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  2. Plenty of Holmes trees to help the job along ......nice rigging. John.
  3. A loaded tractor trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 74,952 lbs has become stuck in a rest area after parking on the off-ramp shoulder. The left side of the unit is on the concrete shoulder. Upon your arrival, you park your wrecker out of the way. Once, you locate the driver, you introduce yourself advising them you will perform a walk around then come back to talk about the recovery process. You ask them if they have a scale ticket for the unit with the current load in it. The driver hands you the scale ticket advising you that the load is a sealed load which will prevent the trailer doors from being opened. The load is a mixed load of general freight. The front axle weighs 10,972 lbs with the right side on gravel. When the driver parked, they had to make sure the whole unit was on the other side of the white painted line. Both of the drive axles on the trailer weigh 15,870 lbs. While performing your walk around you noticed the right side of the drive axles there is mud to the center of the tire. The trailer axles weigh 16,120 lbs which you noted had mud covering to just below the center of the hub. When you complete your survey, you ask the driver if the unit still runs? does the tractor still have air pressure? will the tractor and trailer brakes release? The driver informs you that the unit does run which allows it to build up air pressure which will allow the brakes to be released on the semi and trailer. Launch the test below to fill out your answers! TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE View the full article on WreckMaster.com...
  4. That makes perfect sense.....why couldn't the dealership figure that ? Good luck with it in the future John.
  5. I think it might relate to most people here that are active members. I could not put a price on what I have learned on this sight over the years. The knowledge available here on what ever subject you might need at the touch of a key is without exception the best!
  6. As Ohio lawmakers consider a ban on the state’s towing companies using “spotters” to when removing or impounding illegally-parked vehicles, some Ohio towing companies say the impact would be minimal as the practice is not widely used. Under House Bill 113, towing companies that violate the ban would face a third-degree misdemeanor, a fine up to $500 and 60 days in jail. See the full report here. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  7. As Ohio lawmakers consider a ban on the state’s towing companies using “spotters” to when removing or impounding illegally-parked vehicles, some Ohio towing companies say the impact would be minimal as the practice is not widely used. Under House Bill 113, towing companies that violate the ban would face a third-degree misdemeanor, a fine up to $500 and 60 days in jail. See the full report here. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  8. Professionals willing to share freely their experience, thoughts & questions with others.
  9. 2008 Peterbilt 335 PACCAR PX6 300hp Automatic Air Brake/ Air Ride Aluminum Wheels 6 NEW 285 70R 22.5 Tires New Turbo and Actuator 10,000 lb Front, 18,000 Rear....De-Rate 26,000 GVW New paint on Cab and Carrier Deck Sides 50 Gallon Alum Fuel Tank Century 22' Steel 10 Series Carrier Frame Mounted Pylon with LED Marker Lights Led Lights down Side of Deck 2- 60" Tool Boxes 415,000 miles but truck doesn't show miles, Runs and Drives Great and Texas Clean Located in San Antonio $48,500
  10. Getting stranded on the highway is one of the worst fears of a driver, but it happens. This is where Uber for tow trucks emerges as a roadside assistance app. The smartphone app not just brings peace of mind to people with broken vehicles but also poses as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch a tow truck driver app and grow their business. What is Uber for tow trucks? How can you have one as a business venture? Uber For Tow Trucks As On-Demand Solution It is an on-demand smartphone app that provides users with the services to get quick assistance when they are stranded on the highway in a remote area. Uber for tow trucks works similar to on-demand apps for taxi booking, food delivery, and others. Users can download the app from the play store and call for help with the click of a button on their phone. They can create an account to access the app and choose a service provider near them. The service comes with numbers of helpful features- including quick booking and easy payment- and makes assistance fast for individuals who require it. On the other side, on-demand roadside assistance app solution is a complete set of services that a business can get to start a roadside assistance