type camera (very expensive) so we shared one camera among all 44 buses. Each had the box, complete with flashing red light, and the students didn't know if it was actually recording. I had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen so I had the camera in my bus and it clearly showed absolutely nothing had happened when they claimed, and since I was worried I had been changing and keeping tapes since the driving complaint, so I had proof nothing had ever happened. Having this video evidence saved my job, my clean criminal history (must have to teach in the school and be on police rotation) and most importantly -my marriage. I doubt a young couple with a almost 1 year old baby could have survived this type of accusation if I had not been exonerated. It is because of my personal experience with issues like this that I have always kept on top of event data recorders of all types, simple CYA. I can't even imagine how my career track would have been altered, my whole life changed had it not been for that video evidence 30 years ago.
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    I would open my response by stating that I was legally parked on the shoulder of the road in the course of legal business for the purpose of assisting a motorist who had suffered a mechanical issue to their vehicle and was in need of immediate assistance due to their being at risk by being in the side of an active roadway. After the third objection from the plaintiff attorney, I would continue by stating that I had mitigated the apparent risks to the best of my abilities by being legally parked to maintain a clear lane adjacent to the scene, I had activated my emergency lighting to warn potential distracted drivers of my presence as well as the presence of a pitential hazard. And I would close by stating that I worked as efficiently as safely possible to remove my presence from the scene so as to not be placed in jeapordy from an impaired or distracted driver who, in the course of, and as a result, of their impairment or distraction were a deadly threat to my person.
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    Usually I try not to Monday morning quarterback jobs on a public forum, however this one shows a lack of professionalism period. There are many ways to do this job, rotator although nice, is not required. Even with just the truck he had on scene there were better options than what was chosen. I believe this may stem from a lack of care, no or little training and maybe a culture of "who cares" at his company. The risk on this one was at an unacceptable level, no control over the vehicle at all when it came over the guide rail it slammed into the back of his truck. Sorry, not going to happen if I owned the truck. Besides risking damage to the tow truck, he could have been crushed when it swung free. What would have happened if the rigging let lose or maybe the oil pan or fuel tank were punctured? I won't even harp on his lack of proper PPE as I am so tired of preaching about vests, hard hats and other protective gear. I would have rather seen him teeter toter it over the rail than try to lift it free and clear in one shot. As said by others in this thread, it appears that the guide rail ends close by, it could have been winched to an opening wide enough to get it out. Also, judging by the light poles, that appears to be a on-ramp area so there may have even been options to access the vehicle from the rear without blocking traffic or putting the tow truck in a bad spot off road. Even given that in most states towers are relieved of liability for secondary damages during police ordered recoveries that does not give a tower a license to intentionally inflict damage such as ripping off the rear bumper on the guide rail. We still must act with reasonable caution in our care of these vehicles.
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    We must follow the law in Louisiana. No convicted sex offenders or vehicle felony convictions allowed to work at towing service. Driver or any other position. There are some restrictions on employees who have been convicted of insurance fraud also, and even receiving stolen goods.
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    Ford Ranger off the road

    Sorry, the pics got posted in reverse order We received a call from Uwchland Police Department at 9:55 PM 9/11/19 to respond to a single vehicle accident at Route 113 and Holmes Drive. We were advised one vehicle was down an embankment. We immediately dispatched a flatbed truck and a wrecker to the scene. Upon arrival we found the vehicle had spun off the roadway down a small embankment into a swamp. Once given permission, the vehicle was winched to the roadway. It was then loaded onto our flatbed truck and secured for transportation back to our main location. Debris was swept from the roadway. Once back at our main location the vehicle was placed in our secure storage lot. It turns out the vehicle was driven by a young local firefighter who was coming around a turn too fast on the way to the firehouse for a fire call. No one was injured, except the truck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First day wit GoJaks

