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  2. None of my sources have heard of a Tennessee fatal as of yet ... I'm hoping it's not true. R.
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  4. A Driver from Starlight Wrecker Service, Cookesville, TN has lost their life. There are few details at this time. Tower Down notification pending confirmation.
  5. Ripped one of the reese hitches off a Chevy S-10 Blazer a couple of weeks ago. Really surprised it had not already fallen off. The it is unless you looked up under the vehicle, you would have no idea it was that badly rested. Then again it's rare to find one in that bad of shape around here.
  6. if you live or work near the rust belt watch them reese hitches . i have seen so many look good until you stick your head under there and they about fall off . were i use to work he had a rule no reese hitches if at all possible for hook points .
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  8. I will go to a Reese hitch if it has one, or just fork the frame in the back. Sorry don't have any pics.
  9. Out thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.
  10. Absolutely yes! I believe in cameras so much that I have dual facing cameras even in all of my personal vehicles. We live in a twisted society where false accusations are commonplace. I really am considering a body am, although there are some legal restrictions on civilian use of body cameras that vary from state to state. I will share a very personal story, one from nearly 30 years ago that illustrates exactly how important cameras really are, and perhaps is where my feelings about them come from. I was an 18 year old kid, fresh out of high school and new CDL holder driving school bus, yes a school bus. All was good until after the first Christmas break when my supervisor changed my assignment to a high school route from an elementary route. Mind you, this was the district I graduated from just 6 months earlier so these were former classmates (underclassmen) of mine. On this route there were two trouble maker girls that I had previous encounters with as a student, and despite me making it known I had no interest in either of them (was already with the girl who became, and still is, my wife). SO there is bad history between us, lots of history! First complaint happened within a week of me being on the route, one of their mothers decided I wasn't driving safely and lodged a complaint with the district. Fortunately, the Director of Transportation knew me well, he was also in charge of the auditorium where I spent most of my time as the student tech director for lighting and audio (geek I know). He dismissed her complaint without so much as a second thought. Next time the girls decided to report me for lewd comments, glances and one even said I tried to touch her. Absolutely not! Now, complaints of this level could not just be swept aside, so there was a full investigation that took all of a day thanks to the cameras we had on the bus. My employer had been very progressive and installed cameras that captured student behavior early on, although the system relied on a portable Mini 8 type camera (very expensive) so we shared one camera among all 44 buses. Each had the box, complete with flashing red light, and the students didn't know if it was actually recording. I had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen so I had the camera in my bus and it clearly showed absolutely nothing had happened when they claimed, and since I was worried I had been changing and keeping tapes since the driving complaint, so I had proof nothing had ever happened. Having this video evidence saved my job, my clean criminal history (must have to teach in the school and be on police rotation) and most importantly -my marriage. I doubt a young couple with a almost 1 year old baby could have survived this type of accusation if I had not been exonerated. It is because of my personal experience with issues like this that I have always kept on top of event data recorders of all types, simple CYA. I can't even imagine how my career track would have been altered, my whole life changed had it not been for that video evidence 30 years ago.
  11. Thanks for that guys ...appreciate your kind comments ... Coordinating 8 winches ....all running at different speeds was a challenge ! Hence the bent shackle... Regards John
  12. Thank you, love the detail in the pictures. Very well executed example of what being a professional is all about.
  13. Thanks for sharing John. I really like the high-level of professionalism as depicted in the pictures of all parties involved. Best Regards. R.
