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  2. This data was obtained from motorsport.com Cla # Driver Manufacturer Time Gap Mph 1 8 Daniel Hemric Chevrolet 30.329 178.047 2 38 David Ragan Ford 30.364 00.035 177.842 3 12 Ryan Blaney Ford 30.379 00.050 177.754 4 2 Brad Keselowski Ford 30.394 00.065 177.667 5 42 Kyle Larson Chevrolet 30.399 00.070 177.637 6 34 Michael McDowell Ford 30.408 00.079 177.585 7 6 Ryan Newman Ford 30.423 00.094 177.497 8 41 Daniel Suarez Ford 30.446 00.117 177.363 9 3 Austin Dillon Chevrolet 30.448 00.119 177.352 10 43 Darrell Wallace Jr. Chevrolet 30.452 00.123 177.328 11 19 Martin Truex Jr. Toyota 30.464 00.135 177.258 12 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 30.465 00.136 177.253 13 10 Aric Almirola Ford 30.476 00.147 177.189 14 9 Chase Elliott Chevrolet 30.497 00.168 177.067 15 1 Kurt Busch Chevrolet 30.518 00.189 176.945 16 88 Alex Bowman Chevrolet 30.520 00.191 176.933 17 36 Matt Tifft Ford 30.544 00.215 176.794 18 18 Kyle Busch Toyota 30.548 00.219 176.771 19 17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Ford 30.573 00.244 176.626 20 20 Erik Jones Toyota 30.575 00.246 176.615 21 14 Clint Bowyer Ford 30.605 00.276 176.442 22 21 Paul Menard Ford 30.612 00.283 176.401 23 11 Denny Hamlin Toyota 30.631 00.302 176.292 24 13 Ty Dillon Chevrolet 30.634 00.305 176.275 25 24 William Byron Chevrolet 30.742 00.413 175.655 26 37 Chris Buescher Chevrolet 30.803 00.474 175.308 27 95 Matt DiBenedetto Toyota 30.879 00.550 174.876 28 47 Ryan Preece Chevrolet 30.880 00.551 174.870 29 22 Joey Logano Ford 30.912 00.583 174.689 30 00 Landon Cassill Chevrolet 31.004 00.675 174.171 31 32 Corey Lajoie Ford 31.086 00.757 173.712 32 96 Parker Kligerman Toyota 31.277 00.948 172.651 33 15 Ross Chastain Chevrolet 31.365 01.036 172.166 34 27 Reed Sorenson Chevrolet 31.378 01.049 172.095 35 52 Garrett Smithley Ford 31.386 01.057 172.051 36 51 J.J. Yeley Ford 31.494 01.165 171.461 37 53 Josh Bilicki Ford 31.787 01.458 169.881 38 77 Timmy Hill Chevrolet 32.079 01.750 168.334 39 66 Joey Gase Toyota 33.190 02.861 162.700 40 4 Kevin Harvick Ford
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  4. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in March of 2011: First post so i figured it should be something a little more different than just a regular tow. Aftermath of a broken down TT on the side of the highway when another gets too close and smacks into the side of it at 60mph!!! Some orange fencing worked very well with some 2X4s holding it down to keep the loose debri secure After cleaning up the side with our demo saw this is what we had left. The rim was needed to get some of the bow and flex out of the side 1/2 inch chain and some binders held it together well. Some 2X4s along the bottom and up to the top corner, and some ratchet straps to keep pressure. A job that was perfect for the 14 ton. Hooked both supply air and service. Slight crack in the front piece so we figured we had better at least triangulate the front section from hole in apron to landing gear. After 2 men and about 3 hours it was ready for the journey to its final resting place. Junior42 said: We had one a few months ago that looked like that, but a little worse unfortunately. Both walls were shot, had cracks in the floor "frame" and cross members all over, the front was blown out as well. Oh yea, and it was on its side with no tractor. Another company from a few hours away brought a power swap for the lease company that was on the front end, and decided to dolly down a fully loaded 53' on an asphalt shoulder that already had deep stress fractures. Oh yea, then they uprighted it, said they couldn't make it back to their yard with it and laid it back over, hard.. and their strap placement left what good piece of trailer left in horrible shape. Made for an interesting recovery on our part... and a long slow ride back to the shop. Good looking roadside repair and tow. Chance BAR 'S' Towing & Recovery Alexandria, LA Leesville, LA
  5. From a technical standpoint....obviously your hubs were engaged. There's no other choice right? I don't know what kind of truck you were towing...but there is more to the situation. Now I'm kind of new to this so maybe I need more learnin but if the hubs are unlocked and or the transfer case is verified in neutral, this procedure will work.
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  7. If a person thinks they are working too hard, or is getting burned out they need to staff the issue with their employer or supervisor. To lie and state that you are sick, then be seen out in public drinking is not acceptable. I do not care what you know, or how good you are or think you are, if I can not trust you, I can not trust you. Once that asterisk is next to your name it is hard to, if not impossible to make it go away.
  8. You have to ask yourself how valuable is he to me ? Have I been working him to hard ? Does he deserve some off time ?
  9. Correct Ron ... that's the same information (or product) mentioned two posts ago. See the comments regarding OSHA. R.
  10. This is the type of devise that makes working on beds that tilt safer.
  11. Check the Laws in your state regarding transportation of a corpse. Law Enforcement says if they order the transport then the tow operator is released from any legal ramifications. However, the tow operator does not get that in writing. My fear is that after the fact if some concerned party should protest this type of transport which may be unlawful "Who does this fall back on?"