    As others have already stated... They are great for smooth surfaces and to reposition or 'stage' a vehc. prior to towing. I (we) never go onto the bed with them. Having a service truck bring them to a site is our procedure so there are 2 people present. This highly reduces risk, damage, injury, etc. Good luck in the future. Stay safe.
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    SUPER DOLLY med / heavy duty tow unit

    first off i asked TOW ZONE were to post this up and he said here and will approve this posting after its up . i had been in the towing business for around 10 years and seen a lot and done a lot of cool stuff . i also seen a lot of guys struggle with some jobs and i saw a need to make things better / faster / easier so i set out to try and fill this need . my old boss had one but it was not as beefy as mine is and over the years he found a few week points and had to have them fixed up and strengthened . my unit i set out to build took all these week points or design flaws and kicked them out the door and i went BEEFY with my build . i have had a few people look at this and say it looks over built and 1 guy who is a engineer said its very sturdy and could have been built a little less beefy and still be fine . here is my little ad i have made up for the unit . i have a lot more pics of the unit all you need to do is just ask me for them . the price point i am targeting is $6,000 dollars for the unit ready to go as you see it in the pic . this is within the price point for its size as the smaller dolly units for 1ton down for cars and such can be over 2k dollars for the top of the line set new . this unit is made to handle much bigger loads and haul almost anything you can think of on it . also do not forget this is special equipment and most billing limit rules do not apply so charge what you feel is needed for the speed of the unit & easy of use . this unit can pay for its self in 2-3 jobs then its all profit from then on . i welcome any feedback on this item and questions about it just ask and i will answer them . thanks for reading and looking my unit over and have a safe work day out there . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- today we have ........ SUPER DOLLY .................. this unit is much bigger than your standard tow truck wrecker dolly unit . this unit is made for BIG trucks / campers / stuff that's just to big or bulky to fit in a reg size tow dolly setup that is found on smaller wrecker trucks . this unit is made to help DRASTICALLY reduce your on site clean up time of a wreck or disabled BIG vehicle that for some reason you can't tow with the axles on the ground . this item can be loaded on a rollback flatbed to deliver to the work site . this gives you a extra worker at the site to help speed up the job . you can even hang this from your BIG wrecker tow truck and be taken to the call . you would then lift one end of the disabled vehicle and place the SUPER DOLLY under and set the load in and secure it down with up to 8 5/8" D-ring tie down points on the unit to pick from . then hook the other end and tow away and get the job done faster & with less work . if you want a faster way to move big objects / dead & damaged trucks / old dead campers / shipping containers / what ever you can think of to fit in or on this then this is the unit for you . the load capacity of the tires is 16,320 lbs on 16" trailer cargo tires with load range G and 14 ply . the unit is 10ft 8in wide outside tire to tire . the inside area is setup to to fit up to 104inch width . the tire pans low point is 12" off the ground . the SUPER DOLLY is just at about 1000 lbs weight by its self . the open section of the unit is set at a 53inch opening to give oil pan / brake chamber / drive shaft room for most items being hauled . the last 2 pics are of a trailer suspension unit fitting in the SUPER DOLLY . this item can pay for its self in just 2-3 jobs then after this its all profit . this unit is made for for temporary use as to its overall width . this unit is for trained towing professionals only . the unit is sold as is with no liability or warranty on sellers part as it is to be used by trained professionals as each and every job is unique .
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    Come for the Tow, Stay for the View

    It was pretty tall, I had to have the phone all the way on the ground ant cam style to get the whole thing in the shot. The big glass building of the Ocean Casino Resort, formerly known as the Revel Casino.
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    First day wit GoJaks

    I personally don't like these kinds of body-shop rollers for tow truck and carrier purposes. I've experienced a car on these kinds of accessories as a potential, dangerous roll-away, a driver who blew out his back trying to push a loaded vehicle, or, having to pay to repair a butt-dent or palm-print as a result of trying to push a vehicle from a parking spot. I also paid for a driver's injuries after a slip and fall by another spraying lubricants onto a carrier's deck. When looking at those, "what-if", scenarios they present, I prefer to use dollies and skates.Each of the examples mentioned all were either the result of a Worker's Comp claim or a small-claims suit for driver inflicted damage. R.
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    Orcas Tow

