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  2. Aileen and I will be going, along with my Grandson Jordan, his partner Callie, Aileen's sister Ann and her husband Neil plus several friends and colleagues from the UK towing industry, Really looking forward to meeting up with old and new friends and acquaintances We shall be taking part in the 5 km run 😊 🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ John.
  4. Topic Originally Created in December of 2006:
  5. Topic Originally Created in December of 2006:
  6. Won't happen, if I have to I will be rude and say we are done let's go!!!
  7. I agree these are the most Tow Show Images I have seen in a very long time. I got to get to a show again soon. What's everyone's favorite? Was Texas REALLY HOT this time of year? I heard it's going back to SAn ANtonio NExt YEar. GOOD or BAD?
  8. My name was next, should have drawn again. LOL congrats Dan!
  9. Good job. What did you do to get rid of the gas fumes exactly? We had some Uhuals get the cat converter stolen and had to build cages around them.
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  11. Sorry, I can't catch up with Savannah today and the video we did is MIA. However we do have a Winner. Drum Roll... The WINNER is Dan Turpin You have until Friday to pm me your size and mailing address. FLASH ENTRY: Every Member that responds to this topic prior to the end of this day and includes their state in that reply will be placed into the next drawing. * enter as many times as you can during this drawing which will run though the end of 2019. However, you can only win once, if your name is drawn then it will be discarded and another member we be drawn. This assures as many as possible receive a t-shirt. Thanks
  12. Topic Originally Created in June of 2006: We recovered this boat and trailer on I 280 on 6/6/06, the boat is worth about $120,000. It was being pulled with a Chevy Suburban with 4 wheel steering when the rear tie rod broke. He jacknifed and lost the boat from the trailer. We reloaded the boat back on the trailer and then the whole unit on to our low boy and transported it back to our yard. When the boat company came to pick it up I decided to play with the new tator and crane it off the damaged trailer and set it on to the new trailer. Scooby said: ok ok... you got my interest now fax me over your offer, maybe I’ll move back truck looks sweet, even though I’am still confused on the names of the colors why not take some pics of what she has on 'er (hint hint) like that nice fancy portable genset with the light...lol I do have to say, mark's a good friend. Came up to the estra show last weekend and gave me a hand with the booth, which was a big help, also took myself and my family out to dinner. along with purchasing allot of goodies from me. For all the years I have known him, both professionally and personally, all business done on a "handshake". A true testament of old world values and ones character, especially in this day and age of contacts, lawyers and cutthroats. FMS MIKE said: Gorgeous Tator, I love the paint!! Michael Moranmg said: Thank you every one. Howie you know that my door is always open to you and i will post more pics of the tator when i am all done with it Mark Bighook18 said: Looks great Mark, thanks for the pics. Keep them coming!! Todd Pell EricGodard CA said: Very nice lift. If your tator looks that good before you finish it I can't wait to see it all done. Very sharpe looking truck!!! LetsPlay2 said: Sweet... At least it's out making money for you. Howie what genset? Devin hdtowman65 said: Very nice job! That truck came out beautiful. Lots of luck with it. Rick HEFFY004 said: Another fine looking unit for ya Mark...... Catch ya later HEFFY Scooby said: I'll see if mark posts it I actually sold a bunch the other week. its SOE for tators PARKSIDEHD said: Did not take long to get new paint. Looks better then when paul showed it.. Lee TOwBoY88 said: Very nice, Mark. Hope it makes you a ton (or two) of $$$$$$$$$$$.
