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    Taking Tow Trucks Into Flood Water

    Wait till the water recedes, there is absolutely no reason to enter the water. The vehicles are already a total loss and what little fluids may leak with not be enough to contaminate the environment. The tow truck you see in this image may not be effected by this action tomorrow or next week. But it will show signs of failure within a month or two. unless the fluids are changed immediately.
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    Driving into water is a bad practice. Submerging wheels compromises seals and contaminates fluid. If a municipality requests you to do it, you should refuse. They will not compensate you for damage to your fleet.
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    I believe that driving and winching from high ground is a solid safety practice not to be ignored. Tow truck and carriers are not submarines where it only takes one bad decision to destroy or lose a truck. R
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    One cannot break the law, or policies, but we do need to, collectively as a nation do a better job in working to give people a second chance. It is a very stressful undertaking to make that decision on any hire. It is exasperated when the person has a record. I am not advocating a hug a thug mentality. For the record I am 100% for the death penalty. But there are some people out there with records who have excellent skills, and with a second chance are worthy of the opportunity to be an outstanding employee.
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    The Wrong Way to Launch a Boat

    We were called by the NJSP to respond to a motor vehicle accident involving a pick up pulling a boat on a trailer. Upon arrival we found a pick up truck in the woods with the front bumper wrapped around a pole. The force of the impact caused the boat to break free of the trailer and land on top of the pick up. The combination came to rest at the edge of an embankment causing the boat to want to slide down the hill. The trailer was still in one piece so my first order of business was to lift the boat off of the tongue so we could get the trailer back on the road. Once the trailer was free I kept lifting the boat and pulled it back into the road where we loaded it back onto the trailer. With the boat and trailer out of our way we turned our attention to the truck. It was leaning against one tree on the side and fully wrapped around another to the front. I ran 2 lines and wiggled the truck away from the trees. Once clear of the trees we backed a flatbed up the rear and started loading it. The steering column was broken so the wheels were stuck turned to the right, complicating the loading process. I kept both of my lines hooked to the truck to help steer it up the bed. Considering the scope of the recovery and the tight working quarters, the recovery and loading went extremely smooth. The owner had a friend on scene with the fire department who was willing to tow the trailer and boat home so we just had to worry about towing the truck to our shop about 25 miles away.
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    MA Rob

    Talk Like A Pirate Day "FLASH ENTRY"

    Pirate jokes from Readers Digest, enjoy. Arrrrgh! https://www.rd.com/funny-stuff/pirate-jokes-pirate-puns/
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    2008 F650 6.7 Cummins

    The calibration of the turbo actuator motor can cause a lack of power. The actuator arm can be assembled incorrectly inside the turbo, or the actuator can be not calibrated. Cummins software is needed, and actuator must be removed(after draining coolant from block), and installed to get it checked/set correctly. I would also recommend using DIESEL KLEEN additive in the fuel. It has worked wonders in my trucks, and many of my customer's trucks. My truck was a turd(no codes) when I bought it, would barely do 65 on the highway. After a month of DK(double dosed), it will now hit the speed governor at 78, and has stayed that way. It is possible that the DPF is slightly restricted. You can remove it to inspect/clean it yourself. I have had good success using oven cleaner, and a pressure washer. Hope this helps.
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    We were called just after 9 pm on 9/5/19 for one vehicle after a crash on Route 401 in the area of St Matthews Road. We were asked to standby at the church as wires were down on top of a vehicle. The driver and his son were trapped in the vehicle due to the live wires down. They remained in the vehicle until Peco arrived to verify that power was shut off. Once Peco gave permission we were able to winch the vehicle back to the roadway. The Peco crew helped us out by lifting the wires over the vehicle as Paul Jr winched it out of the ditch. The vehicle was loaded onto the Paul Sr’s flatbed and transported to our storage facility. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In the world of water hydrology, as little of 6-inches of rushing water has the power to move an automobile. Once that 6-inches reaches the lower portion of a door's seam, water that enters the vehicle's cab adds to its sinkability. If you go back to the 1970 El Nino storms in California's history, more than one full-sized RV was washed down the LA River Basin when vehicle drivers attempted to cross flowing roadways. As much as two-feet of standing can float a semi and trailer. Not to mention, you would never see that the roadway under you has been completely washed out or there's a giant sink hole. I'mm adding a YouTube link of a semi truck and trailer that's taken on a riverboat like quality. R.
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    No matter what California does to fight clean-air ... the fact is ... it's simply killing all tow and trucking companies who are forced to re-new their truck fleets, not just those Mom n' Pop tow companies. Even to go the route of re-powering a California truck with a wrecked out-of-state truck, that too takes time, money and huge effort. But note, the same California smog-crap has been endorsed by as many as 13x additional states where they too are adapting to California standards. R.
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    Talk Like A Pirate Day "FLASH ENTRY"

    "GAAAAAARRRR ... it looks likes' me gots' scurvy in me skivvies!"
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    FTI Groups

    Talk Like A Pirate Day "FLASH ENTRY"