venture. The solution includes multiple apps that connect service providers with customers. For example- You can have Uber for tow trucks to build an app solution and establish yourself in the towing industry. When you have developed the solution, you get a platform where expert service providers can register their services to help individuals who have broken vehicles in a remote area. Uber for tow trucks provides a one-stop solution to all types of roadside assistance and towing issues. In the form of an application, vehicle owners get a solution to their problem associated with broken vehicles. On the other side, service providers find it as an opportunity to grow their business. What do you get out of the solution? You have a powerful ‘Admin’ dashboard to handle activities and actions on customer and service provider apps. In addition, you can also use the admin panel to introduce new services to earn money. In this way, you get a complete on-demand solution that helps you to grow your business. Features Of Uber For Tow Truck Solution Uber for tow trucks has multiple panels or dashboards- Customer app, service provider app, and admin panels. They have their own features to make it easy for users to use the application as a solution to their problems. · Customer App It is a panel that vehicle owners use to book a service provider when their vehicles are stranded on the highway or when they require services for tow trucks. In addition to booking the services, the app comes with many other features. They include registering an account, exploring service provider options, booking/scheduling service provider, tracking the booked service provider, making payments, and reviewing services. · Service Provider App It is an app or a dashboard that service providers can use to get booked by customers. It comes with numbers of features, including registering an account, accepting a request, navigating the route to reach a customer, and receiving payments. · Admin App Admin app or admin panel is a dashboard controlled by the roadside assistance app owner. The individual can approve/reject accounts, add new service provider, track jobs, and introduce new services. In addition, the owner manages payments and ensures that everything with the app solution is okay. How To Build Roadside Assistance App Solution In the technology-driven world, building an app solution is not a tough task. There are many companies that offer the services of app development like Uber for tow trucks. You need to reach an app development company with experienced developers. In addition, the firm must provide you with customization feature to ensure that you get a roadside assistance app solution that meets your requirements. RESOURCE LINK
  11. Denison raised the fee associated with vehicles police mark for towing from $80 to $125 Monday night. Denison Police Department interim Chief Paul Neumann said the city doesn’t get any of the money, as the fee is what the tow truck company is allowed to charge when the police department calls for a tow. “The way cars are built now is requiring our wreckers to get new equipment to pick them up,” Neumann said. “This is allowing us to allow them to raise the initial tow fee. They drop what they are doing because our tows are time sensitive. It just matches what the other agencies in Grayson County are doing.” Neumann said the issue came to his attention during his normal business discussions with several of the towing companies. He learned Denison had fallen behind what other law enforcement agencies in the area allow to be charged for a police tow. Neumann said because the wreckers are dropping what they are doing, he wanted to ensure they were getting fairly compensated for their work. He also said the wreckers have 15 minutes to respond to a call initiated by the police, which is another reason for the increase in the fee. Neumann said the rotation of wreckers the city uses are Texoma Wrecker, Texoma Auto Care, Blake Utter, B&B Wrecker, and Lone Star Auto Body. He said the primary reason police call tow trucks is when a vehicle is stopped and the driver doesn’t have insurance. He said other scenarios include following wrecks or when a vehicle is broken down on the side of the road or abandoned. The measure was passed along with other items as part of the consent agenda with no discussion. RESOURCE LINK
