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  2. Any update on the issues? I been thinking of buying a new truck maybe I should buy a used one that has all the bugs worked out. But if they build new wreckers you would think they would have already worked out all issues. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  3. Was the wheel lift hydraulic? I seen it on eBay but the seller never responded to my questions. Seemed like a good deal till I realized that the under reach is probably cable style is why the seller never responded. Let us know how it all works. Add some more pics Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  4. That bit of highway has stop signs and cross traffic making for difficult crossings. Having lived up there I know how easy and frequent accidents happen there. Christine and I send our prayers to the drivers family and his company. His named has been released. R.
  5. Sad. It is bad enough we risk our lives road side, but a needless traffic crash. My thoughts are with this tower and their family.
  6. A Statement Posted by the Tow Company on the Citizens Towing & Impound FB Page: We lost a wonderful friend and employee yesterday. We will miss your footstep, your laughter, your talent, your energy, your skill, your humor, your kindness. You had it all. You were a good man Casey Marston. Tow truck driver killed in crash near Woodland, CA A tow truck driver was killed in a collision with an SUV Tuesday afternoon on Highway 16, west of Woodland, according to the California Highway Patrol. A Davis woman driving a Subaru SUV south on County Road 94B stopped at a stop sign before attempting to cross Highway 16 around 4 p.m. The tow truck driver, a Woodland man traveling eastbound on the highway, was unable to stop or avoid the Subaru, which clipped the left rear end of the tow truck, according to a news release by the CHP Woodland office. The collision sent the tow truck off the road and down a ditch, where it overturned and came to rest on its roof, according to the CHP’s collision report. The tow truck driver suffered fatal injuries, while the Subaru driver sustained minor injuries and was not transported to a hospital, the news release said. The Name of the Tow Truck Driver has not been released. BE AWARE THIS NEWS LINK MAY HAVE ISSUES: RESOURCE LINK
  7. CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Accused drunk driver nearly hits tow truck driver, flips in the air LANCASTER, N.Y. (WKBW) — It started as a routine towing job for Michael Haefner early Monday morning. He was helping a stranded motorist on I-90 as part of a routine towing job for his job with Rusiniak's. As he was securing the car to the bed of the truck, he noticed a driver moving into his lane. Quickly thinking, Haefner jumped out of the way, right before the driver of the vehicle hit the bed of his tow truck and flipped in the air, crashing in the middle of the thruway. No one was hurt, but the incident was caught on camera by Rusiniak's dash cam. 7 Eyewitness News has learned through New York State Police the driver of the car, 42-year-old Keith Naylor has been charged with DWI, open containers in the vehicle and the move over law. Police say Naylor had a previous DWI conviction within the last ten years. RESOURCE LINK with video
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  9. From Rusiniak's Service Inc. At 3am our driver was helping a stranded motorist on the side of the Thruway. What you cant see is our driver working on the side of our truck where this happened. While loading the vehicle onto the flatbed our driver had to quickly move out of the way avoiding a potential life or death situation. Our dashcam footage shows just how important it is to pay attention. SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER. Our drivers safety is our top priority. We hope this video helps stress the importance of the move over law so our employees can go home to their families. Edit: We are overwhelmed by your thoughts and concerns for our driver. There were no injures, our driver moved out of the way to safety just in time. And for those questioning why the vehicle did not slow down or move over, the driver was under the influence impairing their ability to do so.
  10. Ktowing


  11. That is a challenging recovery ...there is a real risk of pulling some more brickwork down...and causing more collapse ....I am not sure I would want to be standing inside there.... I think I would prefer to use a rotator or knuckleboom thus giving more lateral movement as necessary and better overall control.... But sometimes you have to use what you have got to get it done... John.