  13. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2006: I was sent on a recki to organise a recovery of a burnt out JCB in a farmers field. I arrived at the farm and the farmer told me i need to meet up with the Electricity board as it was there tractor. When he told me where it was i thought he was joking. I followed his directions and found the JCB. about three fields away from the farm house. This is what i found. The Electricity Boards Mechanic was on site with it removing all the salvageable equipement. The mechanic told me that the over head lines were being replaced and the tractor was left there over night with a drum of copper cable attached and some toe rag tryed to steel the lot. All the electricity boards vehacles have immobalisers fitted so it couldnt be moved so i guess they decided to tourch it. On closer inspection this is what we were left with. NOT A LOT as you can see. I took a look around to see how we were going to tackle the job. No over head lines so I decided we would use the recoverer crane to lift the JCB and it would have to be placed on the Landoll trailer. Next problem was how i was going to the Landoll Trailer in as it wouldnt go in through the back of the farm it is impossable. I see a gate at the bottom of the field but the field was in crop. Need to have a very very nice word with the farmer. I went down and caught up with the farmer and explained the way i wanted to do the job and in my thinking was that i couldnt get the Landoll through the back of the farm. I see a gate at the bottom of the field and would it be posable to use it. The farmer was not to happy as the new crop was growing in that field. I did explane that i would try our best not to contaminate the field with any debris and we would keep to the tracks made already. If we had to travel through a coulpe of fields there was a possability of contaminating more than one field. In the end he agreed. So this morning Andy AKA Castle Sloth and myself arrived on site at 07:20 it was nice and cool and and the sun was out. We drove in to the field and closed the gate behind us (REMEMBER THE COUNTRY CODE ) as Andy pointed out. We followed the tracks and the Landoll lost traction so i had to assised by pulling the low loader up the hill. We were hoping this wasn't the way the day was going to carry on. (IT WASNT) We sited the Scania ready for the lift. I like the JCBs there are lots of places safe enough to lift of off. After we put the JCB on the Landoll Andy and i had a clean up of all the debris and placed all the rubbish in to bins though the enviroment agencey will be coming to remove all the contaminated soil (Contaminated by Hydrolic oil and Diesel) Burn outs are a messy job. This is what we looked like. Here is Andy Didnt have any problems getting out of the field as it was all down hill. We had to repeat the lift at the JCB Main agent to off load. It was a good job and all went to plan above all it was a pleasure working with Andy as we are on the same wave lenth. Elliot... GRAYA4 said: Good job guys!! Its sometimes not good to keep the farmers happy! Is that bins yours or the EA's? mushspeed said: Well Done Guys........Looks like I dodged the bullet with that one. Next....... you will want me to provide portable showers!! It's good when when a plan comes together...when you have the top guys on the job ..........all about Teamwork Be Safe, Be Lucky. May all of your Punctures be little ones, 'cos it's only flat on the bottom. John www.castlerecovery.com unknown member said: We all learn everyday .Elliot guessed that three shining new dustbins would be enough to clear up the burnout residue as we found out it was not enough so from that the formula is 1 JCB 3cx=5 bins ----- burnout------- wreckeruk said; Job well done as usual. Just curious why u didnt just use your flatbed hiab to lift and remove it?? Keith Rotator60 said: Outstanding job performed by a well trained team. A joy to watch. Thanks for sharing. Scott Hedgcoth git r towed said: Nice job, Dirty job, Nice pictures, Real nice equipment, Good money, Thanks job well done......John hoover said: Nicely done lads. Love the coveralls, Robert and I are ordering a set each from the supplier in Doncaster to try over the pond here! Simon Towee999 replied: Hi Keith we estimated the weight of the JCB to be 7 to 7.5 ton and the lorry loader crane would not be capable of lifting the tractor and placing it on the trailer at the distance you see in the pictures. Elliot... unknown member said: good job lads two of the best ON THE JOB ................ tony brett control room at castle recovery dorset england
  14. Thank you, as an update to the reply I added nearly a year ago. While companies such as Fleetnet and TTN seem to be doing much better in regards to industry relations. The INA Network took the lead a complete of years ago and didn't look back. It will take some work for other companies to catch INA. Thanks for the Testimonial.
  15. In today's video, Darl and Mark use the 50-ton rotator to lift a contained refrigeration unit and move it on-site to another part of the farm. The rotator is used to lift ...