  12. Here's an update article from San Diego news. Link: https://fox5sandiego.com/2019/10/18/man-trapped-by-flatbed-truck-dies/
  13. We think it will be a valuable piece of equipment for our fleet. We also have the forklift attachment, although we haven't had a use for it yet. The reception by those that have watched it in use has been all positive. The recovery in this post would have taken much longer and closed the road with most other equipment. In our area, law enforcement is very easy to get along with and we do everything we can for each other to do our jobs as efficiently as possible. Thank you all for your replies and information. Joe
  14. We ran knuckleboom cranes for more than 25 years and we had several on our fleet .... .the applications were both for recovery work and general haulage and I found them an excellent tool in allsorts of different situations We had attachments to enhance capabilities with ease ..ie brick grab, street lifter, fork lift frame ...clam grab .....etc Numerous times we were able to get into places where the rotators couldn't get near..... The knuckleboom is very popular throughout Europe .. and with the correct training and certification are accepted on all police contracts... I strongly agree with Randall ...that some sort of presentation or interaction event would certainly help satisfy the police of the capabilities
  15. Tow operators in Indiana, Vermont and New York are among those raising awareness of national Move Over laws this Saturday, Oct. 19, billed as National Move Over Awareness Day. The Indiana Towing and Wrecker Association organized a family event at the Indiana State Fair Ground from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. In Burlington, Vt., emergency response vehicles were staged on Interstate 89 from 9 a.m until noon. In New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo stressed the importsance of the state’s Move Over law. These events, among others are held to bring awareness to the need for motorists to slow down and move over for emegency vehicles on the side of roadways. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  16. air ride but setup correctly so the air is cushy but holds the full load as needed . most air rides are a bit over stiff if you ask me but thats prob factory covering there butts for legal and warranty .
  17. From industry news comes this topic where a California tow truck operator discovered a body in a vehicle on the 91-freeway. Reading the narrative, it reports that the vehicle was towed to the coroner's office. It doesn't say that the body was still in the car, however, here's my question; "When you arrive on-scene and a police detective tells you that they want you to tow or transport a vehicle with a body still inside", how do you respond? This has happened to me twice and it's is a valid consideration especially for evidence contractors. Some contracts have specific criteria for turning down or refusing calls. Do you tow it or do you turn it down keeping in mind the criteria of your highway patrol contract regarding "lawful orders". Link: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Body-Found-in-Abandoned-Lexus-Near-Orange-County-Freeway-563358951.html
  18. Now that the San Diego fatality is known, I’m sharing some important information on this topic. A few years back, I covered this topic after an earlier fatality occurred when a tow operator was killed clearing snow between a raised carrier’s deck rails. I went into my fatality stats where I list three other instances of the same “crushing” fatality (South Dakota, May, 2009, Montana, Nov. 2016, and in Illinois, Sept, 2018). Soon after, while attending an American Towman tow show, I saw a safety device designed and built as a means to prevent crushing injuries like these. So, I did some early morning research to refresh this topic and I’m providing a safety message for tow operators working on the beds of raised carriers. Here’s a great link you should be aware of: Link: https://www.osha.gov/dts/shib/shib091806.html OSHA’s 29 CFR 1926.600(a)(3)(i) has specific narrative directed to the construction trade stating, “in construction settings, requires that dump bodies shall be fully lowered or blocked when being repaired or when not in use A second part of section 29 CFR 1926.601(b)(10),“… requires that in construction settings, trucks with dump bodies shall be equipped with positive means of support, permanently attached, and capable of being locked in position to prevent accidental lowering of the body while maintenance or inspection work is being done.” While OSHA’s narrative isn’t specific (yet) to flatbed carrier designs, there’s forward thinking to be aware of the requirement when narrative refers to “dump bodies”. In my way of thinking, a carrier’s deck technically works as a dump body. If my way of thinking is that way … so can that of an OSHA inspector Here are the links of two bed safety locks as mentioned above. Although they’re pricey (approximately $1,250), what’s someone’s life worth? Emerson Safety Wedge Lock https://www.mile-x.com/emerson-wl-10-wedge-lock-for-dump-beds-pair-made-in-the-usa/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6KrtBRDLARIsAKzvQIHsW0C22QJ0XV4OGdqUHHlSl_3Z6GaU7o_XSE8INPEuz1idBXi1VBUaAkEKEALw_wcB Dump Lock https://www.diesellaptops.com/products/dump-lok-udl-dump-bed-safety-brace?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=1o1&scid=scplpshopify_US_1682241290311_16658451103815&sc_intid=shopify_US_1682241290311_16658451103815&keyword=&campaign=6617847350&content=386311263494&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6KrtBRDLARIsAKzvQIG4czqjSBphgHWvjse9UNBlOnb3QfFjc3SX8xUfryL5lFTIcSX3PRUaAg3GEALw_wcB If your company has flatbed carriers in the fleet, this the proper safety item to have in your shop. FACT: A length of 4x4, or a block of wood will and not does not provide adequate protection against slipping out and crushing a worker. FYI... I invite you to go to OSHA's website and review this information, to include several photos of proper and improper safety at the shop level. R
  19. Our thoughts and prayers go out as well.
  20. Zero actual sources cited, not a serious article whatsoever. It barely rates as "entertainment" and is about as realistic as a celebrity gossip piece in the National Enquirer. Not worth the effort to respond to this so-called author. She/he/it writes like a slow high school student. Richard
  21. Very sad. Agree that we all have to be careful when working on our equipment. Thoughts and prayers to his family.
  22. Looking to buy new truck as owner operator wondering what truck have the smoothest ride from driver point of view. 1) Hino 2) Freightliner 3) International Thank you
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