    Shiver me timbers (or t-shirts in this case).
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    Aaaarrrggggghhhh! Ahoy, me hearties! Yarrr gonna learn to talk like a pirate today
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    SDMO Gear Launches New Site for Products Haslet TX, September 12, 2019 - SDMO Gear, LLC announced today the initial launch of its new online store offering fresh designs in Slow Down Move Over branded items to consumers. The business is about raising awareness of the issue from the inside of a for-profit business model while being tasteful and respectful of those professionals in the industries most impacted by the public’s lack of awareness or concern for those in harm’s way. SDMO Gear also plans to help the families of those who tragedy befalls by supporting the non-profits who are dedicated to specific groups whose constituency is on the roadside taking the risks every day as they pursue their careers. The company has chosen to focus on numerous public safety disciplines and to identify some specific groups who are highly impacted by the lack of compliance with the existing Slow Down Move Over laws in all 50 states. Primary responders like Police, Fire, Towing, and EMS were the most obvious choices due to the on-demand nature of their response and the additional dangers of being on the roadside in situations where your presence is unplanned. Additionally, SDMO Gear has specifically called out the Mobile Mechanic role, Road Construction workers, and Flaggers, all of whom face many different types of situations and deal with the same driving public as the others. There are certainly more to be recognized but SDMO Gear is also working to setup the relationships with the best organizations offering support to the various groups. Simply put, SDMO Gear aims to raise awareness, save lives, make money, and support those left behind when tragedy strikes. Learn more at www.sdmogear.com. About Us SDMO Gear, LLC is dedicated to generating public awareness of the dangers faced by emergency responders and others on our nation’s roadways and to educating the audience about the existence of Slow Down Move Over laws. Our for-profit venture sells SDMO branded gear to generate this awareness and we donate significant time as well as a portion of top line revenue to charitable causes and organizations supporting those left behind by these tragedies. We make it the customer’s choice as to which group receives the financial benefit of their transaction. Through this approach we hope to support all disciplines and professions faced with the senseless tragedy of roadside deaths caused by the same motorists these men and women work to serve.
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    Good Beetlejuice, and love the skeleton animals down there as well!
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    The message to the motoring public,. in southern California is, "Don't drown, drive around". R.
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    Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in November of 2015: When your discussing the classics...you better say it right! Jag-you-ar... LoL Yea our Techs were happy to see this coming in....
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    I would open my response by stating that I was legally parked on the shoulder of the road in the course of legal business for the purpose of assisting a motorist who had suffered a mechanical issue to their vehicle and was in need of immediate assistance due to their being at risk by being in the side of an active roadway. After the third objection from the plaintiff attorney, I would continue by stating that I had mitigated the apparent risks to the best of my abilities by being legally parked to maintain a clear lane adjacent to the scene, I had activated my emergency lighting to warn potential distracted drivers of my presence as well as the presence of a pitential hazard. And I would close by stating that I worked as efficiently as safely possible to remove my presence from the scene so as to not be placed in jeapordy from an impaired or distracted driver who, in the course of, and as a result, of their impairment or distraction were a deadly threat to my person.
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    Jerr Dan Socks?

    I too have the socks and the knit cap to go along with them. I'm waiting for Shane to get me a pair of XL Jerr-Dan Pajamas. Hey Shane .. are you reading this? R.
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    We must follow the law in Louisiana. No convicted sex offenders or vehicle felony convictions allowed to work at towing service. Driver or any other position. There are some restrictions on employees who have been convicted of insurance fraud also, and even receiving stolen goods.
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    Ford Ranger off the road

    Sorry, the pics got posted in reverse order We received a call from Uwchland Police Department at 9:55 PM 9/11/19 to respond to a single vehicle accident at Route 113 and Holmes Drive. We were advised one vehicle was down an embankment. We immediately dispatched a flatbed truck and a wrecker to the scene. Upon arrival we found the vehicle had spun off the roadway down a small embankment into a swamp. Once given permission, the vehicle was winched to the roadway. It was then loaded onto our flatbed truck and secured for transportation back to our main location. Debris was swept from the roadway. Once back at our main location the vehicle was placed in our secure storage lot. It turns out the vehicle was driven by a young local firefighter who was coming around a turn too fast on the way to the firehouse for a fire call. No one was injured, except the truck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Come for the Tow, Stay for the View

    We were called to pick up a vehicle for the state park service in Atlantic City at the light house. Where it broke down made for a pretty good picture.
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    ANy Thoughts?

    This piece of equipment is called a Trax and is marketed in the UK and Europe they are very good for getting stuff that is stuck in park etc, gets into places where it is not possible to use dolly wheels or in multi storey or underground carparks where height is a restriction they are becoming quite popular as a damage free option, with big city towing companies having to move high end cars and 4x4's no worries about using skates or slippery jims, they are available in all sorts of derivatives , either diesel or electric, tracked or wheeled. and different weight capabilities. I haven't heard of any bad feedback about them.....yet ! John.
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