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  2. A bicyclist was left clinging to life Tuesday after colliding with a tow truck in Staten Island, officials said. The 17-year-old bicyclist and the L&S Towing truck crashed into each other on Castleton Ave. and Clove Road in Port Richmond about 12:30 p.m., witnesses told police. The cyclist was launched through the air by the impact. The teen was rushed to Richmond University Medical Center in critical condition. The tow truck driver remained at the scene. No arrests or summonses were immediately filed. “The tow truck driver, his light was green so he started driving," a friend of the driver who showed up at the scene after the crash told the Daily News. "The bicyclist crossed the red light. The (MTA) bus was there too so they (cops) checked the bus camera. It looks like the bicyclist hit the rear tire.” “He’s worried about the guy in the hospital,” the friend said of the driver. “It’s sad news." The victim’s green bicycle remained at the scene as cops investigated, along with two bikes apparently belonging to pals he was biking with. The incident comes as the number of bicyclists killed in the city so far this year had more than doubled compared to the same period last year. As of Tuesday, 15 bicyclists had died on city streets compared to seven during the same period in 2018, officials said. RESOURCE LINK
  3. This unit is available on our lot. Check out it and other models at https://ectts.com/wreckers-tow-trucks-repo-recovery-trucks-for-sale/
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  5. I attended a Responder Training Program the other day sponsored by USDOT (it was my 5th or 6th such class ) after the introduction the instructor asked “Why are there so many more Towers killed than anyone else “ so I’ll ask you Why are so many of us killed roadside?
  6. 2019 Idaho Tow and Recovery Expo!! September 21, 2019 11am - 6pm Expo Idaho Boise, ID
  7. A Springvale woman is facing multiple charges after she struck police cruiser while texting and driving under the influence Saturday on Route 202 in Lebanon, according to Maine State Police. Molly Foisy York County Jail Trooper Benjamin Handzel was parked behind a tow truck in the breakdown lane at the intersection of Route 202 and Blaisdell Corner Road with the cruiser’s emergency lights on around 9:30 p.m. Passing traffic had slowed to about 20 mph while the tow truck operator from Chandlers Towing and Recovery was securing a pick-up truck to the flatbed, police said. Police said 22-year-old Molly Foisy was driving a Nissan Sentra east on Route 202 at a “high rate of speed” and was passing cars when she struck Handzel’s cruiser and narrowly missed the tow truck. No one was injured in the crash, police said. After the crash, Trooper Conner Walton administered field sobriety tests and determined Foisy was operating under the influence. An intoxilyzer test administered at York County Jail indicated she was over the legal limit, but police did not release her blood alcohol content. Police say Foisy was also texting while driving. RESOURCE LINK
  8. 2020 Freightliner M2 Cummins 260hp Allison Automatic Air Brake/ Air ride Aluminum Wheels 10, 000 lb Front/ 18,000 Lb Rear/ 26,000 GVW Century 21.5 Series 12 (12,000lb) LCG (Low Center of Gravity) Steel Carrier 12,000 lb Planetary Winch with Air Release Removable Rails 15 Key-Slot Package Frame Mounted Pylon LED Winch and Lower Work Lights LED Light Bar Wireless Tow Lights 8 Point Tie-Downs Chain V Bridle 2 J Hooks and Chains Lug nut Covers and Center Covers Located in San Antonio Texas Fly in and enjoy the Famous Riverwalk and Drive Home in this beautiful New Truck. (all new chassis sold by franchised dealer)
  9. A 21-year-old man was ejected from a vehicle and died after colliding with a tow truck in a crash Sunday night in Seminole County, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Michael Freeman, 21, of Sanford, and Brandon Robbins, 27, of Orlando, were driving in a 1999 Subaru at 6:40 p.m. east on Ronald Reagan Boulevard and near the State Road 417 entrance intersection, said FHP spokesperson Lt. Kim Montes. It is unclear which of the men was driving, Montes said. The Subaru traveled through a red light at the intersection, while a tow truck proceeded through a green light from the S.R. 417 exit, Montes said. The Subaru hit the left side of the truck causing the Subaru to overturn and eject Freeman, Montes said. Freeman and Robbins were both transported to the Central Florida Regional Hospital with serious injuries, but Freeman was later pronounced dead, Montes said. The tow-truck driver, 54-year-old Jimmy Resto Ocasio, suffered minor injuries, Montes said. An investigation is ongoing. RESOURCE LINK
  10. It may or may not be in motion at the exact second that image was captured, however per the article it was broken down at a gas station and that background sure doesn't look like a gas station. Further, if you click the resource link you can see the entire series of images, including the operator pulling out of the gas station and onto the public roadway without lights or secondary attachment. I will stand by my orginal assessment of poor towing practices by the operator of that unit.
