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  3. That's probably right, at this time I am transferring verified member information from 2011. When I get to 2009 most all should be already have been transferred. My painful moments are yet to come, when I get into more members who are no longer with us. Many are recognized in recreated topics as in memory of...
  4. Ron ...I think I joined the board 2005 / 2005 cant remember exactly but definitely more than 15 years Regards ....John..
  5. Have a couple options for you. Give me a ring 844-422-7447.
  6. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
  7. I can't believe they haven't found Justin Lang yet. Praying they find him soon so he can pay for what he did. My heart goes out to Mary, his family and co-workers.
  8. Topic Originally Created in July of 2012: we have started the slow fun of getting our 56 Bubblenose Continental Wrecker ready for the show/parade circuit. In the process we have found several pictures of the truck when it was working on a daily basis. It will now be working at the Eagle Field Historic Drag Races, and for exhibition parades. Getting the old photos scanned up now, and will be taking some additional pictures tomorrow showing some more detail of the controls, deck etc. Wanting to document it as a before/after type of thing. As we work through this we will be describing in detail what additions and modifications have been made by the current owner over the years. Should be a fun trip, and I look forward to documenting it here for everyone.. This 54 is now retired and somewhere in Hemet CA (Named the Happy Hooker). Looks like the boom may be stuck out (We've been there, and its not fun to get it back in when it gets stuck. Remember these are all winch driven trucks so extending and retracting is done through the clutch based winches). This is a picture of our 56 when it was owned by Jean LaChance in Stevenson, CA. The history of this truck is interesting as it spent most of its working life with Continental on the Grapevine, and was sold to Santa Cruz Truck and Trailer.. From there it Went to Dutra's Tow, Jean, then back to Dutra's tow. The truck so nice we bought it twice. This is our 56 Continental about a year and a half ago - after several offers, our owner decided to keep it. Her sister trucks which you will be seeing shortly in the photos recovered today sold in the last year in a half. (Jim bought the Holmes, and I don't recall who took the Century 1030) And below - I present more Continental "big sticks".. Continental Stick boom from Will Freeman's business card.. Sommers towing below - beds built by the folks at Continental. And some more of the "Bubble Nose" variety. Research so far tells me there are only 4 of them, and Nothing known about this one yet.. And at least 2 more making an appearance in Mexico these days. Look to the right of the white truck and you can see the Continental mast in blue to another "stick" Continental. More fun to come - with more specific photos etc of our truck as we get her ready for the retirement job.. The clean-up of the 1956 Bubble nose Pete has been side tracked by a couple of other projects. We have been going through some of the other fleet that we will be selling including the 98 Pete and Landoll, one of our 2 car rollbacks, and 86 GMC medium rigs. The Boom material and winches are all from WW2 ships (and thus their super heavy duty nature). I talked to the Boss about it some more today, because I really want to get moving on it and have it ready for the Christmas Parade this year. We spent a lot of time over the past several weeks getting stuff up to good shape to sell out to help finance the LAST KNOWN RUNNING 56 Continental Pete (running as in still on the road). Once we sell off the 98 Peterbilt with Landoll ($50k for truck and trailer), The Flatbed (Century 2 car carrier w/ Century underlift) and the old medium rig - business will take place full time on the 56. If anyone is interested in these trucks that are available, let me know or call our owner Tony (209)826-4921. Buyers get to see how the continental works in person - and if they have time and won't mind a beer or two, get to help out a bit in working on her and maybe go for a spin. Ask jeepfreek though - he bought our 850 and was fully satisfied. When we sell you something, you will get the full, honest scoop of the condition something is in, and what it needs. All three of these could be driven cross country today. I guess it's just the economy - but have not had any takers on any of our other equipment that is for sale lately. Tony is willing to let the trailer go without the truck and may put a quickswap with the tractor and try to sell it. The plan at this point on the 56 is still kind of up in the air, but it sure would be great to get it up to par with the other trucks we are keeping. Will probably stay with white, and line-x the deck (which is what we have done with our last two wreckers). Will be sharp when complete.. If anyone is interested in anything we have please let us know..
