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  2. TowForce

    What The?

    This one deserves a serious discussion. Would you say this is OK or Training for such situations should be a requirement.
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  4. A pair of central Alberta men are facing more than a dozen charges after allegedly driving a stolen tow truck. Mounties in Innisfail observed a stolen tow truck and used a deflation device to stop the vehicle in Red Deer. RCMP said the occupants in the vehicle fled on foot and then allegedly tried to steal another vehicle. The pair was apprehended by the Red Deer police dog services. Isaiah Noble, 20, of Red Deer, is facing charges of robbery (alleged attempted theft of the vehicle), possession of a weapon dangerous to the public, possession of stolen property and failure to comply with probation. Peter George Walker, 33, of Innisfail, is facing charges of robbery (alleged attempted theft of the vehicle), flight from police, possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and failure to comply with recognizance, amongst others. Both have been remanded pending a bail hearing on Feb. 19. RESOURCE LINK
  5. TowNews

    PTA MEETS PSP on FR 6-6

    The Executive Board for the Pennsylvania Towing Association met with the Pennsylvania State Police to discuss recent changes in the FR 6-6 application process. The PTA did not produce the new application and they did not take part in the any of the changes. FR 6-2 (PSP Meeting 2/4/19) Appendage B Application to Provide Emergency Towing Services FORM SP 6-151 Purpose: The most recent towing application by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) was the result of minor changes made in effort to protect the motoring public during the non-consensual towing process. PSP is requesting reasonable and customary fees from the towing industry.These fees will act as a baseline cost for specific care as throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to avoid potential consumer fraud. The driver of a vehicle involved in a collision or disablement still retains the right to call their own towing service, if the situation permits. This would eliminate the non-consensual towing process and allow the towing company to provide their own reasonable and customary charges.However, the requested service provider must be within a reasonable distance of the collision or disablement. The law enforcement officer has the right to make that determination based on time it would take to restore the highway. The addendum's previously submitted by many of the towing companies will no longer be permitted or accepted as part of the application process. The fees normally submitted in the addendum should be built into the hourly rates requested in the application. This current application does not allow for any fees other than those listed on the application.A tow company does have the right to withdraw their application or submit an updated application at any time.PSP is anticipating requesting updated applications from towers at least every two years. PSP considers these changes to the towing application to be minor.They are currently working on more significant changes.The PTA has requested to meet withPSPto discuss these changes before they are implemented. note: most grammar and spelling errors were corrected from source. RESOURCE LINK
  6. I have purchased all the systems I have from eBay. just have to make sure they are complete. some she wiring.ellers think they have the overhead console and that is a complete system. also have to make sure the wiring is in tact. some of the folks who uninstall them just hack the crap out of the wiring. I just looked and saw 5 different complete systems listed.
  7. You can, if they are compliant with the lighting standards for your class of vehicle. The biggest difference between car and truck lights is the built in reflectors. There are conspicuity and reflective requirements for commercial vehicles that have been integrated into the use of certain types of tail lights. Here is a link to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations regarding lighting on commercial motor vehicles FMCSA Truck Lighting Regulations They reference the FMVSS 108, which can be found at this link FMVSS Standard 108 Lighting Between these two sections of code you can find all the information needed to build your own rear tail light assemblies that are both stylish as well as compliant. Please make sure any device you use is clearly marked DOT, both lens as well as reflective tape or other reflective device, otherwise at roadside inspection an officer may declare it unfit.
  8. brian991219

    crash avoidance system

    Each model is different, and depending on programming they may not be able to be disabled. Many fleets are setting them up this way to prevent the driver from bypassing the system they paid extra for. Typically these systems only stay disabled for a short period of time, some for just a few minutes to let you get thru a work zone, others will stay off until you cycle the key on/off. To permanently disable the feature would require a trip to the dealer, and may not be permitted by the manufacturer.
  9. So the classic, stolen wheels.. Wheel holder is dispatched and just drags the car up on the tilt tray zero ****** given. After the video went viral the Tow company decided to purchase the wihecle to keep both consumer and insurance company clear of costs.. Wheel holder sacked on the spot the grape wine says..
  10. GRUMPS The Towman

