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    A+M Towing Holdings, a division of Central Groups! The biggest tow outfit in CT!
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  5. 2014 Freightliner Extended Cab with a Vulcan LCG 2 Car Carrier recently passed CHP Inspection 25,500 GVWR Cummins Diesel 260 HP Engine 22.5 Aluminum Wheels with new Tires Contact Wally T via Text or Cell Phone at 951-575-6393 Power Windows, Mirrors and Door Locks Rear Air Suspension, Air and Exhaust Brakes Vulcan Steel 21.5 Low Center of Gravity (LCG) Carrier Bed and Wheelift Tow Bar 12,000 lb Capacity Steel Bed and 3,500 lb Capacity Wheelift Air Release Winch Removable Rails 2 Fully Equipped Tool boxes to go right to work, except personal hand tools. Asking $44,900
  6. 2012 Freightliner Extended Cab 269,693 Miles 260 HP Cummins Diesel Allison Automatic Transmission Power Windows Power Door Locks and Mirrors Rear Air Suspension Contact Wally T via Text or Call 951-575-6393 19.5 Aluminum Wheels Exhaust Brake and Air Brakes All New Tires mounted for recent CHP Inspection 22' Jerr Dan Steel Carrier Bed with Wheelift Towbar Truck is fully equipped, having passed the CHP Inspection requirements Completely ready to go to work, Turn Key Truck Asking $39,000 for this Desert operated rust free unit
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  8. Are thought's will be with the Family, Friends and Co-workers. According to Algoa Towing and Recovery director, Alwyn Smith, the driver was working at an accident scene on the corner of Gately Street and St James Road in Southernwood at 3 am. He said the driver was on the side of the road taking photos of the accident for insurance purposes when a bakkie hit into him. "My guy was taking photos and waiting for the flat bed to arrive when a white Toyota Hilux hit him into one of the vehicles involved in the accident. The bakkie then drove away immediately," said Smith. "We have had a few very close calls in the past, but in the 10 years I have been here we've never lost someone like this. There's just no laws out there. " Smith said that while on the scene of the hit and run, an alleged drunk driver almost hit into him and his team. According to Smith, there were various eye witnesses and the hit and run was caught on three different municipal cameras. "We have handed everything over to the cops, a case has been opened and there will be multiple investigations," said Smith. He said the company was deeply saddened by their loss and that he was sure the hit and run driver would be found timeously.
  9. I have sad news to report from the South African Cape where a 38-year-old tow truck driver from, Algoa Towing and Recovery, was killed in a hit and run around 3AM this morning. It was reported that the tow truck driver was on the side of the road taking photos of the accident for insurance purposes when a small pickup truck struck him and then fled the scene. Christine and I send our prayers and sympathy to the tower’s family and to Algoa Towing. R. https://www.dispatchlive.co.za/news/2019-05-25-tow-truck-driver-killed-in-hit-and-run/
  10. Happy Memorial Day to all of our American customers and followers. Enjoy and have a safe holiday weekend. Thank you A & M Towing for a beautiful photo of your RTR-50-SL
  11. “Wow, I should start a towing company.” Hear that too! My response is the same. One guy couldn't believe that one truck was $100,000.
  12. I bought it from Randy Whitmore in Waukegan IL, I don’t remember if his brother had the other one or not but they did work hand in hand a lot or so I was told. It still had the Illinois wrecker license plate #3 on it. Randy had bought a new Holmes hydraulic of some kind. I copied that picture from the book Old School Wreckers