  9. Topic Originally Create in March of 2011: what is the best method for cleaning turnout gear? a plain damp or dry cloth does ok but can a mild solvent or detergent like spray nine work or will it damage the gear? thank you Bill L said: a mild detergent works fine, as we wash our gear in the washer with a mild detergent after especially dirty fires and calls. They actually make detergents for turnout gear as well. If you're interested I can probably find out more details for you. Leroy Hedrick said: i was in the fire dept. for 20 yrs. and we washed it with the power washer if it was real bad or threw it in the washer with detergent we bought from gear manufacture or supplier, Towmaster B said: I just wipe mine down with a damp shop rag. Leroy Hedrick said: yep thats what i found that works best.now i got to find out why it is leaking in the left knee area AIKTOW4U said: "yep thats what i found that works best.now i got to find out why it is leaking in the left knee area " quote by leroy hedrick. ummm, to much time on your knees? LOL . Just poken fun at ya! Leroy Hedrick said: yeah i m to fat bend over so i crawl under the trucks lol MrsHook said: We use Tuff Stuff multipurpose foam cleaner. Just spray it on and wipe it off. Works fantastic on our green WM gear and - amazingly - it works on our bright safety colored gear (just like WM's), too!!
  10. Last week
  11. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
  12. A tow truck procession is planned while a hit-and-run driver is still on the run AMADO, Ariz. — Police are still looking for 32-year-old Justin Lang. They say he crashed his car killing two men in a discount tire parking lot on the 10th. One of the victims was a tow truck driver who leaves behind a family, friends and a fiancé. Mary Breijak says Rick Struble was the kind of guy that made faces out his tow truck window to make kids laugh, loved to fish, and had a voice as deep as the Jolly Green Giant's. “He was a lot of fun, we're going to miss him,” said Mary. Rick met Mary in Michigan. They had a lot of adventures over the last 12 years. We decided to come back here, and we sold all our possessions together and we bought this rinky-dink RV and it took us 3 1/2 months to get here from Michigan because we would break down every 100 miles.” They got engaged just three months ago. “We were just starting to talk about weddings and stuff.” Mary says Rick died doing a job he loved. “Every six minutes a tow truck driver will die from a car running into them or an accident.” Rick was in a discount tire parking lot dropping off a car for a customer when police say a hit and run driver lost control, plowed into the parking lot and fatally struck the two men. Mary says she is overwhelmed by the support she's gotten from the community. “I am so honored. Rick would be embarrassed he's very modest. He'd be embarrassed, but I am so blown away the kindness of everyone blows me away. Thank you.” RESOURCE LINK "note there is an error in the story. It should read Every 6 days a Tow Truck Driver will die.
  13. Started Work with Mikels Towing & Recovery on June 12th, 2019 February 24, 1995 – June 21, 2019 Dylan Walker Kern, 24, of Bedford, passed away Friday morning, June 21, 2019. Born February 24, 1995, at Dunn Memorial Hospital in Bedford, he was the son of Mark Kern and Tena (Porter) Kern. He married Mary (McCameron) on May 4, 2019. and she survives. He was a wrecker driver at Mikels Services Inc. He was an avid fisherman and softball player. He was a member of the former Community Baptist Fellowship. Dylan is survived by his wife, Mary of Bedford; step-children, Alexxandrya and Isabella Hudson; his mother Tena Kern of Bedford; one brother, Andrew Kern (Kelsey Allbright) of Bedford; paternal grandparents Corky and Beverly Kern of Bedford; aunts, Susan Gales (Roger) and Teresa Saunders all of Bedford, and Kathy Morgan (Doug) of Orleans; two brothers-in-law; two sisters-in-law; several nieces, nephews, and cousins; and his beloved dog, Bentley. He was preceded in death by his father, Mark Kern and his maternal grandparents, James and Karen Porter. Funeral services will be conducted at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, June 26 at the Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in Bedford with Pastor Eric Kennedy officiating. Burial will follow in the Green Hill Cemetery in Bedford. Visitation will be from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25 at the Day & Carter Mortuary. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Sherwood Oaks Christian Church Bedford. RESOURCE LINK Cause of death reported by "Erie United Methodist Church" as vehicular accident. No Details
  14. have a vulcan 894 2005 model ordered new scoops for the wheel lift 2x2 arms when sliding them into the brackets and lifting a truck up they twist and unhook from the pins on the bottom pins are new. Question is how much play should I have between the bracket and the arm on the scoop? Thinking I need new brackets to go with the scoops.