    First day wit GoJaks

    Thank you & agreed. Dollies were the first 10 miles of this tow, the last 100 were on the flatbed due to the logistics of my location.
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    First day wit GoJaks

    skip almost all of the stuff you said in the first post and try p.b. blaster in a spray can . the stuff dry's up in under 10 min driving down the road so no long term slick bed to slip on . but the tires hit the stuff and slide like a hot knife on butter . one day i was playing around and found the tires would almost 100% go the path of the sprayed p.b. blaster on the bed even . i used it for years after my old boss showed me the trick and boy does it work good . never used skates or gojacks . keep a eye open for the parts stores when its on sale and stock up . put 1 can in each door pocket so you don't need to run around the truck for it . and toss a extra can or 2 in the back of the cab for when you run out . i will admit wd-40 is even better but you must wash that stuff off the bed .
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    Win A Towmate TM-FLUX Wireless Tow Light

    I will say this contest has me back into taking a bunch of pictures. Lately I'm usually by myself for at least the recovery portion and don't have time to take a ton of pictures. With a new light bar on the line though, my last roll over I stopped winching on it at least twice to get a good shot.
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    Win A Towmate TM-FLUX Wireless Tow Light

    The chance of winner are now just 1 in 4. If you told me that in July I would have laughed. At this point it not a case of message board traffic. It's a case that many have gotten used to the single image topic on Facebook and forgotten how to create posts with disruptions. Recoveries with discussions to learn from....
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    Keeping the 600R busy

    Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in April of 2012: Here are a few simple tows we have done with the 600R. This truck tows very well, the heavy weight on the steer axle helps a lot, it has 9900 pounds on the steer. The only complaint, it is a little under powered at 5000 foot above sea level, but it gets the job done. The yellow RV is a 1974, front wheel drive with air suspension in the back but well thought out, you pump it up with an onboard electric compressor then close the valve to lock in the ride height, all factory, made towing it and keeping ground clearance a breeze. ltl900tow said: looks good i love that truck, with those fords in the spoons i always pop off the center caps due to they are so brittle Keen1051 said: Not bashing, but why choke up on your L-arms? I always open them up so it will sit in deeper, less chance of coming out in case of sudden stop. Brian991219 said: We have very steep curb cuts and high angles in and out of out driveways and intersections in Albuquerque so it is a balancing act to get the wheels in the spoons, the ride height correct and not drag the rear end or catch the tires where they hang down below the cross bar. I have found it is easy to bottom out the front wheels just coming into a parking lot out here. RobertCAdams said: Truck looks GOOD!!!! Robert gen4towman said: gotta love those fwd gmc motorhomes. GStyle said: I've seen a rv like that, but it was green. Remember Stripes with Bill Murray? Brian Bell said: Nice Looking Job's but I will say I'm super scared of those 19.5's just being held in by lasso straps. They will jump out when you get into a PANIC STOP !!! Trust me BTDT the towed vehicle will be all into your tailboard ... You need a chain or another strap ran straight up or slightly forward up to the front T-hooks or even around the sway bar pulling backwards to your crossbar. I always kept a auto transport style cluster with about 3ft of 5/16 chain on my truck to do this. I could use it to pull cars out of the ditch also. I found this picture in my photobucket the red line is where there needs to be a chain / strap ... You could just go around the spring stack also and leave it with a little slack if dips / hills are a huge issue.. as long as the tires can't lift up out of the L arm then they cant go forward.... I know your thinking that's what the Lasso strap is doing but there will be enough force and or leverage to flip or roll them out. AutoHaus1 said: Good Idea on the hold-back strap. I don't let the laso straps go below the top 1/3 of the tire, and I wrench em down to where the tire complains. danielswt said: I have too seen first hand damages done with 1 tons/trailer combos pushing out of the spoons. Bellboys idea is good, I used to do that. But I prefer to wrap the entire tire, grid, and L-arm completely all the way around with a longer strap. Just have to watch dips with that setup. I still think you need to lose the flames and go with orange fenders reckmaster1 said: I hauled one too, kinda threw me off i had never seen a front wheel drive RV Robert Anaya said: Brian, The truck looks good. Is this one your assigned truck? I towed a few of those a while back, they hold a convention type cruise every year and they run right through here. Pretty cool little rv, no need to pull DL!!! David V said: Those GMC campers are built with the same front end as the old Oldsmobile Tornodo and Cadillac Eldorado. 500 c.i. engine, tranny next to the block, a big chain from the engine output to the tranny input, and I think they even had torsion front suspension didn't they? Lovely old beasts. David V. Brian991219 said: Robert, no I don't have an assigned truck I float thru whatever I need to to get the job done. I have been training one of our drivers who has been here two years on medium duty towing and rotator operation. We have been a little busy so I have been running more calls myself and I like this truck a lot. Everyone else, thanks for your comments and advice, I love how we can all share our expierence without getting our feathers ruffled! Good point on the wheel straps and chain, I have introduced that into my training program, thanks for the reminder. Daniel, I'm with you but the owner decided he likes the flames, for uniformity I would rather have the fenders orange or blue, most likely orange since this truck is the inverse of all our other trucks, meaning where this one is blue ours are orange. Blue Stripe said: Looks good Brian, glad to hear she's staying busy! Chris Flynn, WM 091008 Boardman Towing & Recovery Brian991219 said: Good to hear from you Chris, she is staying very busy, I am at almost 20,000 miles already and have had several chances to use the rotator to it's full capacity. It has turned out to be a very good truck for us, it has filled our light/medium duty gap quite nicely.
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    Pole Dancing Gone Wrong