    Feed truck on ice

    Lol. I have never heard it called turkey grit but i'm assuming it is speedi dri. ....Heck, now i'm curious...
  11. A Sioux Falls tow truck driver had frightening ordeal Tuesday on the interstate. It happened just north of the Dell Rapids exit on Interstate 29 around 10 a.m., when a routine call to pull a truck out of the ditch, turned out to be anything but routine. When the lights are flashing, no one should be dashing; especially when the roads are slippery like they were Tuesday morning. That's the message from Todd Munion, who drives for A Plus Towing, after he was nearly hit by another vehicle while on a service call on Interstate 29. "I just heard tires, a different sound of tires on the road, when I looked up he was doing 360's on his way towards me," Munion said. Munion says even though he was on the shoulder of the interstate and his lights were flashing, the driver of the northbound pickup didn't slow down and lost control. Munion says he was able to jump out of the way in the knick of time before the pickup slammed into his truck causing extensive damage. "I was just thinking, just making sure everyone was okay," Munion said. The pickup hit Munion's truck so hard, it snapped the tow truck's cable that can withstand 7,000 pounds of weight. Thursday, after looking at the damage, Munion says he's thankful no one was seriously injured or killed. "Definitely feel lucky, my family was glad I was able to make it home yesterday," Munion said. And he wants this crash to be a visual reminder for anyone who drives. "You see some flashing lights on the side of the road, slow down and move over it is the law, definitely could be life saving," Munion said. As we said the driver of the other pickup was also okay. Get this, despite all the damage to Munion's tow truck, he was still able to get the pickup out of the ditch and towed it back to Sioux Falls. Munion says he'd like to see the highway patrol conduct a 'flashing lights' sting to see how many drivers don't obey the law. RESOURCE LINK with video
  12. GRUMPS The Towman

    When would you say a Tow turns into a Recovery ???

    That's a good question really. Personally i use the term recovery for any vehicle that is off the roadway, hung up, tangled or sunk and needs to be retrieved to a driveable or towable position. a ppi or lei for instance that requires extra work or equipment to tow is termed as additional labor/equipment. I use different billing rates for each as well.
  13. GRUMPS The Towman

    Woman leads police on chase in stolen tow truck (TX)

    That's nuts. Thankfully they got their rig back in one piece, just a bit less fuel in it. I carry a door key for my truck on my belt. If i'm more than 10 feet from my truck it's locked tight. Running or not.
  14. Louisiana Public Service Commission Describes it as The use of air bag unit(s), winching, hoisting, up-righting, removing, or otherwise relocating a vehicle when the vehicle is found in such a location, state or position in which it could not remove itself from the location, state or position under the use of its own power, even if it were in complete operating condition. Rates for recovery include the time conducting actual recovery and not Stand-by or Tow time
  15. EdsTowing

    Feed truck on ice

    Nothing funner than sliding backwards in a truck....and what the heck is "Turkey Grit"? Nice work!
  16. Last week
  17. GRUMPS The Towman

    Video of Tow Truck Hit Richmond (NC) 02.11.19

    What scares me the most is these people who "make" these laws and regulations have no idea what its like to be on the side of the highway, trying to do your job while people rip by you at 70+ mph doing their makeup, hair or answering texts and emails. I suggest you take your fancy desk, wearing your $1,500 suit and set it out on the shoulder of the nearest interstate and try to do your job for the day. Then maybe you can earn the right to make a law or regulation regarding what we do everyday.and btw, don"t use any type of warning lights that you feel should be excluded from your slow down move over bill your pushing for..
  18. Sergio Duarte


  19. Tumbleweed


    Hello back at-ya from Arizona! What part Fla are you? My wife is a Daytona Beach native.
  20. Exclude amber? Those "discussing for it" are on serious drugs, I don't know how else to put it. Those for it need to go on ride-alongs for a full shift. Glad the operator is ok, damn sure glad his had just arrived instead of hooking! Tumbleweed
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