  15. The comment at the bottom is original from 2005. That exact line could be added to this kind of list today. I'll work on that bare with me, the New Force in the Towing and Recovery Industry is TowForce. There isn't anything Towing Related like it.... May the TowForce be with you! Use the Force, spread the word, just as Tow411 became active through Word of Mouth so with TowForce. Only with our membership does the The Towing Information Network lives in TowForce. I get busy and I never Thank you as much as I should for your support and participation over the years. Thank You
  16. Many of do not know but 2016 is the second time the message board broke. The first time was in 2004 just 3 short years after the board was created. This topic was created in 2005 and is presented as posted at that time. How many Tow411 members are still around and made the leap to TowForce? If your name is on this June 2005 Member List speak up. We're glad your with us... 4 year Member Brucer - 6-23-01 Lisom - 6-25-01 Towie - 6-27-01 3 year Members Midrivers 6-4-02 Maria Orem (Tow Times) 6-5-02 Towscropio - Bronze Sponsor - 6-8-02 Jweaver - Tracker Managment - Gold Sponsor - 6-10-02 metow2 - 6-14-02 Jet - 6-15-02 WM010544 - 6-15-02 eddtows - 6-16-02 Ken Cruse - WreckMaster - Platinum Sponsor - 6-24-02 WM97891 - 6-30-02 2 year members Connolly Towing - Gold Sponsor - 6-3-03 Jimh - 6-4-03 ian411 - 6-6-03 Redwolf1357 - 6-8-03 Joe Driscoll - 6-10-03 Towxchange - Platinum Sponsor - 6-11-03 jandjwreckerservice - 6-13-03 Newtotow - 6-14-03 Rudy Smith - Beacon Software - Platnum Sponsor - 6-15-03 Anthonystowing - 6-19-03 Toyo03 - 6-20-03 Jimstowing - 6-21-03 Buddytow - 6-24-03 njhook - 6-30-04 1 year members rdsalesales - Patron I - 6-4-04 Tominos - 6-4-04 Jtomino - 6-5-04 cfd204 - 6-6-04 ve7toy - 6-6-04 grifsdad - 6-7-04 Retriever - 6-7-04 Hotrodhauler - 6-9-04 imfixin2win - 6-11-04 Yahzoom - 6-11-04 Towman81 - 6-13-04 Towsalot - 6-15-04 Iowatower - 6-16-04 iketower - 6-16-04 jokergn - 6-17-04 mrwailaechevron - Silver Sponsor - 6-17-04 Yahzooms Pita/Yahzoom2 - 6-21-04 Kriv61 - 6-22-04 shtowing - 6-17-04 pattows - 6-19-04 WEDOTOWS - Sponsor - 6-17-04 Toes4me - 6-23-04 Towingwriter - 6-24-04 dt466rollback - 6-25-04 Boosh - 6-27-04 OK, it's been long enough. Now it's time we start the Member Anniversaries back up. That and I got a little time on my hands with the current condition of the board. If your info is incorrect or missing, please advise as I am in the process of restoring some basic data lost as well
  17. An Amado tow truck driver who lost his life June 10 will be honored Sunday during a memorial ride organized by other tow truck drivers. More than 30 tow trucks will line up at the Longhorn Grill in Amado at 11 a.m. and make their way north to the Discount Tire on Oracle Road in Tucson where Richard "Rick" Struble, 57, was killed in a hit-and-run crash, organizer Laurie Flynn said. Once there, participants will pay their respects to Struble's fianceé, Mary Breijak. Flynn's boyfriend, Robert Woodbury, worked with Struble, and he and another friend, Jeff Adamson, put together the event, Flynn said. "We knew him and wanted to do something as the tow truck community," she said. "We felt we had to do something for him, like a final road trip, because his life was cut short." Breijak said everyone has gone "above and beyond" to help her during this horrible time. "Oh my, honey. My heart is so full, it's overflowing. You wouldn't believe it," she said Friday. "This community has been outstanding. I love this area." According to Tucson police, Justin Lang, 32, was traveling east on West Simmons Road at a high rate of speed around 10 p.m. June 10. Although Simmons ends at Oracle Road, Lang continued across all six lanes of Oracle and drove directly into the parking lot of the Discount Tire located just south of Prince Road, police said. The vehicle, a 2001 BMW 740 iL, struck a tow truck, Struble and Ramon Murillo III, 32, as they were standing in the parking lot. Murillo died at the scene and Struble died shortly after arriving at a hospital, TPD Sgt. Pete Dugan said. Police said Lang fled east on foot through an apartment complex and has not been found. Lang is also wanted for absconding while on parole. He was released from prison in November in an aggravated assault case. Struble, who worked for Luna's Auto Service and Towing in Amado, was helping Murillo, who got a flat tire near a Border Patrol checkpoint and didn't have a spare, Jesse Luna said. RESOURCE LINK