  13. As found on facebook and youtube.
  14. The trailer was full (right at the 80K GVW) and no one available to unload for a day or two even then they were only looking to get about 40% of the oil off loaded, the passenger side outter skin was severely damaged when it fell in the snow. With the help of another company and some more damage to the trailer skin it was uprighted full and towed to the shop. Ed Barker said: Good job John,nice to see you working with the other fellers,we do that here with a couple of companies ,but only a couple of them ,around here there is just a lot of mistrust ,we give them one shot and if it bites us ,we don't play that game with them again,,,,,,,anyhow glad to see it is working for you that's the way it should be. Anxious to see when you get some paint on that truck,that will be a very nice unit.Stay safe out there. Auto Rescue said: I went out about 9PM last night and did a quick survey and tried a pull with both my pete's then left it for day light so the underbelly did get some fresh snowfall on it. The initial plan was a company was coming out about 9ish or so in the morning to do some unloading but they never showed up in the mean time the county road commission came by with a road grader with a V plow on it and cleared it out as you see in the photo.John R. Da Wash Boss said: it looks cold!!!!!!!!!!! what a great job i dont miss them days and nights i like being able to be selective. If i feel like going out we go if not we dont go but i do pass the call on to another towing company who likes the business. Customer service will always be provided by us here. great job out there and nice pics. Danny Cassello, East Hartford, CT Westlake Towing said: Brrrrrrrrr. Boy does it look cold, though one time during the summer we had a fuel truck on its side and the scene looked simular, fire dept covered the area with foam. Now I remember why I moved to Virginia from South Dakota, looks like a job well done. michael212 said: Brrrrrr...... is right! Nice teamwork John! Thanks for sharing. Auto Rescue said: Have you ever heard "I swerved to miss a deer", well in this case even if there were no snow and it went onto the sandy edge of the road the result would have been the same, this puppy wanted to lay back over even after it was uprighted once the tension on the straps were released, the tail end strap mantained tension until the tractor drive tires were up on the road.John R. drewmel said: Yes the "I swerved to avoid a deer" Heard that one about a year and a half ago. Fully loaded tanker 9,000 gallons of gasoline, yeah it was not pretty. Foam all over made for interesting working conditions. Good job, looks a lil cold, but still were able to do a professional jon, Well Done! -Andy CASPER1 said: Nice job and pics.Jimmy R. Collins Jr. Casper's Body Shop & Wrecker Service LLC Mr Waialae Chevron said: Hit the deer! And have a little venison afterwards, instead of an overturned truck. Plus it adds credibility to the claim. Here's to mud in your eye. Barney Auto Rescue said: State of Michigan you swerve to avoid hitting a deer and have a wreck you pay your deductable, if you have proof of the deer like deer hair embedded in the car you do not pay the deductable, go figure Since they were some distance from me I left my little pete back in town to cover what I needed to do in town and called for the assistance with this, as I said they the oil company were supposed to have a truck to unload about 1/2 the oil then said they could not get one. They showed up this morning to with a tanker to unload for an "hour" at 9:15, they got off 3000 gallons and left at 2:45, and they'll be back in the morning for the rest. The bottom picture shows my driveway with the truck being unloaded The truck was going to a local mine where they had taken all the regular oil out the day before and were bringing in synthetic oil to replace it with so the mine was out of oil and $83000.00 worth of oil was in this tanker. The insurance adjuster drove up from down state for first thing this morning also, he said the Mi. dept of Natural Resources has contacted them already about the incident, but no spill means no problem but the DNR is still going to dig up the area in question, I wonder what the bill would be for that? itowu06 said: nice recovery!! I did not see any placards though, what type of oil was it loaded with? Ray, Abilene,Texas danielswt said: around here there is alot of hot oil transported without placard's. idont remember exactly what the reason was but they didnt need them. Auto Rescue said: Synthetic gear lube, the article in the newspaper said it was not a hazadous item, MDOT was on scene in the morning and had no problem with it and in response to my question about them doing a DOT inspection on it "it was not involved in anything so no" which in all honesty I felt was a good call. Heavytowman12 said: John nice recovery. I know what that Atlas can do . That rig did many recoveries when it was a TED'S unit. Looking at the conditions does make me a little ill though. That white stuff does that to me for some reason. Keep up the good work! pttowguy said: Great job & pics John! Those tankers all seem to have the need to shed their skin after being rolled over...lol.
  15. I know that Pete was built new as a tow truck. It started life in Rockford, Illinois. It belonged to a company called Ed's towing if remember right. He had a Phillips 66 station as I recall. If I remember right, he passed away and his wife sold the big trucks to Zips. He had a twin to that one that I believe Ed's Towing, Team Ed's, that is a member on here owns or use to own. He also had an International 4300 single axle with a 750 on it also. I do not know where that went to. They were a two tone blue or blue and white as I recall.
  16. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2005: i'm trying to back up a drive and i'm a lil stuck, can you send me a 18 wheeler wrecker? wasnt the first and sure it will not be the last time we get that request. get to the scene and this is what we find. no way around the truck, has whole drive blocked, loaded with 35 tons of sand, trying to back it up a 6 foot wide road up to a water tank so they can sandblast it. dont like using pinetrees (with all the rain we have had lately) for a deadman but thats all we had, tried just using 1 heavy, but way too much weight, used another heavy to help with the pull up the hill. used one line to get a low pull from our 70/35 the other line to the tree and back up to a strap going over the trailer to keep it from rolling over, backed the second truck up and hooked a line to tree and back to bottom of trailer, lots of patience and moving it a little at a time finally got it up the hill where we could hook to the tractor and nose it back down
  17. It’s still in use here in Marquette. The new owner has bought and sold several different units but this one just keeps plugging along.
