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  2. Being a consummate professional is the number one requirement for a recovery agent. When I picked up cars decades ago for a particular agency who was a member of Time Finance Adjusters, I always wore a sportscoat as well as docker style pants when I spoke to field contacts. I was able to get so much more information by dressing like a professional rather than someone who just left a bar at 2am. I also would not drive up to a neighbors or debtors home in a recovery vehicle and proceed to ask questions. I drove a discreet sedan. Did I tell little white lies to glean information on the debtor? Of course, but I always followed the law. When I was picking up units at 2 am that was a different story, I dressed down for comfort. My goal is, 100% of the time to not have ANY contact with a debtor, whatsoever, unless the transaction is a voluntary surrender. I do not want to be seen or heard. If a debtor or third party jumps onto or into the unit as I am taking possession, all bets are off, I am leaving the unit. If a debtor jumps in the unit and speeds away and has a collision just up the road, you can bet a number one with an extra sandwich from Chic fil a that you as well as your company will be the party to a lawsuit. Remember, you make no money sitting in a courthouse. Be professional at all times. Follow the laws 100 % of the time. This includes the fair debt collection practices act.
  3. F650man said: Turned out real nice!!! BlackAutoload said: +1 for the remount. Very sound business decision. Looking good. RobertCAdams said: Looks Good!!!! Robert Robert Anaya said: Thank you guys, I'm really happy with the outcome. We had the PTO and new pump installed today. Glad I can finally make some money with it. I'll post pics of the changes as they get put on. vulcanuk said: Nice job truck looks great Niemans Towing said: Looks good Robert Anaya Updated Topic in September of 2013: Thank you all. Sadly this truck was destroyed at the beginning of September. A young lady blew through a stop sign and crossed into the lane of my driver and hit him in the driver rear side. Luckily no one was hurt but totaled both our truck and her car. We enjoyed it for a short period. Hook206 said: what a waste of a good truck.Hope u had good insurance.( or she had good insurance ) either way hope you made out ok on it. What a way to end a good restoration project. HF IN BC CANADA WM 040496 Robert Anaya Updated Topic in November of 2013: Our insurance took care of it under our uninsured motorist policy. Of coarse we were hit by an uninsured motorist. We decided to buy it back at an unfair price, but a week prior to the crash we just installed a new transmission along with every component to the clutch assembly and the truck only having 140k miles on the 7.3. Will include pics of the rebuild.
  4. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2015 Almost done with a re mount on our truck #5. We found a F-450 4X4 to re mount one of our slightly used wrecker bodies on to. It is a 1990 Holmes pro tec 8 ton. We re painted the cab and chassis and sand blasted the wrecker body and tool box. Shot them in white and blue with silver pinstripe and then transferred the body to new truck. We are still missing some lights on the cab of the truck and new front end and chrome bumper. Simulators arrive late today and couldn't wait to put them on.
  5. I am possibly looking to equip my trucks with IPR plate reader cameras, and am possibly looking for a company that I can go through to finance them. if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for thoughts and input on how these systems work and their effectiveness.
  6. 1976 Peterbilt 357 1979 Kenworth Sleeper Custom built light/tool box Modified Miller bed Atlas 40 Ton wrecker Zacklift overall length not including wheel lift 40Ft Will post post the in-house build pictures when the time is right
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  8. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2015: I had the opportunity to purchase Scott Hasen's 92 Freightliner Classic with the Hubbard wrecker out of Quincy, Michigan. The Hubbard was originally on a GMC built for Allen County Towing out of Ft. Wayne, In. He was in a body redo process. We elected to change direction. It has been water/glass blasted, epoxied, the boxes removed and the sides rebuilt. His boxes looked cool, but cut down visibility on the winches. Adding an NRC underlift, drag winch, and most likely a side puller unit. Finishing body work and ready to rebuild the light pylon. Truck is usable, though unfinished One of the most under rated wreckers ever built. They didn't have test capabilities, so they stopped at 30 tons. We have pulled multiples of that on more than occasion. Here are a couple more pics. Light bar is on and body is all in epoxy. There are more lights on that aren't in this pic. My SP20000 side puller is due in about 30 days and the Z-402 Zacklift will be in in about 2 weeks. We also put the sling back on for now. We used it this morning with my other Hubbard to upright a loaded pup that was on it's side in a tight construction area on