    I also prefer it, I like to work close to the casualty and I've never had a reverse roll fight me to come over
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    A Flashback of "Soul Train"....

    Joe got a "combination" wreck the other day....Sort of. Guy driving a Kia Soul...pulling a trailer if you can believe...full of firewood, and pulled out into an intersection to go up the hill. I guess the "little engine that could" was groaning to get out of the way & got T Boned in the intersection... He was pulling out on the right there to go the same direction as the rollback is pointing...sort of spun him like a top... Yea jack-knifed his rig there....Fire wood all over the place & a pretty large debris field so Joe called for a clean up truck to help him.... The trailer was going to his residence so we hooked that to the Support truck for transport.... The officer asked Joe for a broom just as Rob was pulling up on scene....He said I got something better than that...LoL. They cleaned up the mess & delivered the vehicle to a local body shop as requested.
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    A rare 2 trucker.

    Very well done
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    Christine and I too will be in Chattanooga for HOF and WOF events. I'm looking forward to see in you John. R.
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    A rare 2 trucker.

    Good planning and team work! Slow and easy is always best.
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    Orcas Tow

    A rare 2 trucker.

    Thank you John.
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    ANy Thoughts?

    This piece of equipment is called a Trax and is marketed in the UK and Europe they are very good for getting stuff that is stuck in park etc, gets into places where it is not possible to use dolly wheels or in multi storey or underground carparks where height is a restriction they are becoming quite popular as a damage free option, with big city towing companies having to move high end cars and 4x4's no worries about using skates or slippery jims, they are available in all sorts of derivatives , either diesel or electric, tracked or wheeled. and different weight capabilities. I haven't heard of any bad feedback about them.....yet ! John.
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    A year later and we are at 3,682 members. That's about 750 members short of where we should be at this point. I am sure that if every tow operator visiting our message board would take a few seconds to join this deficit could be made up by years end. Participation is the key to a successful community but social media has become about reading and not participating.
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    2 To Brooklyn

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    Watch this one to the end, REALLY

    Sorta anti climatic, strangely law enforcement continue to allow these recovery actions. Yeah, around here the majority after some experience say NO. Some even say Hell NO. But, this didn't happen overnight as it took a less than favorable recovery for then to reach a level of intolerance. The more this happens, the more others will react the same. To the point every one of these recoveries needs a rotator. Talk about cutting our throats.
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    That was a hard hit
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    Re: Scanners and Response

    I'm highly entertained by stories of tow operator response via the use of scanners, especially in Texas and New York. Having reviewed numerous (big city) law enforcement contracts, I've found no mention of use of scanners for either legitimate of illegitimate tow response, but that doesn't mean it's not written somewhere. Perhaps that's because there's huge liability for a police agency to require the use that supports, "quick response"? Many cities still use the old, "tossed chip system", for tow operators responding to calls for services they hear over police scanners. I personally think this kind of "dispatch" response is archaic and a dangerous process by agencies that sanction tower's speed to the scene in hopes of getting their chip selected. It doesn't make sense to me that some law enforcement agencies allow this practice while expecting the tow company's vicarious liability. However, for towers that use scanners to respond, if scanners are a tactical way to aide in getting business, I understand the thought process. Any Thoughts? R.
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    Re: Scanners and Response