  12. Like some other work vehicles, tow trucks are required to stop at weigh stations. A Florida man allegedly didn’t abide by this rule, and now stands accused in federal court of possession with intent to distribute 100 grams or more of heroin, a crime that carries with it a mandatory minimum of five years in federal prison. According to a complaint sworn out by Elizabeth Strickland, a Drug Enforcement Administration task force officer, Ira Bernarg Rivers was behind the wheel of a tow truck with Florida registration, towing a Lincoln LS from Jacksonville, Fla., which Rivers told law enforcement he was taking to someone waiting for him at a Richmond, Va., Pep Boys. Rivers didn’t stop at the weigh station near I-95 mile marker 56 in McIntosh County, leading to a traffic stop by Motor Carrier Officer William Jennings. Jennings smelled marijuana and asked to search the truck’s cab, where he found a vape pen with a vial of liquid THC, along with banded cash. A search of the Lincoln’s trunk turned up a brick of what turned out to be heroin, multiple yellow padded envelopes and vacuum-sealed cash. “Rivers said that an individual named ‘Pat’ was supposed to pay him $8,000 to transport a vehicle from Jacksonville, Fla., to Richmond, Va.,” according to the complaint. “Rivers said he was paid $4,000 initially and was expecting another $4,000 from the person accepting delivery of the car in Virginia. Rivers further said that he met ‘Pat’ at approximately 7:15 a.m. at an apartment complex near the intersection of Dunn Avenue and Harts Road in Jacksonville, Fla. “Rivers said he used the keys and drove the Lincoln LS onto the tow truck. Rivers explained that he then gave the keys back to ‘Pat’ who locked the car. ‘Pat’ told Rivers that there was ‘300 coin’ in the vehicle. Rivers explained that the term ‘coin’ was street lingo for money, and Rivers believed there was between $50,000 and $100,000 in the vehicle. ‘Pat’ then paid Rivers $4,000. Rivers explained that he thought there could be drugs in the vehicle.” Rivers also told investigators he’s a “multiple-pound marijuana dealer.” In addition to the vape pen and heroin, law enforcement seized $4,000 out of the truck cab, $1,000 from Rivers himself and $327,780 in cash from the trunk of the Lincoln. Rivers’ bond hearing is scheduled for Friday at 1 p.m. RESOURCE LINK
  13. The shooter was described as a bald man between 45 and 50 years old wearing a navy blue baseball cap and black eyeglasses, police said. One tow truck driver shot out another’s tire during an argument Monday in Grand Crossing on the South Side. The two towing operators were arguing about 9:15 a.m. in the 7700 block of South South Chicago Avenue when one of them pulled out a gun and shot the front driver’s-side tire of the other truck, according to Chicago police. No injuries were reported. The shooter then drove off in his own truck, police said. He was described as a bald man between 45 and 50 years old wearing a navy blue baseball cap and black eyeglasses, police said. Police have recovered shell casings from the scene of the shooting, but no one is in custody as Area South detectives continue to investigate. RESOURCE LINK
  14. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2008: Bryan Biehl was eager to get his Pontiac Sunfire started, but he was also curious about Sparky, the quiet, small service truck that had arrived. The electric vehicle, just put into service by Schmidt's Towing, turned heads as its driver, Mike Esser, made his way from the company's Beld Street shop to narrow Washburn Place just off of East Gorham Street on the Near East Side. And because the vehicle is only about five feet wide and less than eight feet long, Esser had little trouble finding a place to park, something that's typically a challenge on the Isthmus. "It's almost more visible than a flatbed truck," said Biehl. "I noticed it right away." The $20,500 vehicle, which weighs about 1,200 pounds, is basically a souped-up golf cart, equipped with headlights, turn signals, a single windshield wiper and a heater. It can't pull a car out of a ditch or tow a dead car to the shop, but Schmidt's Towing, which last year had almost 90,000 calls, is using the vehicle to save on gas and do minor service work like tire changes and refills, and jumping dead batteries in Madison's Downtown area. The back storage area of the vehicle, manufactured by Columbia ParCar Corp. of Reedsburg, holds a jack, replacement batteries for vehicles that can't be jumped, a tool box, a self-contained jumper pack and an air tank. There are also tools to help get into a locked vehicle. "We looked at the hybrids, but for what this vehicle is doing, why not go all electrical and save on all gas?" said John Schmidt, co-owner of the towing company founded in 1937. "It can be charged at any 110 (-volt) outlet." Schmidt believes his company may be the first in the country to use an all-electric vehicle for service calls. Tow Times, a magazine for the towing industry, is scheduled to publish a story next month on the vehicle, Schmidt said. He ordered the vehicle in April after the City Council approved the use of such vehicles on city streets. The rear-wheel drive vehicle may see limited action during heavy snowfalls this winter, Schmidt said. Because