I-65. The old girl worked well. Back in the 80's Dad had 2 1 tons, a 16 ton, a 40 ton and a 25 or 30 ton. Don Wagner ran the place then and led the builds on them. When I got back in I had to have Hubbards. I will try and add a few pics there was a beautifully restored long wheelbase 1 ton from Findley Ohio. I know of 10 here in middle Indiana that are still going of various sizes. Dad built this one new in 79. This pic was around 80 or 81. This wrecker is now on a freightliner and still working. I do not own it though. bbarnett said: I can't figure out how to post pictures but we still have and run a few hubbards. One 20 ton single axle. A few years ago we remounted a bed onto a 74 Chevy 4x4. We just use it for off- road use. We have the last truck that was on the assembly line when they closed the doors, tandem axle. We also have a brand new never been mounted body. And we still have a few that we have retired over the years that set behind the shop. They are winch monsters! I love my NRC rotator but nothing will out WINCH a HUBBARD!! Your trucks look good keep up the pictures. And yes that little Hubbard located in Ohio was beautiful Hot Rod Motorsports said: Pictures are a trick. You have to create a Tow.Photos album, then place them into your posts. You are from Portland. Do you know Bill Watson from Red Key? C.W. Watson Construction. I drove his late model late 95 and all of 96. I purchased a new "In The Ditch" SP20,000 side puller from Jim Maynard at Hedinger Sales in Greensburg, In. Installation went well. We painted it silver to match the truck, predrilled the holes, and set it on. It comes with a factory installed flow diverter, so plumbing went well. Wound the cable on this morning. We have been using the truck for semi wrecks; both uprights, and winching. Doing so, slows down "updates"! I bought 2 of the 55K DP winches from James aka "Wrecker Collector", and plan to put one on this truck as a drag winch. Plan to install it "cocked" like the Century rotators are. My new Z-402 Zacklift is painted and laying in the shop. We have begun layout and prep work. Hydraulic planning and integration has been a chore, but with some outside info, I have a workable plan to add both units in a clean manner. We have been blessed with a great year in the Body Shop as well as wreckers, so progress has to come when time allows. Had a nice visit today from "Sparky". He and family were down our way. He called and stopped in to talk Hubbards. It seems old Hubbards never give up! What is the new body you have? What is the last one that was on the line? I wonder if anybody has a list of how many were built? Scott Spent a few hours over Thanksgiving weekend doing some paint work. We have made some more progress on "Heavy". The Z-402 is installed, and the tailboard rebuilt. We are down to painting the back of the Zack and tailboard, and upgrading some storage. The truck has worked out wonderfully. It has handled everything we have asked of it. Here are a few pics of late.
  9. Here is one from the 50's. Couple of 58 Chevys the story is .....they were driven by two young Navy sailors from the nearby base. They decided to drag race and took them out to a country road (at the time; now it is a major road leading to a regional airport). Apparently, being from out of state, they did not know the road ended abruptly at a three way intersection and when they got there, the cars got tangled up and went several hundred feet into the farm field. What does a waterlogged 51 Mercury weigh? Here are two fatals. The first one hit a semi headon...second is obviously a rollover.
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  11. From Wikimedia: George Barris is famous for building many of Hollywood's famous cars, such as the Batmobile and the Munster Koach. He built this custom tow truck for Redd Foxx. This all hand-built body is made of metal, with a tilt styled front cab and tinted sky top window. The midship engine is powered by a chrome plated supercharged 392 cubic inch Chrysler motor. It also features a center steering wheel and a square foam styled crushed red and blue velvet interior. The rear winch for the tow body is also chrome plated and powered by an electric push button. The finishing touches are in 30 coats of fine sprayed Kandy Redd over a Sungleam platinum underbase. On display at Galpin Auto Sports.
  12. The Redd Fox Lil Red Wrecker built by George Barris in the early 1970's. George Barris is the King of Kustoms Built the Batmobile. The truck is an awesome piece, all steel body tube frame, corvette rear-end and suspension. The truck now runs and drives, when the current owner bought the truck in the 1990's he completely restored the whole truck, to make it run and move on its own. When the truck was originally built is was a pusher show car for the Autoramas and indoor car shows, aka trailer queen. In 2008 the owners son Eric said his dad had been kicking around the idea of selling it, he hoped not. but thought it should go to a tow person more then a museum. here is the number given for those interested - 239 565 5192. I know there are 1000's of images of this Lil Red Wrecker. If you have them, Add Them Here.