    Names Rob, there are several in the app store. The one I use is Scanner Radio, but there are several that come up using that search. So look for these images in your app store.
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    Tow Trucks at another Truckfest

    We attended the South Eastern Truckfest at Hop Farm just south of London with about 500 trucks on show to include, tractor trailers, historic, specialist vehicles and tow trucks ... A recovery demonstration was held in the main arena in front of a large crowd by the Professional Recovery Drivers Club ( PRDC ) organised and commentary by Stan Gallears, showing the overturn and upright of a large tractor trailer ....plus various scenarios involving car recovery etc Stan is also part of the UK Slowdown Move Over campaign and was using commentary time to get the message across to the viewing public .... Stan works as a Heavy Recovery operative for Crouch Recovery his truck is the 4 axle Scania 530 hp V8 diesel fitted with Boniface Recoverer , twin winch maxi reach equipment A very smart custom built light duty transporter with a Century rollback body giving a working payload in excess of 4 tons Operated by highly respected Ashford Recovery, owned by my old friend Nick Ovenden and driven by eliot Pauley This is a band new Volvo on 3 axles for Dynes Recovery fitted with the latest walk in type locker system very popular with European operators ... This is a lightweight Iveco rollback also operated by Dynes payload approximately 2 tons The livery is specially done to raise funds and commemorate one of their drivers who was tragically killed at the roadside whilst on a rescue job ..... This is a NRC Rotator operated by Cedars Assist based on a 4 axle MAN chassis fitted with the very latest low emission engine now necessary to enable working in London. A brand new DAF on 4 axles operated by Niel Yates Recovery part of his fleet replacement program also featuring the latest Boniface euro style body and Recoverer equipment. This has to be one of my favourite older Rotators, and a very hard working truck, on a triaxle rear ended cabover Kenworth, the paint scheme affectionately named and based on BJ the Bear ......several of Neils fleet has the same colour scheme ... A new 3 axle DAF also fitted with the high Euro style body from Boniface and maxi reach equipment from Neil Yates Recovery. A 4 axle plant lorry fitted with a massive 65ton /metre knuckleboom crane designed to haul plant and construction equipment ....additionally it can be used for vehicle Recovery work at accident scenes and all sorts of load transfers and lifting situations Neil tells me he wanted his trucks to be as versatile as possible and able to be put to most situations ....so far they haven't failed to perform .. This is a tractor also fitted with a huge 75 ton/metre knuckleboom crane also operated by Neil Yates Check out the rear subframe and stabilisers legs double extenders ....they extend out nearly 20 feet either side
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    Tow Trucks at another Truckfest