  18. I had been known to tow a few loads with it. 80K But your not a speed demon when you do it!
  19. 1981 GMC 454 CID motor 4X4 Holmes 440 with wheel lift while it was my only non Ford small unit it really out did itself in the performance department, this was stuck on the rocks completely under water.
  20. I found a few more images from 2006: Auto Rescue said: Can't afford new so I guess a little color change will have to do With so much corrosion around the seams from the factory prep work there was no choice but to go all the way down to the metal. The battery box and fuel tank will be maroon also, while the L arm boxes under the main tool boxes will stay black. The rest of the trim work on the tail board and light bar still need to be reinstalled. We start on the other side this week and the cab will get redone shortly but that depends on the weather and work load. Maybe I better start taking pictures outside except it was raining today. black reflective tape stands out pretty good in the dark with snow.
  21. Pre Emissioned 2007 Peterbilt 378 Rust Free Chassis and Subframe must leave Calif, due to Calif Emission Requirements, with only 136,318 original miles VIN # 1NPFL4TX37N644468 330" Wheelbase 18 Speed Transmission Non Steer Drop Axle Contact Wally Thornton at 951-575-6393 Cummins ISX 565 HP for more pictures , email: WallyT@towtruckexchange.com 330" Wheelbase Century Model 9055 50 Ton Wrecker with Aluminum Body Fully Equipped tool Boxes Excellent Financing is available for this truck Zero $ Down and $5,109 per month, for 72 months, to a credit worthy person/Company Note: Tax and Lic fee is NOT included
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  23. This was the donor vehicle for the cab and front end. It was kind of a shame to tear it apart but the Holmes 750 went to a good home.
  24. My reaction when this was listed for sale remains the same today. "And my heart skips a beat. If only I was ready, hope someone that purchases it treats it well."
  25. Details as Listed when SOLD in 2014: Equipped and ready to go larger 7.8 diesel engine Twin disc clutch 5 speed Clark transmission Air operated PTO Air over hydraulic brakes 26001 GVW 190K miles New front Firestone tires (22.5) Air operated park brakes 2 speed rear axle (disconnected since larger motor installed as it's not needed) Black vinyl custom sat covers (1 crack on drivers seat) Original 6.6 liter engine (pallet mounted) Parked inside when not in use Roof mounted air horns Factory sun roof, open able four ways Factory wheel lug wrench Factory front bumper pull pin Front Aluminum Wheels Stainless steel rear wheel cover (Real Wheels) All tires balanced with DynaBeads Spare steer tire (no wheel) Last 2 trips down state a few months ago 800 miles plus each trip averaged right at 10 MPG highway, this is NOT the everyday mileage usage, it will be lower in day to day operation because of idling and in town driving Custom 1/4" plate push bumper with built in Perlux fog lights Kilar 22'X102" steel bed Wheel lift with L arms 8" spaced cross members Marine grade aluminum under mounted tool boxes 1 piece of diamond plate floor with no ripples Multiple chain tie downs front, side, & rear of bed 4" cargo tie down straps with never used ratchets Under bed factory install rub rails TowMate wireless tow/drag lights Lodar wireless winch control Condor motorcycle dolly with straps 2 Go Jacks Plug in Associated jump cables Long chain bridle Short chain bridle Fabric chain bridle Snatch blocks Snatch block with factory attached chain 5 speed Clark 2 speed rear axle which is disconnected because it is absolutely not needed with the larger engine Kilar bed Kilar wheel lift Lodar wireless remote for winch Marine grade aluminum tool boxes 180 total fuel capacity Louisville Ford aluminum fuel tanks with shut off valve between tanks Plug in Associated jump system in left front corner No AC because it takes up a lot of floor space Twin disc clutch Spare original 6.6 engine Spare 7.8 engine (with hole in block) for upper end parts 2 Go Jacks 190970 miles but still being used occasionally (no yellow pages or other advertising in the last 4 years) 2 or 4 unused cargo ratchets with straps for under bed rub rails LED lights in rear 4 S/T/T and 4 yellow turn 4 way flashers Custom trailer hitch
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