  13. 2018 Ford F-550 Supercab XLT 4WD & Jerr-Dan MPL-40 Contact Sales 1-800-849-2178 Ask about this truck by stock number: 9489N This vehicle is located at: 2906 Elmhurst Ln. Portsmouth, VA 23701 This new 2018 Ford F-550 Truck and Jerr-Dan MPL-40 Wrecker is now available at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales and ready to go to work. Equipped with a 6.7L 4V OHV PowerStroke V8 Turbo Diesel Engine, an Torqshift 6-speed Automatic Transmission it is ready to go to work for you. Serving the Towing and Auto Transport industries since 1995, we offer new and used vehicles, commercial vehicle repair service, OEM and replacement parts, equipment, commercial truck wash, DOT lettering, commercial vinyl wraps, and premium customer service (aka the East Coast Advantage) to every customer. 2018 Ford F-550 Supercab XLT 4WD Color: White Ford 6.7L Diesel V8 Engine 26.5 Gal. Single Fuel Tank TorqShift 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Single Axle 4x4 4.10 Rear Axle Hydraulic Brakes GVWR 18,000 lb. FA: 6,500 lbs RA: 13,660 lbs Wheelbase: 192in Aluminum Wheels Tires: 225/70R 19.5 Engine Block Heater Transmission PTO Provision A/C AM/FM/CD Stereo SYNC In-Vehicle Connectivity Sys Platform Running Boards Cloth 40/Console/40 Front Seats Jerr-Dan MPL-40 Wrecker Body MPL40 Standard-Duty Wrecker with Recovery Boom Hydraulic 4,000 lb. Wheel Lift Grids – Adjustable Under Lift Level Stop Assist System — (4,000 lbs Fully Extended, including the patented LOCKLINK® Over-Center Locking Mechanism) Boom (per SAEJ2512) – 16,000 lbs. Retracted, 6,000 lbs. Extended Dual 8K Worm Gear Winches with 3/8″ x 110′ 2-Ton Cable (Qty 2) Winches include Manual Winch Free Spool and Tensioner Wired Remote with Membrane Touch-Pad Switches for Under Lift Functions 3.50″ Fender Tubs for Aluminum Body Body Mounted Aluminum Pylon Marker Lights (Pair) for Aluminum Pylon Complete with Tie-Down Straps Safety Chains Corrosion-Resistant Modular Aluminum Body Polished Aluminum Rails and Diamond Deck Low-Maintenance No-Lube Technology Dual Manual Deck Controls Illuminated Driver and Passenger-Side Toolboxes This Unit May Also Be Referred To As: Repo Truck Snatch Truck Snatcher Wheel Lift Twin Line Recovery DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.
  14. A few photos from Metro tow trucks first show at the American towman Expo in Las Vegas we had a great time and we hope to visit again next year! at the show we had an RTR-50-SL and MDTU-20 on display, Any questions feel free to reach out to us toll-free at 1 866-924-1675 or my direct cell 613-862-1625! Thanks Al Sent from my SM-N960W using TowForce mobile app
  15. [/url] Sent from my SM-N960W using TowForce mobile app
  16. This truck has a 12,000 lb deck with a 3500 lb wheel lift. The truck is rated at 25,500 GVRW. If you would like more information on this unit, please give Roy a call at 662-328-1575.
  17. Hello fellow Canucks - I live in lovely London, ON, Canada - we have a population of about 350K and we even have our own Thames River (below with the skyline of downtown) just like the other London... A clean and beautiful city that I am proud to call home... Sorry for the commercial everyone, but I want you to know that: 1) InTow Manager Software integrates with QuickBooks; is GST and PST capable AND that we even know what those acronyms mean... 2) We integrate with CAA software - for many Canadian garages, you will know what I'm referring too.. 3) Using InTow Mobile smartphone technology, drivers can update call details, take vehicle pictures, scan and decode VIN barcodes, and much more. A completely integrated solution specifically for Canadian Towing Operations - we have many Canadian referrals so give us a call if interested... Give us a call at 866.706.2366 and we can do an online demonstration of the program. Thx, Dennis Thurlow DENTED Development Inc. (formally OnScene Solutions)
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  19. Plenty of Holmes trees to help the job along ......nice rigging. John.
  20. A loaded tractor trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 74,952 lbs has become stuck in a rest area after parking on the off-ramp shoulder. The left side of the unit is on the concrete shoulder. Upon your arrival, you park your wrecker out of the way. Once, you locate the driver, you introduce yourself advising them you will perform a walk around then come back to talk about the recovery process. You ask them if they have a scale ticket for the unit with the current load in it. The driver hands you the scale ticket advising you that the load is a sealed load which will prevent the trailer doors from being opened. The load is a mixed load of general freight. The front axle weighs 10,972 lbs with the right side on gravel. When the driver parked, they had to make sure the whole unit was on the other side of the white painted line. Both of the drive axles on the trailer weigh 15,870 lbs. While performing your walk around you noticed the right side of the drive axles there is mud to the center of the tire. The trailer axles weigh 16,120 lbs which you noted had mud covering to just below the center of the hub. When you complete your survey, you ask the driver if the unit still runs? does the tractor still have air pressure? will the tractor and trailer brakes release? The driver informs you that the unit does run which allows it to build up air pressure which will allow the brakes to be released on the semi and trailer. Launch the test below to fill out your answers! TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE View the full article on WreckMaster.com...