    Thanks for sharing - - - - Always good to see the types of tow trucks used elsewhere....
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    A great one to have in your "Catalogue" John....Impressive job.
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    Thank you, love the detail in the pictures. Very well executed example of what being a professional is all about.
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    Thanks for sharing John. I really like the high-level of professionalism as depicted in the pictures of all parties involved. Best Regards. R.
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    For sale now at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales! This new 2015 Ford F-550 4WD Truck and Jerr-Dan Wrecker MPL-40 comes in red and is equipped with a Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, spring suspension, power steering, and AC. East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales has been a competitive Car Hauler and Tow Truck supplier in the U.S. since 1995, offering sales, service, parts, detailing, lettering, vehicle wraps, and the East Coast Advantage to every customer. Visit us now at https://ectts.com for more great offers on other towing and hauling trucks and supplies! 2015 Ford F-550 4WD Color: Red Ford Powerstroke 6.7L 4 Wheel Drive TorqShift 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Spring Suspension FA: 6,500 lbs RA: 13,660 lbs A/C Power Steering AM/FM/CD Stereo Cloth 40/Console/40 mileage: 35745 Back up Camera w/ Large Monitor Grill & Body Strobe Light Kit 5.7 Collins Dollies Jerr-Dan MPL-40 MPL-40 Standard-Duty Wrecker with Recovery Boom Hydraulic 4,000 lb. Wheel Lift Grids – Adjustable Under Lift Level Stop Assist System — (4,000 lbs Fully Extended, including the patented LOCKLINK® Over-Center Locking Mechanism) Boom (per SAEJ2512) – 16,000 lbs. Retracted, 6,000 lbs. Extended Dual 8K Worm Gear Winches with 3/8″ x 110′ 2-Ton Cable (Qty 2) Winches include Manual Winch Free Spool and Tensioner Wired Remote with Membrane Touch-Pad Switches for Under Lift Functions Mud Flap Brackets with ECTTS Mud Flaps 3.50″ Fender Tubs for Aluminum Body Body Mounted Aluminum Pylon Marker Lights (3 Each Side) for Aluminum Pylon Complete with Tie-Down Straps Safety Chains 8 Head Amber LED Light Bar Corrosion-Resistant Modular Aluminum Body Polished Aluminum Rails and Diamond Deck Low-Maintenance No-Lube Technology LED DOT Lighting Dual Manual Deck Controls Illuminated Driver and Passenger-Side Toolboxes DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.
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    Dump Truck Takes A Wrong Turn (MA)

    Okay, so normal GPS doesn't know the weight of the vehicle you are driving. Even the ones specific to trucks, the one where you have to input the weight, still mess up. Never trust your GPS. Always look for signs and keep in mind how much you weigh. Also, this driver may be blaming his GPS but he's still at fault because he should have known better. This will be something we see more and more in our industry, when self driving cars become more prevalent. People don't want to admit to a mistake, they look to blame it on someone or something else.
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    If You Cant Steal It Burn It

    Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2006: I was sent on a recki to organise a recovery of a burnt out JCB in a farmers field. I arrived at the farm and the farmer told me i need to meet up with the Electricity board as it was there tractor. When he told me where it was i thought he was joking. I followed his directions and found the JCB. about three fields away from the farm house. This is what i found. The Electricity Boards Mechanic was on site with it removing all the salvageable equipement. The mechanic told me that the over head lines were being replaced and the tractor was left there over night with a drum of copper cable attached and some toe rag tryed to steel the lot. All the electricity boards vehacles have immobalisers fitted so it couldnt be moved so i guess they decided to tourch it. On closer inspection this is what we were left with. NOT A LOT as you can see. I took a look around to see how we were going to tackle the job. No over head lines so I decided we would use the recoverer crane to lift the JCB and it would have to be placed on the Landoll trailer. Next problem was how i was going to the Landoll Trailer in as it wouldnt go in through the back of the farm it is impossable. I see a gate at the bottom of the field but the field was in crop. Need to have a very very nice word with the farmer. I went down and caught up with the farmer and explained the way i wanted to do the job and in my thinking was that i couldnt get the Landoll through the back of the farm. I see a gate at the bottom of the field and would it be posable to use it. The farmer was not to happy as the new crop was growing in that field. I did explane that i would try our best not to contaminate the field with any debris and we would keep to the tracks made already. If we had to travel through a coulpe of fields there was a possability of contaminating more than one field. In the end he agreed. So this morning Andy AKA Castle Sloth and myself arrived on site at 07:20 it was nice and cool and and the sun was out. We drove in to the field and closed the gate behind us (REMEMBER THE COUNTRY CODE ) as Andy pointed out. We followed the tracks and the Landoll lost traction so i had to assised by pulling the low loader up the hill. We were hoping this wasn't the way the day was going to carry on. (IT WASNT) We sited the Scania ready for the lift. I like the JCBs there are lots of places safe enough to lift of off. After we put the JCB on the Landoll Andy and i had a clean up of all the debris and placed all the rubbish in to bins though the enviroment agencey will be coming to remove all the contaminated soil (Contaminated by Hydrolic oil and Diesel) Burn outs are a messy job. This is what we looked like. Here is Andy Didnt have any problems getting out of the field as it was all down hill. We had to repeat the lift at the JCB Main agent to off load. It was a good job and all went to plan above all it was a pleasure working with Andy as we are on the same wave lenth. Elliot... GRAYA4 said: Good job guys!! Its sometimes not good to keep the farmers happy! Is that bins yours or the EA's? mushspeed said: Well Done Guys........Looks like I dodged the bullet with that one. Next....... you will want me to provide portable showers!! It's good when when a plan comes together...when you have the top guys on the job ..........all about Teamwork Be Safe, Be Lucky. May all of your Punctures be little ones, 'cos it's only flat on the bottom. John www.castlerecovery.com unknown member said: We all learn everyday .Elliot guessed that three shining new dustbins would be enough to clear up the burnout residue as we found out it was not enough so from that the formula is 1 JCB 3cx=5 bins ----- burnout------- wreckeruk said; Job well done as usual. Just curious why u didnt just use your flatbed hiab to lift and remove it?? Keith Rotator60 said: Outstanding job performed by a well trained team. A joy to watch. Thanks for sharing. Scott Hedgcoth git r towed said: Nice job, Dirty job, Nice pictures, Real nice equipment, Good money, Thanks job well done......John hoover said: Nicely done lads. Love the coveralls, Robert and I are ordering a set each from the supplier in Doncaster to try over the pond here! Simon Towee999 replied: Hi Keith we estimated the weight of the JCB to be 7 to 7.5 ton and the lorry loader crane would not be capable of lifting the tractor and placing it on the trailer at the distance you see in the pictures. Elliot... unknown member said: good job lads two of the best ON THE JOB ................ tony brett control room at castle recovery dorset england
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    When I had my tow company in the Sierra's, our feral cats would climb into the tow truck's engine compartment to sleep on the warm engine. On one occasion, I heard the cat scream when I started the truck's engine, only to open the hood and see the cat captured with its fur caught in the alternator belt. I immediately cut the belt and the cat dropped to the floor and took off into the garage. I followed its bloody trail and found the cat badly hurt. With the aide of a heavy blanket, I snagged the cat and took her to the Vet. Long story short, another feral did the same thing at the end of winter. My kids appropriately names my tow truck, "The Kitty Gobbler". R.
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    Hard Hit in the Woods