  18. This Report is Every Tow Truck Drivers Worst Fear: ------------------------------------ A man died early Saturday after being struck by a tow truck on northbound Interstate 680 near Walnut Creek, according to the California Highway Patrol . Officers responded to a report around 1 a.m. of a tow truck hitting a pedestrian in the middle lane of I-680, just north of N. Main Street, said Sean Wilkenfeld, a CHP spokesman. Paramedics pronounced the man dead at the scene. He was not immediately identified. Officials said the tow truck driver remained at the scene and cooperated with investigators. The driver and a passerby told CHP that the man had been running across the freeway before the collision. “We have ruled out drugs or alcohol on the driver’s part,” Wilkenfeld said. Investigators are awaiting a toxicology report from the Contra Costa County coroner’s office to determine if the victim was under the influence. The incident closed all lanes of the freeway for an hour and a half as officials investigated the scene. RESOURCE LINK
  19. A driver pulled out of his pick up location and he failed to turn when he pulled out causing him to go into the ditch but only saying his front wheel was stuck as if ...
  20. Searching for more details to add to this topic. Thanks
  21. A broken down coach bus needed a tow far far away so who else to call besides team 1140 we went out and hooked this bus in Chicago and towed this unit to ...
  22. A driver blew out his bearing and caught fire lucky for him he was able to put the fire out but he couldn't move as his wheels where about to fall off he thought he ...
  23. I found this one in an old post, one of the only surviving images found in that post. Image taken in 2007/08 at the William e Durr branch library Without a description I posted it to the Vintage Holmes Wreckers Group and tagged Kevin Kallmeyer. Kevin responded with "This truck is named dad's dream.." 1993 pete 379 3406 b cat 15 spd trans 2 speed rears Holmes 1801 with a zacklift On October 6, 2012 Kevin made the final post under his fathers screen name. This will be the final post under this screen name... Dad has been called to heaven to be with my mother his wife who preceded him in 1992.. The towing world has had a major hole torn into it today... a wealth of knowledge lost... only part of which was conveyed to me... (Kevin) May you all travel the road safely... In Memory of Ken Kallmeyer June 1941 - October 2012 (joined Tow411 in 2004). A Condolence post in Tribute to Ken Kallmeyer will be transfer to TowForce in the coming months. Thanks
  24. A memorial procession of tow trucks will take place Sunday, June 23, in Armado, Ariz., for tow operator Richard Struble. Struble, 57, was killed along with his customer Ramon Murrillo III, 32, on June 11. Struble was assisting Murrillo with his vehicle when a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed went out of control and struck the two men and the Struble’s tow truck. The driver of the vehicle that struck the two men fled the scene on foot. Police are still looking for the suspect – a white or Hispanic man between 25 and 35 years old – and ask anyone with information to call 911 or 88-CRIME. The procession will begin at 11 a.m. at the Longhorn Grill, 28851 S. Nogales Highway in Armado. Tow Trucks will proceed to the Discount Tire at 3760 N. Oracle Rd. The public is invited to attend at the end of the procession. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  25. In today's video Trent Jr and Alex deal with a 20ft container that was knocked off of a trailer at the Loves truck stop in Coachella. Thanks for watching as always ...
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