  14. The International Towing Museum’s Annual Fundraising Auction will be held Saturday, October 12, 2018, during the Towing Museum Weekend, October 11-13, in Chattanooga, Tenn., in conjunction with the Tennessee Tow Show. The auction is sponsored by Jerr-Dan Corporation and will feature generous donations from many industry individuals, associations, companies and organizations. The annual auction raises money for the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum (ITRHFM) which is a 501©3. Auction funds are used to further the mission of the ITRHFM as the only international museum serving the towing and recovery industry. Donations must be received by September 20, 2019 to be included in printed donor recognition. Click here for information on how to donate, or visit the museum’s website at internationaltowingmuseum.org and click 2019 Weekend. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  15. This “Any Time is Tow Time” slogan is lighted in amber and appears on the bumper of the 2018 Shine ‘n Star car carrier winner from Anytime Towing of Waynesville, N.C. The truck is a 2013 Ford F-650 with a Chevron 10 Series bed. Additional custom work includes an 84-gallon fuel tank and serious lighting featuring approximately 100 LEDs all around the truck, a 21-inch LED light bar in the bumper, a custom LED tailboard, upgraded 72-inch Whelen light bar, four Whelen strobes in the grille, a lighted American flag at the base of the light pylon and custom strobe headlights. This truck was featured on the cover and center spread of the Tow Times June 2019 issue. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  16. here in Maryland Sent from my SM-N920V using TowForce mobile app
  17. For sale now at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales! This new 2015 Ford F-550 4WD Truck and Jerr-Dan Wrecker MPL-40 comes in red and is equipped with a Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, spring suspension, power steering, and AC. East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales has been a competitive Car Hauler and Tow Truck supplier in the U.S. since 1995, offering sales, service, parts, detailing, lettering, vehicle wraps, and the East Coast Advantage to every customer. Visit us now at https://ectts.com for more great offers on other towing and hauling trucks and supplies! 2015 Ford F-550 4WD Color: Red Ford Powerstroke 6.7L 4 Wheel Drive TorqShift 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Spring Suspension FA: 6,500 lbs RA: 13,660 lbs A/C Power Steering AM/FM/CD Stereo Cloth 40/Console/40 mileage: 35745 Back up Camera w/ Large Monitor Grill & Body Strobe Light Kit 5.7 Collins Dollies Jerr-Dan MPL-40 MPL-40 Standard-Duty Wrecker with Recovery Boom Hydraulic 4,000 lb. Wheel Lift Grids – Adjustable Under Lift Level Stop Assist System — (4,000 lbs Fully Extended, including the patented LOCKLINK® Over-Center Locking Mechanism) Boom (per SAEJ2512) – 16,000 lbs. Retracted, 6,000 lbs. Extended Dual 8K Worm Gear Winches with 3/8″ x 110′ 2-Ton Cable (Qty 2) Winches include Manual Winch Free Spool and Tensioner Wired Remote with Membrane Touch-Pad Switches for Under Lift Functions Mud Flap Brackets with ECTTS Mud Flaps 3.50″ Fender Tubs for Aluminum Body Body Mounted Aluminum Pylon Marker Lights (3 Each Side) for Aluminum Pylon Complete with Tie-Down Straps Safety Chains 8 Head Amber LED Light Bar Corrosion-Resistant Modular Aluminum Body Polished Aluminum Rails and Diamond Deck Low-Maintenance No-Lube Technology LED DOT Lighting Dual Manual Deck Controls Illuminated Driver and Passenger-Side Toolboxes DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.
  18. This four-wheel-drive 2019 Ford F-550 with a Kilar 15,000-lb. capacity, 19.5-foot deck is brand new to the fleet of King’s Towing & Recovery of Perry, Ohio. Owner and company president Terry Lawrence took this truck to Chris Nicastro of Sandusky Speedway Graphics of Sandusky, Ohio, who worked with Lawrence to create the vinyl lettering and decals that serve as a tribute to police, fire and towing. Lawrence, who has been involved in law enforcement for over 20 years in addition to towing, is very pleased with the end-result, and proud to have this special truck bring attention to the work and sacrifice of these agencies who work together as a team for to serve the public. King’s Towing & Recovery has ten trucks and performs light- to heavy-duty towing and recovery for Northeastern Ohio. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  19. Leave your State in a Reply to this topic within the next 24 hours and be entered into the drawing. Those already entered in the drawing will gain an additional entry. However you can only win once every 6 months.
  20. In the television show What Would You Do?, hidden cameras are used as the show host observes and comments on how people behave when confronted with dilemmas that require them to either take action or just walk away and mind their own business. Various scenarios are created that force people to make split-second decisions such as people noticing a drunken valet trying to park cars, or a waitress being harassed by her boss. One of my employees came into my office and said “I was almost going to be late to work this morning.” When I asked why he said, “I found a purse right in the middle of the road.” I was like — huh? He said he looked in the purse, found some papers with a phone number, called and left a message. He also found a company name and called the office and advised them of what he had found. They called the purse’s owner to let her know our driver had her purse. She called my employee back and said she and her husband were hiking on a local nature trail and she didn’t know her purse had been taken. He met the lady, along with the police, and they found that one of the windows of her vehicle had been smashed. She said she had tucked her purse under the seat. While some papers and other items were still in the purse, her wallet was not. The whole scenario reminded me of the television show, and I was proud of my employee and the decision he made to follow through with attempting to locate the purse’s owner. I know that if it was my purse I would appreciate that extra effort. A follow-up phone call from woman’s husband with a thank you also made my day. Even in today’s world where cameras are everywhere, you know you’re being watched, and you’re faced with a dilemma, the question still remains — will you do the right thing? View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  21. A tow operator in Detroit, Mich., was carjacked Friday, August 23, after he was called to a location by an individual requesting a tow. The 43-year-old operator responded to the 17200 block of Freeland Street at approximately 2:15 a.m. where two suspects carjacked him at gunpoint and fled in the tow truck. The suspects them rammed the truck into a check cashing business and entered the store, police said. It was not yet known if anything was taken from the business. Police described the pair as a black male, approximately 35 years of age, 250 lbs. wearing dark shorts and armed with a revolver and a black male approximately 20 to 25 years of age, 190 lbs. wearing black clothing. Detroit police ask anyone with information to contact them. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  22. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Richards family, friends and co workers, From your fellow towers in the UK and Europe.