the vehicle can go only about 25 mph, Schmidt said it doesn't make sense, due to travel times, to send it out to other parts of the city. But using the electric vehicle for Downtown service calls instead of using one of the company's 30 tow trucks - that on their best day get about 11 miles to the gallon - will help put a small dent into the company's $300,000 annual fuel bill. Schmidt believes the electric vehicle will pay for itself in about a year. He also sees a day when more businesses will invest in electric vehicles. "I think it's going to be a whole new ballgame in five years," Schmidt said. "You're going to start seeing more of this." Dennis Thurlow DENTED Development Inc. (formally OnScene Solutions) dennis@denteddev.com 866.706.2366 x101
  15. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2007: A new plunger, not a recycled one. The torch came out of a car we were sending to the wrecker. I then put some silicon around the torch to seal it. Works well total cost about $6.00 twinbulls said: does it smell funny ??? Where ya planning on keeping it ?? hope NOT on your dash ...lol good idea though... Crash Harry said: Notice first sentence in bold, it is brand new . Really loved the look of the Big Easy light but couldn't justify the cost with the exchange rate and postage etc. Wreckman0920 said: what do your customers say?????? newtotow said: Is that how easy it is to unlock my car? Most would not even notice the plunger light. In Memory of DNDTOWINGCOM who said: Now that is some thing you should get a patent on. Dann Vegas Heavy Haul Inc. Crash Harry said: Nah to late to get a patent you already seen it Authorized Towing said: If that doesn't make your customer feel sh*tie about locking their keys in their car nothing does!!! LOL Love the idea. B Covington said: Great idea, I made one but having a hard time getting it to stick to the windshield something i'm not doing wrong? Crash Harry said: Not sure what you would be going wrong, its just a plunger sealed round the torch with silicone. Cant get much easier than that. Maybe the torch is letting air through Checkerwrk2 said: You could put an O-ring around the flash light to ensure a "worry free" seal 🙂 hmc7533 said: Im making one this week end, and passing on this info to my friends. PGhrist said: Callin' it the "Crappy Light"! Da Moose said: its just like our radar detectors, any other little thing we stick on our inside glass. we all know what ya have to do to get it to stick. we just don't want to new or not it's what it is . i'm out .lol take care all of you. Brian Bell said: You read my mind... JUST LICK IT!!!!!!!! Arlen00 said: Awesome Idea... I may have to build one for our rollback... Boss will get a kick out of that Arlen McDaniel
  16. I don't know if I am getting too old, but I turn down pusher motorhomes and busses. They suck. Some aren't terrible, but you don't know that till you get there. So many pusher motorhomes are on Freightliner chassis with full round u-joints and that alone is enough for me to turn them down.
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  18. Did you ever use your power broom on the glass in the dirt? Just wondering if that would work or if it would move it to far.
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    2 Day Heavy Recovery, Rigging with Rotator Methods - OSHA Level 1 Riggers Course Please call (910) 747-9000 or email for details or to register for any classes held by American Towing and Recovery Institute
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    2 Day Medium & Heavy Duty Recovery Course Please call (910) 747-9000 or email for details or to register for any classes held by American Towing and Recovery Institute
  21. 1 Day Advanced Level Light Duty Recovery Course Please call (910) 747-9000 or email for details or to register for any classes held by American Towing and Recovery Institute
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    Hosted by American Towing & Recovery Institute
  23. Someone asked today why I thought TowForce was so Great. I told them because it's all about the Business of Towing. Professionals interacting with Professionals without all the distractions. The New Message Board is similar to the old message board in regards to being like a filing cabinet. Go to a specific forum ask a question and get a professional answer for one of our seasoned industry veterans. It's as simple as that, maybe it's too simple and takes far less time then other forms of social media. The caller then said I don't know about you, but my days are getting busy, I need to focus on fewer distractions. Maybe, your onto something and I should use this new message board more and spend less time being distracted. Does this relate to anyone else here?
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