    We were dispatched by the state police to respond to a single vehicle accident. Knowing the area, I was pretty sure it was going to be in the woods. I arrived to find a Mitsubishi that left the roadway, struck a tree sideways and spun back around pinning a tree between the front bumper and fender. The fire department cut the 2 trees of as low as they could then I pulled it straight back to clear the stumps. Once clear of the stumps and tree I repositioned my truck and pulled it sideways back to the road so I could tow it away. Once loaded I moved up the road a few hundred yards to a pull out so I could strap it down for the 30 mile ride home.
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    Another One in the Woods

    We were called once again by the state police today to respond to a single vehicle accident with the vehicle reported to be on it's side in the woods. I arrived to find a Subaru on it's side up against a couple trees. Because the rear of the car would have hit the trees before it came to it's wheels, I slid the car forward on it's side a few feet to clear them. Once clear I rolled it back on it's wheels and pulled it out of the woods back to the road. We loaded it on a bed for the tow back to the yard and cleared the debris from the wood line, and the wood line from the car as it took quite a few vines and branches with it to the road
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    We use Square also, it just works period.
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    I can't remember where I saw this, but I use a 2 ton snatch block in the tow eye & then the end of my wire rope back to the front slot of my bed to get a somewhat inline straight pull to load on a carrier. Sent from my SM-N920V using TowForce mobile app
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    Until the mindset is adjusted and improved, this industry will rely on BOB bottom of the barrel to fill in the gaps. If you want people to be a professional, you have to treat them like a professional. And you have to stop running your operation like a brothel, worrying what the competition does and what they charge. You have to give people time off and benefits. You have to constantly be on the lookout for talent, and be willing to develop talent. This industry is it's own worst enemy. And has nobody else to blame.
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    Hi my name is Cheryl and I have been selling towing insurance for 17 years. Progressive is high but there are still quite a few options to get pricing for you. I tell my customers to shop around if I don’t do it. Please call me 716 804 3802. I am available evenings and weekends also.
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