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  3. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/video/4126572-towing-industry-accused-of-fraud/
  4. In today's video Darl initially responds to a CHP call of a 40ft diesel pusher that had a front steer tire blowout causing it to crash into the center divider on the 10 ...
  5. Same Rig 2019 Still Getting it. Same Rig 2019 Still Getting it.
  6. Same Rig 2019 Still Getting it.
  7. Ron Stillings

    Tators are for TV

    Banging Ditches
  8. Hey guys, new to the site and towing in general. Have a solid background in trucks and equipment, though. Looking to start a transport business based on a Class 8 tandem rollback moving construction rental equipment and pretty much anything else that can be hauled on a 28' open deck. Ledwell has a gravity bed which doesn't seem to have a "power up/down" feature but rather relies on gravity and possibly the dock stabilizer to tilt the bed. It is powered only in roll forward/backward and dock stabilizer from what I can tell. The reason I mention this is that it seems this bed wouldn't be suited to certain situations where one would need to lift (or "pry") a load with the rear of the bed, such as when lifting a 20' sea container or such. What I do like about the Ledwell is lower cost, lower maintenance, and shorter deck height. Local used truck dealer has some Jerr Dann units and Ledwell units on hand. The Ledwells are probably 4" shorter in deck height, but unfortunately do not have stake pockets or rub rails like the Jerr Dann beds. Can any of you experienced transport guys recommend one style bed over the other for general transport use? I guess I'm looking for a jack of all trades type carrier. Really like the Century LCG industrial beds but they are way out of my price range, for a newer one at least. Many thanks in advance. -Matthew North Carolina
  9. Motorists became trapped after driving through floodwaters on the Islington Road off ramp on Highway 401. A car was lifted from flood waters on the Highway 401 ramp to Islington Avenue NEWS REPORT LINK with video
  10. Man found passed out in Wendy’s parking lot with suspected fentanyl: Brockville police An Oshawa man is facing an impaired driving charge after Brockville police say he was found slumped over his steering wheel in a Wendy’s parking lot. The 52-year-old tow truck driver was arrested at the fast-food restaurant on Parkdale Avenue in Brockville on Monday evening. Police say that when officers confronted him, the man did not know where he was. They also say officers found a small amount of what they suspect to be fentanyl on his person. The man was charged with impaired driving by drugs. His licence was also suspended for 90 days, and his car was impounded for seven days. RESOURCE LINK
  11. Electric vehicles aren't new to towing, recovery or fire-fighting ... perhaps the education of dealing with them is way behind the proverbial eight-ball. As an example... here's a pic of one I transported in 1996. Remember the make of what it was? R.
  12. I love TowForce for the entertainment value it brings. Thanks Ron ... my day needed a smile. R.
  13. For a second ... let's pretend that we're all members of a jury in a wrongful death lawsuit. During closing arguments, the plaintiff's attorney shows this video and you're asked to consider a verdict of guilty versus non-guilty. The 20-second video depicts ... forward of the carrier is a red signal light. A vehicle forward stops for the red light, a motorcyclist stops behind the vehicle, and along comes an over-loaded Ford carrier with a semi on the top deck ... brakes fade to the floor and the carrier travels another 100-feet. What is the pending result of the lawsuit? I'm not practicing law here ... but, looking at the obvious, there's an obvious answer. R.
  14. I'll respond to this scenario looking beyond the video and condier the "what if possibilities" should the attachment break and the loose car rolls away only to injure or kills someone nearby ... stranger things have happened. Besides using 2x J's, I see no use of ground lumber for rollaway protection and question if attaching a Mini-J or T-hook into a T-slot is a proper practice. Although using J-Hooks and cluster attachments are fast, the application is questionable. As there are a million ways to work a rollover, tow operators tend to use what tools or accessories that work for them. The matter of "proper" doesn't come into play until something breaks. By then, proper becomes the issue that's too late to apply. It's my opinion that J-Hooks are NOT for recovery when considering the right tool for the job as any court or jury would. R. Here's an OSHA fatality example of a tow operator fatality killed when the J-Hook failed https://www.osha.gov/pls/imis/establishment.inspection_detail?id=308435908
  15. A fire-extinguisher is a basic requirement of ALL tow trucks and carriers in California. California Vehicle Code 27700 (a) Tow trucks shall be equipped with and carry all of the following: (1) One or more brooms, and the driver of the tow truck engaged to remove a disabled vehicle from the scene of an accident shall remove all glass and debris deposited upon the roadway by the disabled vehicle which is to be towed. (2) One or more shovels, and whenever practical the tow truck driver engaged to remove any disabled vehicle shall spread dirt upon that portion of the roadway where oil or grease has been deposited by the disabled vehicle. (3) One or more fire extinguishers of the dry chemical or carbon dioxide type with an aggregate rating of at least 4-B, C units and bearing the approval of a laboratory nationally recognized as properly equipped to make the approval. Note: A typical "tow truck fire extinguisher" will NOT have any effect on a vehicle engulfed in flames. R.
  16. Just for a moment, imagine today's industry without cell-phones, telematics, GPS, tablets and modern day technologies. So, Brian ... the Devil's Advocate asks ... Who enforces the, "Blue Tooth Policy"? Forward facing cameras can identify the problem, but, when good operators are hard to find, does a company owner or safety manager dismiss a violator for using his/her cell-phone (in the course of their duties), or, simply look away? Having a Blue-Tooth Policy may work on the administrative side, but operationally, getting the job done typically takes prescedence.
  17. carl4tow is spot on ... getting stabbed through the back is a horrible way to die. The tinsel strength of the headache rack won't stop a loose and forward rolling forklift that spears through the truck's cab. R.
  18. Hi All … the last three posts captured my attention. So far in July, five tow trucks and or carriers have crashed for whatever reasons. And, these are the ones that make the news, so there have to be more. July 2 NH - Carrier transporting mail truck rolls over July 5 FL - Carrier smashes into police car - unloaded July 16 TN - Carrier into a tree - unloaded July 16 OH – Wrecker rolled over - unloaded July 17 FL – Carrier loses control avoiding object - unloaded As tow company owner, what company training do you conduct to try and make tow truck and carrier (driving) operations as safe as possible? What evidence of training can you present to your insurance company to show some form of driver’s training? R.
  19. Работа. Пустой. ( I can not insert an image ) ((
  20. This unit and others are available for sale on our website at https://ectts.com/wreckers-tow-trucks-repo-recovery-trucks-for-sale/
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