  11. Here's a nice 51 Caddy belonging to one of our customers. Really nice car & the owner drives it regularly. But this day it developed a gas leak & left he & his wife on the side of the road.
  12. Topic Originally Created in October of 2017: Had this G T O last month for engine problems. A really rare car with a 428 & a sweet restoration job, (except the engine) lol. Mooresbp said: Sweet!!!! Silver Hawk said: A convertible pumpkin, for Halloween.
  13. From October of 2017: Power was knocked out to the elementary school during opening night of the drama club. I happened to have driven my tow truck with it's 6000 watt power inverter. Parked near the school, pulled out several extension cords & my quartz lights for the stage & hooked up to the sound system. Madagascar was a hit!! Mooresbp said: Sweet!!!! Tow_Zone said: NICE, our daughter will be doing the Madagascar play in drama this year. If someone uploads the Video, send me a link. Thanks dperone said: That's awesome!
  14. Was dispatched 40 miles from our base for a "Stake body". Arrived to find this.. Decided that dollys were the way to go. Got a lot of crazy looks coming back with this load. American Tower said: I did that to our side by side around the lot, just to see if it could be done. Looks good to me, it might look funny, but it pays the bills! glnstwing said: Good thing you didn't pass any scales! Nicely done. Louw said: That's funny. I almost brought the condor bike dolly to tow a bicycle back to the trail parking lot for a mc just for fun if i was passing the shop. Not the fist bicycle either.
  15. Had to rescue this corvette as left front knockoff flew off & left the wheel against the fender. Removed the wheel & knockoff adapter & installed the spare, only to find out the spare didn't clear the aftermarket brake caliper..Carrier dolly system to the rescue again. Eds Towing said: Nice work. someotherplace said: Nice! Surprising the knockoff style wheels clear the aftermarket brakes, too. Sounds like the spare tire is an old drum brake era wheel, and he needs to update that to a newer wheel from about 1970-up. Richard
  16. Some are quick to judge when the truck in the picture is not in motion yet. Richard
  17. All loaded up for the mainland run in the AM. Axles pulled, axle caps on, front axle chained up, tow bar set, safety chains on, air ran to tank, air ran to brake buddy, tow lights on. After thought that I could have pulled driveline, thoughts either way? One bugger about pulling shafts is that I have to pull caps once dropped @ repair facility... Decided to use the tow bar, could have forked it but also but simple to set bar. Feenstras said: like pulling driveshafts. Less mess and quicker. Orcas Tow said: Next time I'm going for the driveshaft first, hindsight is 20/20:) Guess I was just trying to justify the $400 I had just spent on the axle cap set from AW. redtoprecovery said: Only reason I pull shafts is if it has a rear end problem or it some low clearance, sketchy thing to get to the driveshaft (mci buses) CM1 Retired said: When I towed at another school bus company, I would run the light cord in through the first window and out the last. Faster, easier and cleaner for me to do it that way, but then again I was towing our own equipment. What is policy/best practice when dealing with customer equipment? BlackAutoload said: To use a wireless bar. No cord to deal with. rlc4523 said: would have pulled drive line. see nothing wrong with using the Bar as that would keep the bus closer to you for weight anyways as for running the light cord for us it depends on the vehicle. a school bus like that absolutely through the first window and out the last. Side note you stated that if you pulled the shaft you would have to pull caps at the mechanics shop? are you talking about axle shaft so you would have to pull your caps off to take them home or do you have to pull the axle caps at the shop if you pull a drive line?? we have several types of covers but always carry some plain cardboard in the truck so we can custom make covers on site just fold it 3 layers thick or so and punch holes. it will seal well enough and long enough for most tows that we do and then just throw them away. Orcas Tow said: I pulled axle shafts on this one & yes had to remove my covers at the repair facility, will most likely be pulling driveshaft next time:) shelbart said: have towed many of them from the rear. sometimes chain rear axle if it had air bags. Silver Hawk said: I use large flat washers under the nuts. It keeps the cover from being damaged when tightened. Chuckud said: I prefer driveshaft removal personally, as far as caps go-I usually use duct tape to hold them to the u-joint. Eds Towing said: We make ours from sheets of Homosoak (?) board which is like a press board. It's cheap, & sort of soft so it swells & seals. We stack them up and bore a 5/8 hole saw down through them using a 8 & 10 hole gasket for a template. Beat them over the studs using the hammer head and run the nuts back on. If it's a regular customer, ask them to save them for you. Our transit authority does for us. Otherwise I leave it on the truck. If your getting a premium for your service, the financial aspect is minimum. Also I tell the customer that I left them on so it didn't make a mess on their wheels which shows you care about their interests in the job.