  16. very good company to do work for
  17. Peach County wreck sends 5 to hospital 2 tractor-trailers and a tow truck collided at mile marker 151 between the Fort Valley-Byron interchange and Sardis Church Road interchange. According to Penny Brooks with the Georgia Department of Transportation, before 8 p.m. Monday, two tractor-trailers and a tow truck collided at mile marker 151 between the Fort Valley-Byron interchange and Sardis Church Road interchange. RESOURCE LINK
  18. 4 people injured in shootings in Toronto, Brampton Four people were injured in a string of shootings in the Greater Toronto Area late Monday and into Tuesday. Around 10:30 p.m. Monday, police were called to a strip mall at 2687 Kipling Avenue, north of Finch Avenue West, for reports of multiple shots having been fired. Two male victims made their own way to hospital, according to Toronto police. Neither of the victim's injuries appeared to be life-threatening, police said. In this incident, witnesses reported seeing a group of males running from the scene. A short time later, at 10:50 p.m., police were called to 2625 Weston Road, near Highway 401, for numerous shots fired in a McDonald's parking lot. A 61-year-old male suffered multiple gunshot wounds and is "fighting for his life" in hospital, Toronto police Duty Insp. Mandeep Mann told reporters at the scene. Investigators believe the shooting was targeted, Mann said. One vehicle at the scene had a bullet hole in the windshield. A witness at the scene reported seeing two suspects, who fled in opposite directions. The witness, tow-truck operator Deric Cruz, said one of the suspects ran past his truck, looked him in the eye and then fled the scene. "After they all left I see one guy lying down on the floor… all blood everywhere," Cruz said. "I tried to go help him out but he started crying, 'I'm dying, I'm dying.'" While there are numerous surveillance cameras at the plaza, Mann said, police are still urging witnesses to contact 12 Division or Crime Stoppers with any information. In the third incident, Peel police were called to a home on Matthew Harrison Street in Brampton shortly after 1 a.m. for reports of multiple shots being fired. Shell casings littered the street, while bullet holes could be seen in the garage door. A male victim was shot in the arm and abdomen and taken to hospital. Shortly before 4 a.m., Peel police tweeted that the man's injuries are not life-threatening. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/4-people-injured-in-shootings-in-toronto-brampton-1.5252946
  19. Look closely, 4 pt chains on wheels & additional front & rear straps. Been moving these tool boxes for years, damage free & 100% customer satisfaction If a customer is that particular they wouldn’t call for a rollback. A better suited choice would be enclosed with moving blankets etc etc
  20. As a beat cop years back, I responded to a call of a car crash in a busy beach area intersection. No car crash, but a gigantic rolling toolbox that decided to eject from the carrier that it was riding on top. Toolboxes are risky moves and every precaution (that includes extra padding) is necessary. The tower spent much of the afternoon chasing sockets and wrenches after re-loading the destroyed box. R.
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  22. When I had my tow company in the Sierra's, our feral cats would climb into the tow truck's engine compartment to sleep on the warm engine. On one occasion, I heard the cat scream when I started the truck's engine, only to open the hood and see the cat captured with its fur caught in the alternator belt. I immediately cut the belt and the cat dropped to the floor and took off into the garage. I followed its bloody trail and found the cat badly hurt. With the aide of a heavy blanket, I snagged the cat and took her to the Vet. Long story short, another feral did the same thing at the end of winter. My kids appropriately names my tow truck, "The Kitty Gobbler". R.
  23. In the past years, I've helped build 9x houses with Habitat for Humanity and church groups via Corazon de Mission Mexico. It's a really great cause and an awesome feeling when you'e there to witness someone being handed the keys to their very first house. Congratulations to you Rosales for earning the efforts of your sweat and labor.
  24. Dave Lambert preached this with his "Tow First to Save Lives" program. However, since Dave has passed the progress he was making has all but diminished. I see more road service vehicles and tow trucks changing tires in Hazardous Locations then ever before. What's it going to take for companies to change their service policies. What's it going to take for Motor Clubs to incentivize them to do the right thing. Insurance Companies may get involved at some point, but the more I research this the more disgusted I become.
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