  23. This is a job we did a few years ago...... We had a call from the Police control asking if we could send an incident manager to liaise with the emergency services on the recovery of a Tank transporter that had overturned and blocking the westbound side of the A31 and causing major traffic disruption in the surrounding areas On arrival we met with the police, fire and rescue, highways officials and army officers. What we had was a 4 axle Oshkosh tractor hauling a 7 axle low loader trailer carrying an armoured KRAV recovery unit ......whilst negotiating the roundabout the suspension on the left hand side of the trailer had collapsed, throwing the whole lot over .....the weight of the KRAV with its combat armour on was 67 tons 150,000 lbs and was lying upside down still attached to the trailer The army advised the police that they will organise their own recovery teams to recover the vehicle .....when the police asked how long will it take ? The reply was it will take 2days !! To get the necessary teams and equipment on site .......this was totally unacceptable by the police officers in command and we were asked how long will we take ? .I replied we can have all the necessary recovery equipment on site within 2 hours.....at that stage we were advised by the highways dept there was a subway directly below the vehicle and ther could be a point bearing risk for any heavy equipment directly above , we were also advised by the water authorities that there was also a 24 inch high pressure water main close by feeding two major towns.... no pressure !! We advised the police that we will need a full road closure for at least 10 hours because of the risk of shock loading we decided it was also necessary to get a 80 ton crane in from one of our account customers ....just to be on the safe side that will take 4 hours to get there.....the police and army agreed to that and we got on with the job. The first job was to release the KRAV from the trailer ....the plan was to upright the unit and trailer first and get it all out of the way .......some of the hold down chains had snapped when it rolled but there were 2 chains holding on and they were under extreme tension ...it was too dangerous to cut them so we chocked the wheels of the trailer and rigged to winch the trailer further over See the chain round the blade ....that had a lot of stored energy on it ....if we tried to cut it it could have gone anywhere... This Graham and me having a discussion with the police, army high ways, fire and water co, officials working out a lifting and winching plan We put the 750 in the field adjoining and rigged to haul over and then restrain on the upright we put our Mercedes 6x4 alongside ( just out of picture ) giving plenty of deadweight for the final restraints 4 x 2 part lines A picture of the entrance to the subway which runs directly underneath the job After the chains were released, the next job was to square up the unit and trailer ready for the upright the back end of the tractor was lifted over and then rigged for the upright We hauled the unit and trailer over using 4 x 2part lines to haul over and 4 x 2part lines to restrain plus we used the crane as a catcher on the front of the unit .... It came down perfectly a bit of overkill perhaps but we were taking no chances !! The army had showed up with transporters in readiness to take the casualty vehicles away there is a 3rd one, just out of picture Once the unit and trailer were out of the way ..... now we can concentrate on the tracked vehicle ....fully upside down there is a crane on the top of it and that was buried into the roadway As we did with the tractor trailer, we rigged 4 x 2 part lines to haul and 4 x 2 part lines to restrain we used the crane as a catcher for the last couple of feet just in case it kicked The job went perfectly.....no dramas, no injuries, no breakages, the only thing we had, was a bent shackle pin ....we cleared the site at midnight giving a total time on scene start to finish 9 1/2 hrs 2 days Huh ! Good job there is not a war on ! The road was closed for the rest of the night to repair the holes made by the KRAV .... Police happy, Army happy, Highways dept happy, Water co happy, me happy, we got paid by return..no quibbles !!.
  24. Okay, so normal GPS doesn't know the weight of the vehicle you are driving. Even the ones specific to trucks, the one where you have to input the weight, still mess up. Never trust your GPS. Always look for signs and keep in mind how much you weigh. Also, this driver may be blaming his GPS but he's still at fault because he should have known better. This will be something we see more and more in our industry, when self driving cars become more prevalent. People don't want to admit to a mistake, they look to blame it on someone or something else.
  25. Only picture i found, different truck same concept
  26. Can’t find any close up pictures. Truck bar is against hitch plate under reese hitch receiver. Chains wrapped over & around frame to bar F550 & 450’s front tows always fork frame at 1st body mount ( some have trans lines routed on inside R/S of frame, simply remove plastic retaining clip). Straps ran over frame directly behind bumper & in front of body mount to wheel lift
  27. Hi, do you have any close up pics of this hook up? or any others of an f550? any front hookups?
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