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Gas Truck Sunk w/ A Twist...

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Well my favorite gas truck driver proved he doesn't need snow to get the truck into a predicament. Went out the other day and found he had missed the center of the driveway & buried it in the mud.





He's mired pretty deep...


He was loaded & leaning but that didn't concern me too much. I wanted to pull him over to minimize the stress against the rear and minimize the amount of dirt we drug out in the road. Normally I would wrap the rear with a strap to the passenger side but this tank had fenders built right to the side of the tank. I wanted the wheels to be able to turn so a rim sling wouldn't help. Anything coming up the rear of the tank had wiring & obstacles to interfere so I took a good look at the hatch in the rear of the tank. The handle was cut out of 3/4" plate & it had 14 7/8" bolts holding it on. Certainly I wouldn't be putting too much force on it...So I hooked a foundry hook through it so not to damage a strap or sling.





Used the second line to get a little lift & control on the front. I pulled the unit to favor the drivers side & it rolled right out of the hole.




Once it was close to the wrecker, I disconnected the front line & had him turn it hard right. I like to pull it right to the hard surface to minimize the mess if possible. Once out, we filled in the holes in the driveway so at least the homeowner could get in without losing his car. The rest of the ground was going to require some landscaping though...




All together I had about 15 min of set up, 3 min of recovery & 20 min of clean up.

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Yea he holds a special place in my heart...LoL  I thanked the fleet manager for putting those real aggressive tires on it...he still doesn't get out but he digs himself deep!

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i always wondered why they put such a long hose on that reel considering how many we pull out trying to get right to the tank. 

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