  12. On June 25th, 1979, my friend and squad member, SDPD officer, Dennis Gonzales, stopped a car on San Diego's Interstate 8 for a traffic violation. Dennis approached the vehicle and contacted the vehicle's driver on the white-line side, when moments later, he was struck by a hit n' run motorist. My friend lost his life over a traffic stop forty-years ago. Question: If white-line safety is a top-priority of the world's first responders, why does LE still make traffic stops while standing on the white-line traffic side? Better yet, why make traffic stops on the highway at all? What's the cost of a misdemeanor speeding ticket versus all costs of a police officer fatality, the ensuing investigation, costs of all responders working the crash, clean-up etc, ... not to mention the loss to the officer's family, the officer's department and the community where the officer served? From this dash-cam video, at 1:49 in, it's more than obvious this deputy clearly put himself in harms way by standing on the white-line and not paying attention to approaching traffic. Sometimes there's a complacent mentality that creeps-in to suggest, "Eh ... I've made a million traffic stops and I've never been hit." But, what's the logic in that?, I believe are two messages to heed, one, the motoring public needs to slow-down and move-over (if they can) and two, traffic contacts and citations should NEVER be conducted on the white-line as mentioned at the end of the video. That's pretty simple, but to this day ... it's not happening. R.
  13. Thanks. that does look like my gearbox. I didn't have it far enough apart to mess with shift fork, but the shaft between linkage and shift fork on right side has an extreme amount of play.(up/down and in/out) Enough to allow one rain storm to fill up gearbox with water then freeze, pushing input shaft seal out. (Lucky it didn't crack case) But everything functioned properly after that. No clunks or noises first time I put in pto after working on it. Don't believe I got the large and small worm gears (71 and 74) mixed up. Assembled large gear to right side as per illustration (unless it's a mirror image) Not sure improper assembly is even possible? That said I didn't get at rear worm gears and I have one direction on each winch drum=Hmmmm. Will check bad shift fork shaft operation, then going to pull front cover back off and have one more look. While apart I will tie off controls and move input shaft by hand to see what's going on. If you look at diagram it's not that complex changing two large bearings going into front cover and the two input shaft bearings, but has outsmarted me so far... haha.
  14. Thanks. I'm thinking it must be something simple as well. I didn't get that deep into it and bearings were new old stock identical replacements. Feel kind of guilty taking up their time, will disassemble and have another look before contacting them.
  15. RED POLYESTER SLING SETS ON SALE 8FT - 10FT - 12FT SETS WWW.BAREMOTION.COM Used vertical, choker, or basket way They’re ideal for a wide variety of applications, including lifting, rigging, and towing recovery work. They are measured from tip to tip when laid in a flat position. Free US Continental Shipping Vertical Capacity Rating: 13,200 lbs Choker Capacity Rating: 10,560 lbs Basket Capacity Rating: 26,400 lbs
  16. Register now for The Work Truck Show 2020, Green Truck Summit and Innovation Conference While this is not a Tow Truck Show it is an opportunity for those who are interested in service bodies to see the newest features. As well as see several light & medium duty chassis manufactures. Fleet Owners and Managers may find the seminars of interest and yes these are actual seminars relating to Fleets. http://www.worktruckshow.com/packagedetails?utm_source=nteasitewide&utm_medium=ctp&utm_campaign=wts20reg
  17. Officials urge drivers to remember Move Over Law https://www.wabi.tv/content/news/Officials-urge-drivers-to-use-caution-on-the-interstate--564826312.html
  18. First responders in Maine talk of near misses and being hit by distracted drivers As Police Officers, Firefighters, Tow Truck Operators gather to share stories of close calls or being injured in an effort to get drivers to pay attention.
  19. This heavy weight winter 7-in-1 jacket all season jacket has five pockets, fleece lined collar, and velcro adjustable cuffs. The zip out liner can be used as a Class 2 body warmer and the outer shell can be used as Rain gear. $115.00 $72.00 https://parts.ectts.com/gss-safety-7-in-1-class-3-waterproof-parka/ Order online or give us a call at: 1-888-231-4316
  20. Agero actually has an automated call for dispatching over the phone interestingly, So whether or not your digital you still won't get dispatched their club calls from an actual human being. Our company has actually just recently switched from traditional pen and paper methods to towbook, a few years back we were still doing post it notes and text messages, now we use towbooks digital dispatching, We are working on switching phone providers to a company which offers a push to talk feature that we will have to look into as well, but that likely wouldn't be used as a dispatching feature and would more likely be used to check up on drivers, make sure they saw the dispatched calls on their phone if they are not marked en route, etc.
  21. If it is ,most likely shift fork in wrong place on shaft.
  22. Interesting. Any more pictures of truck
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