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  2. is a m2 106 & m2 112 bumper the same.After market is saying they are but oem part numbers are different
  3. Brandon Clark

    My other wife

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    2011 Ford F550 Chevron Renegade

  5. Bc they don’t slow down or move the f*** over. My old boss was killed bc of someone not getting over. Stay safe on the rds. #sdmo
  6. If you live in that area, please explain how this happens? So Sad, another tow op is not going home tonight.
  7. You guys couldn't have asked for a better spot for that truck to burn up, your response time was seconds lol.
  8. They just don't give us room to work, nearly been hit myself numerous times. Has anyone got any answers before we lose another tow op?
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  10. These addresses and I believe pine numbers are no longer correct. Doug Nelson is no longer involved with the PTAO. Sent from my SM-T710 using TowForce mobile app
  11. 2007 Kenworth T300, 257,431 miles PX-7 Cummins, 330 HP, 9 speed Eaton transmission, Air brake/Air ride, 80% tires 2008 NRC 20 ton slider with Tag axle, 20k lb Ramsey winches One precious owner! In great condition Sales Price: $120,000.00 Contact Josh Whitesell, Kelly Whitesell, Joe Crawley
  12. Thought's and Prayer's to the Family, Friends and Co workers. I never knew so many regions have barriers on bridges and overpasses that were so dangerously low. Block motorist views and the odds of this as well as distracted drivers would decrease to odds of this occurring again.
  13. Prayers go out to the family and the company.
  14. Christine and I send our prayers to the tow operator's family and the company he worked for. From my data, this is the 10th driving related tow operator fatality for the year, most of them in carriers. R.
  15. Prayers for all........RIP
  16. Woman convicted of crashing into a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper’s squad and a tow truck ‘Felt fine to drive:’ 1 1/2 years in prison for woman convicted of crashing into squad, tow truck KENOSHA COUNTY — A woman convicted of crashing into a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper’s squad and a tow truck while driving drunk with three children in her vehicle was sentenced to prison Thursday, April 25. Yessica Trevino, 31, of Fond du Lac, in March pleaded guilty to two charges: Knowingly operating without a valid license, causing great bodily harm Causing injury/OWI (passenger under 16) In court on Thursday, Trevino was sentenced to serve three years’ probation on the first conviction, and 18 months in prison and six months’ extended supervision on the second conviction, with credit for 145 days’ time served. The probation was ordered to be served consecutively to the extended supervision, so Trevino will essentially be on probation for three years and six months following the prison sentence. Trevino was ordered to pay more than $49,000 in restitution. Her driver’s license was suspended for 18 months, and she was ordered to utilize an ignition interlock device. The wreck happened on the evening of Dec. 2, 2018 along southbound I-94/I-41 near Bristol. According to the criminal complaint, deputies on the scene saw a black sedan (driven by Trevino) quickly pass one squad before Trevino lost control and struck the rear end of a state trooper’s squad at a high rate of speed. The collision “pushed that squad car forward so that the front of the squad car was near the front of the tow truck.” The airbags in the squad deployed — and the trooper “stated he was experiencing back and head pain as a result of the impact.” When a deputy went to Trevino’s vehicle, he saw two children in the back seat. One of the children was in an infant seat that had “turned over, indicating it was improperly installed.” The deputy estimated that child was 1. A second child, age 3, was “on top of the overturned infant seat and crying loudly.” A third child, age 11, was outside of the vehicle. He had been ejected from the vehicle, his head struck the median wall, and he had a deep cut to his face. The complaint indicated the boy was “crying and repeating, ‘This has to be a dream.'” The complaint indicated a deputy saw a bag inside Trevino’s car that contained “four opened cans of alcoholic beverages.” Also inside the vehicle was a pill bottle with “a small amount of a green leafy substance with a pungent, skunky smell.” The deputy said this appeared to be marijuana — and tests later confirmed that. When questioned by investigators, Trevino “admitted that she did not have a valid driver’s license on that day, nor has she ever possessed a valid driver’s license.” Trevino told law enforcement “she had been traveling from her own residence in Fond du Lac” to her brother’s residence in Waukegan, Illinois. She “admitted that she had been drinking wine before leaving her residence. She estimated drinking two glasses.” When she left her house, the complaint indicated Trevino told police “she felt fine to drive” and she denied drinking while driving. She said the empty alcoholic beverage cans inside her car belonged to someone else — and the marijuana belonged to her mother. Trevino told police “she did not think she was impaired at the time of driving, but also stated that the wine she drank may have impacted her ability to control her vehicle and react to conditions on the road.” RESOURCE LINK
  17. ONTARIO RECOVERY GROUP INC. 345 Ecclestone Drive, Unit 1057 Bracebridge, ON Canada P1L 0A1 Phone: 705-645-0033 Fax: 705-645-0017 Email: doug@ptao.org Website: www.ptao.org PROVINCIAL TOWING ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO 65 Keith Road Suite 1 Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 0A1 Canada Phone: 705-646-0536 Fax: 705-645-0017 Email:doug@ptao.org Website: www.ptao.org View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  18. 1 rescued after being pinned beneath vehicle RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - One person was rescued after becoming pinned underneath a vehicle Thursday morning in Rusk County. Crims Chapel Volunteer Fire Department firefighters were dispatched to a rescue call. “Jerry’s Wrecker Service arrived shortly after Engine 15 with a heavy wrecker. A tactical decision was made to use the heavy wrecker’s crane and rescue cribbing, to stabilize the vehicle while being lifted,” the fire department wrote in a social media statement. The person was freed from the vehicle and later evaluated. They did not require medical treatment. The VFD says a tire was being removed and the bed of the truck fell on the tire. “Always use a jack suitable for the size of vehicle and ground surface, and never attempt to remove a tire while someone is beneath the vehicle. This is by no way criticizing those involved, just something to think about for safety purposes,” the VFD wrote. Henderson Fire Department and Kilgore Fire Department assisted with the incident. RESOURCE LINK And this is the cause of the accident which could have easily been avoided. Personally I refuse to use bottle jacks. However any jack by itself without a stable base would have had this outcome. Glad to here there were no injuries and a huge kudos to Jerry's Wrecker Service and Henderson Fire Department
  19. JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) - According to Rankin County Coroner, 37-year-old Michael Buffington died in the accident. One person is dead following a wreck on I-20 westbound just past the Highway 49 exit. Pearl police say a roll back wrecker and a car collided, the wrecker flipped over the edge onto the median of I-20. The other vehicle rolled upside down and rested on the rail of the flyover. Traffic is backed up. Anyone traveling west on I-20 through Jackson and into Rankin County is advised to use extreme caution. RESOURCE LINK with Video
  20. That's the way to do it...!!! Thanks for sharing John.
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