  21. That makes perfect sense.....why couldn't the dealership figure that ? Good luck with it in the future John.
  22. I think it might relate to most people here that are active members. I could not put a price on what I have learned on this sight over the years. The knowledge available here on what ever subject you might need at the touch of a key is without exception the best!
  23. As Ohio lawmakers consider a ban on the state’s towing companies using “spotters” to when removing or impounding illegally-parked vehicles, some Ohio towing companies say the impact would be minimal as the practice is not widely used. Under House Bill 113, towing companies that violate the ban would face a third-degree misdemeanor, a fine up to $500 and 60 days in jail. See the full report here. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  24. Professionals willing to share freely their experience, thoughts & questions with others.
  25. 2008 Peterbilt 335 PACCAR PX6 300hp Automatic Air Brake/ Air Ride Aluminum Wheels 6 NEW 285 70R 22.5 Tires New Turbo and Actuator 10,000 lb Front, 18,000 Rear....De-Rate 26,000 GVW New paint on Cab and Carrier Deck Sides 50 Gallon Alum Fuel Tank Century 22' Steel 10 Series Carrier Frame Mounted Pylon with LED Marker Lights Led Lights down Side of Deck 2- 60" Tool Boxes 415,000 miles but truck doesn't show miles, Runs and Drives Great and Texas Clean Located in San Antonio $48,500
  26. Getting stranded on the highway is one of the worst fears of a driver, but it happens. This is where Uber for tow trucks emerges as a roadside assistance app. The smartphone app not just brings peace of mind to people with broken vehicles but also poses as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch a tow truck driver app and grow their business. What is Uber for tow trucks? How can you have one as a business venture? Uber For Tow Trucks As On-Demand Solution It is an on-demand smartphone app that provides users with the services to get quick assistance when they are stranded on the highway in a remote area. Uber for tow trucks works similar to on-demand apps for taxi booking, food delivery, and others. Users can download the app from the play store and call for help with the click of a button on their phone. They can create an account to access the app and choose a service provider near them. The service comes with numbers of helpful features- including quick booking and easy payment- and makes assistance fast for individuals who require it. On the other side, on-demand roadside assistance app solution is a complete set of services that a business can get to start a roadside assistance venture. The solution includes multiple apps that connect service providers with customers. For example- You can have Uber for tow trucks to build an app solution and establish yourself in the towing industry. When you have developed the solution, you get a platform where expert service providers can register their services to help individuals who have broken vehicles in a remote area. Uber for tow trucks provides a one-stop solution to all types of roadside assistance and towing issues. In the form of an application, vehicle owners get a solution to their problem associated with broken vehicles. On the other side, service providers find it as an opportunity to grow their business. What do you get out of the solution? You have a powerful ‘Admin’ dashboard to handle activities and actions on customer and service provider apps. In addition, you can also use the admin panel to introduce new services to earn money. In this way, you get a complete on-demand solution that helps you to grow your business. Features Of Uber For Tow Truck Solution Uber for tow trucks has multiple panels or dashboards- Customer app, service provider app, and admin panels. They have their own features to make it easy for users to use the application as a solution to their problems. · Customer App It is a panel that vehicle owners use to book a service provider when their vehicles are stranded on the highway or when they require services for tow trucks. In addition to booking the services, the app comes with many other features. They include registering an account, exploring service provider options, booking/scheduling service provider, tracking the booked service provider, making payments, and reviewing services. · Service Provider App It is an app or a dashboard that service providers can use to get booked by customers. It comes with numbers of features, including registering an account, accepting a request, navigating the route to reach a customer, and receiving payments. · Admin App Admin app or admin panel is a dashboard controlled by the roadside assistance app owner. The individual can approve/reject accounts, add new service provider, track jobs, and introduce new services. In addition, the owner manages payments and ensures that everything with the app solution is okay. How To Build Roadside Assistance App Solution In the technology-driven world, building an app solution is not a tough task. There are many companies that offer the services of app development like Uber for tow trucks. You need to reach an app development company with experienced developers. In addition, the firm must provide you with customization feature to ensure that you get a roadside assistance app solution that meets your requirements. RESOURCE LINK
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