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  2. Cummins L9 350 hp Allison Automatic Air Brake / Air Ride Aluminum Wheels Century 28' LCG Carrier Combination dock leveler / wheel lift 20,000 lb planetary winch with Air Free Spool Wireless Winch Remote Frame Mounted Pylon with Chin rack 2-60" Baskets and 2 48" Tool Boxes Strobe Lights-Pylon, Grill and Rear Pintle Hook Attachment Lift Forks and Receivers Upper, Winch and Lower Work Lights Texas Mover Over Light Bar Keys Slots Outer Rails and Center Located in San Antonio, TX (chassis sold by franchised dealer)
  3. Proper maintenance goes a long way to ensuring your equipment works efficiently and dependably. In a 24/7 towing and recovery industry, it can be challenging to make sure each maintenance step is performed on time and the right way. This is especially the case if you are a towing company who owns multiple units across different models of heavy-duty wreckers and rotators. This video aims to help by demonstrating how to properly lubricate 3-stage recovery booms found on the Century®️ and Vulcan®️ heavy-duty integrated wreckers and rotators. View the full article on Millerind.com
  4. It was great to see everyone and catch-up on those hot topics. Thanks to Steve and Doc for another great tow show. Perhaps we'll see you in Atlantic City? Best Regards. Randy
  5. That’s a wrap y’all! Team JerrDan had a great time at the American Towman Magazine & Expositions TowExpo. We were there showing off the MPL-NGS, 50-Ton Integrated Wrecker with a JFB body and the MPL-40 during the light-duty showcase. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see our equipment.
  6. Can you notify me when next expo is going to be taking place ?
  7. A company had called us out to perform a container transfer because the chassis that the container happens to be on couldn't slide the tandems because the ...
  8. Yesterday
  9. Yea we have done probably near 20 trucks to date....still going on.
  10. Man riding a bicycle struck by tow truck in Paterson, witnesses say PATERSON - A man riding a bicycle was injured when he collided with a tow truck Sunday morning near the Bunker Hill section of the city, witnesses said. Police at the scene would not comment on the collision. Several nearby residents said a man was riding a bike down an incline on Sassafras Street toward its intersection with River Street around 11:45 a.m. when he collided with the tow truck driving northbound on River Street next to the Passaic County Office of Education. A man riding a bike was injured when he collided with a tow truck in Paterson on Sunday morning. (Photo: Scott Fallon/NorthJersey.com) The man, who has not yet been identified, was lying on the ground bleeding from his ears and shaking, witnesses said. The tow truck driver got out and tried to assist the man, witnesses said. An ambulance arrived shortly and took the injured man away. Police at the scene would not say which hospital he was taken to. Police cordoned off the area. The bike was still lying on the street about an hour after the incident. The tow truck had been pulled over to the side of the street. RESOURCE LINK with video
  11. Utah man hit by tow truck while lying in the road in Millcreek A 19-year-old man is in critical condition after he was hit by a tow truck while lying in the road in Millcreek early Sunday morning, officials said. The man was lying in the street about 1:30 a.m. when the truck hit him. There is some evidence that he may have been assaulted before being hit by the truck, Unified police detective Kevin Mallory said. The man was hospitalized in critical condition soon after. The truck driver is cooperating with police, and there does not appear to be any impairment on the truck driver's part, Mallory said. Police do not yet know why the 19-year-old was in the road when he was hit. RESOURCE LINK
  12. Introducing the new Metro Light Duty wireless tow lights. This is a pre launch announcement. We are so excited to share this news with you that we could not wait. You may have seen many other manufacturers that build wireless tow lights, you may be even be thinking is just another wireless tow light. At Metro we look at it from the operators safety requirements and the buyers financial perspective. At Metro Tow Trucks we know we need a better product that ensures better safety for the operators while still being affordable. The Metro light duty wireless tow light does both. The new Metro wireless tow lights come with the following standard features. Run, stop, left or right turn. Flash/strobe and Back up /work light. The Metro wireless tow lights comes in very durable and waterproof enclosures. Standard 4 pin trailer connector with built in wireless transmitter , a pair of led wireless tow lights with built in independent wireless receiver's, anti scratch magnets long life lithium ion batteries, Led lights, side marker lights, individual charging ports and a two port cigarette lighter charger. We will be displaying the Metro Wireless light duty lights at the American Tow man exposition, December 4th to the 7th. Metro Tow Trucks will be raffling off 5 sets. The winners can pick them up or they will be shipped for free of charge anywhere in the Canada USA and Hawaii. If you want to enter the raffle, all you need to do is like and share our post. Every share you make or like will give you on entry ballot for the raffle. The more likes and shares the better odds of winning. Encourage your friends, family and coworkers to like and share it also. Be sure to share to the groups where you are a member as long as it doesn't breach the moderators rules. Pricing and our marketing package will be posted on our corporate Facebook book pages. Watch our Metro Tow Trucks and Metro Tow Store Facebook page for pricing. Thanks for watching and be sure to like . Be safe out there. Metro Tow Trucks
  13. It could be an agency requirement. The CHP says towers cannot photo any sdene without prior permission from the officer on scene. It's not an unreasonable policy. R.
  14. Last week
  15. American Towman shared these videos on FB LIVE.
  16. I agree. You never know what is going through a persons mind today, and or what their intentions are. Once you have clients in your vehicle, you should use due diligence to ensure that they are transported to their destination in the most safest, direct route possible. Driving down the highway is perilous enough. Stopping on the roadside not only heightens your chances for a collision, but subjects everyone to the unknown dangers of the subject you are engaging.
  17. We can do most of what we need while LE is finishing their side of things. We are almost always there before we are needed.
  18. There are not many images of tow shows as there was in the past. Why is that?
  19. How SAD and this could have been one of us this nut job shot when we went to tow his crap. ANGRY
  20. Are there any better pictures of the tie down. What are the odds this driver did it right? What If the vehicle had come off the deckand it could have hit another vehicle? the outcome would have been much different. We should all take note!!!
  21. Was the seminar well attended, the video didn't look like many people there when the doors opened. But, I found an outside training event that was active. Looked HOT
  22. For us HONK Ranks #1 at the current time. We all know that can change, we hope it holds.
  23. Thanks for Sharing Honk has worked well for us here. Can't say the same for AGERO/SWOOP SWOOP just had to say it twice.
  24. First there has to be more to this story, there always is... Would have never gotten that far and the driver full of rage would have gotten back in his car. Both of us would have been on the phone to the police at the same time. Only I would have had the video evidence of the attack.
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