  18. We were called by our local sheriff to respond to a vehicle in the river. Once on scene we found this Suburban out in the river about 50 feet from shore and about 30 feet below the road. We assessed the situation and thought we could get out to the vehicle and hook it up. We tried 2 times but the current was far too strong, we used the local DNR to get out by boat to defeat the current. Once hooked up we winched it towards the shore and to the east via snatch block on huge cottonwood tree. Once it was far enough in we hooked the second winch line to the passenger side frame. We walked it up and over to get it on the bank, while trying to avoid tree roots and rocks. When we reached the shore, we disconnected the snatch line and hooked to drivers side frame. We pulled it up more till we had to re snatch it off an other tree to pull it away from next set of rocks. Once clear we removed snatch and double lined it up the hill about 35 degree angle the 30 feet to the roadway. Let the police process it then hooked it up with flatbed and returned to our shop. All advice comments welcomed, only can get better with different views, so thanks in advance. Mooresbp said: Looks like a lot of work, can you get paid on the liability side or does it have full coverage? Those old cottonwoods are pretty stout, nice work tow4fun said: ...get paid accordingly. unknown member said: What is DNR? Fire dept or something else? Thanks for the pics cool recovery. n8 said: DNR = Department of Natural Resourses. Better known as Game Warden's in some states. Not sure where that street tired soccer mom wagon thought it was going...?
  19. Topic from June of 2009: This was my first ever recovery of a travel trailer, so any comments would be appreciated. We were able to flip it twice and put it back on its wheels with no additional damage. We recovered this with our F-450 Vulcan 882 he trailer was on its top we hooked to the "A" frame of the hitch, and to the end of the trailer at the "bumper area" seemed to be the strongest points, and didn't require us to strap around side walls, didn't know the durability and strength of walls. We winched it up with an extended boom, I then fished it by raising the boom up so it was more of a roll then pull, and winched cables in until the center of trailer came toward truck, and then I lowered the boom to "cradle" it down. Once on its side we re hooked the rigging with snatch blocks to winch "down" toward bottom of truck using fishing with the boom again and then down to set it on wheels. All tires were up no extra damage to trailer so could be hauled off to salvage yard. Wreckerman05 said: good recovery-looks like a total loss, hope they had insurance Twotows said: Hey Mater, Give me a shout on the pm Bob from Iowa City (Campus Towing) Iatowmater Said: Thanks the ground was little soft from rain, so the support on the hitch Kinda of sunk into the ground, that kept us ok and also level ground. Yes the customer had insurance, they had there house messed up too, along with the garage too. I guess if there was a silver lining for them lots of the trees that went down were Black walnuts, and they had lots of long thick pieces so logs to lumber might pay pretty good to off set deductible. Wrecker44 said: When it was still on it's roof, I would have laid down a few 4x4's where it was going to land to keep a gap under it, so I could get my 24'x8" straps under it. When dealing with travel trailers, just keep in mind that it doesn't take a lot of force to seperate the body from the frame. There isn't much holding it together, so there is a good chance it can come apart on you when trying to upright one from the frame. I wouldn't try one that is over 20ft long by the frame. I would get my straps under it and reverse-roll it, so my straps are supporting the body to keep it from breaking up. Looks like it worked just fine for you this time... GOOD JOB Stay safe.....Matt
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