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  1. Topic Originally Created by ironfist33 in February of 2013: So here is some pictures of our first Heavy. Yes, it's a Holmes 750. It looks a little rough now but we are getting ready to paint it. =D TOwBoY88 said: Looks great to me! Lots of potential! We all started somewhere! Hope it makes you tons of $$ and keep us updated on your progress. RobertCAdams said: Add a little paint and you will have a workhorse for years to come,Post some action shots when you get them!!!!!!!! What color are you going to paint it??????? A litttle paint and some chrome here and there , maybe some aluminum wheels and it will be standing tall!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with it!!!!!!!!! ironfist34 said: We are going to paint it white with red fenders. I would love some chrome for it too lol. BlackAutoload said: Plenty of wheel-base. What does it have for an underlift on it? Hard to tell from the pics. ironfist34 said: It's an E-Z lift but We don't have the specs on it yet. I am working on that still lol timstruckservice said: Congratulations !!! Love the looks of the older Freightliners ( Guess that's from working there years ago ) ...... nice to see the Interior in good shape & the 750 still has the side legs. You'll winch anything you hook to as long as you can sit still with the scotch Blocks. If you need a set - I have a Pair just sitting here. Can't wait to see Pics. of it in White & Red .... Tim gdwrnch33 said: You are going to love the winching power of that thing. I use a 750 and a kemps daily love them
  2. Topic Originally created by BREW60 in November of 2006: hauled this spray truck the other day. this bed sure does make jobs alot easier DJ BREWINGTON BREWINGTON'S TOWING & RECOVERY PLANT CITY, FL. (813) 754-6300 www.brewingtonstowing.com ASAPautomive said: Thats a sweet Pete. Is that a 15K bed? What flavor is it? Jerrys Road Service said: 16k dual tec is what it says in the left bottom corner of pic.looks good nice truck
  3. We found this while going thru some old books at the shop. We found it amusing and wanted to share it with all the holmes lovers out there. Wish i could have gotten the images in with the captions because you could clearly determine what competitor they were talking about. Scholle's Towing and Body Shop Peru, Illinois 815-223-0070 "The original towing and recovery specialist in the Illinois Valley area since 1972" Jeepfreek said: great reading.thanks for postingit.regards jim[canuk]fraser. Ole8212 said: That's pretty cool, never saw that before. I think if you look at a couple of the pictures it's pretty clear who's 40 ton they are comparing to. Thanks for posting. Voigt21 said: Nice. You can't outpull a Holmes. Thanks for posting. dsc said: Great information! Thanks for posting... michael212 said: The only thing the 1701 & 1801's lacked was reach. If they would have had the reach I believe things may have turned out differently in the Wrecker world.... Michael Myers 253.588.1757 ext 150 mttowing said: That makes me feel better about mine. After a three year restoration, I hope to see what it will do soon... gtowman said: nice.. thanx for posting. OconnelBodyandTowing said: That's a really cool post. I have 1701 with a intergated under reach mounted on a triaxle vovlo and haven't found any that it cant do on its own yet.
  4. TowForce

    1950 Chevrolet 5100, 1957 Holmes 470

    Jim noted this truck burned up in a fire in Pennsylvania. He had traded with a friend for a very rare truck. The friend lost most of his collection in that fire.
  5. Found a post by Jim Widmann of Widmann's Garage: This truck was a former City of Trenton NJ emergency fuel truck. It had 1200 miles on it when I bought it. I took the tank off. If you look close, it still has the original tires on it. This truck was a 5100S, it was 110" WB. I took the complete Holmes 470 wrecker and body off a 57 Chevy, which I bought from the original owner, but was completely rotted out. The wheel well was a little off, as you can see, I installed rubber extensions after cutting them out. The dolly wheels are also original to the Holmes. Everything worked and I did use it a couple times. The wheel base was way to short, and the front wheels would come off the ground. Needed to have a counter weight on the front, but it was fun to drive. Jim Widmann said: It was Sold years ago, another I should've kept, oh well.
  6. Topic created by peelman in May of 2008: Did this job yesterday fully loaded milk tanker (96800lbs) used a starter cushion to make a gap then got a strop under to lift with the tator.Then got the high lift cushions in lifted to allow the rest of the strops to be attached good job done in quick time with no spilage. rotator60 said: That's a great looking recovery..Very nice air cushion job..Thanks for sharing.. foxtow82 said: Good looking trucks and a fine looking job! Nice use of the bags too. Stay safe. JARED Gary Sienk said: I know in some parts of our country, if any milk was spilled, the whole load would be condemned. Is it that way there? If so, it's a good thing that you stood her up and had no spillage. Good job! peelman said: Thanks for comments.The tanker was taken to a safe place for unloading so someone was probably eating there frosties with in this morning. ha ha. Only1CaliforniaCraneNRotator said: Nice recovery and nice equipment................stay safe Charlie Bobs tow www.bobstowingca.com Bighook18 said: makes me want an oreo. Nice work, thanks for the pics peelman said: Same company about 3 years ago this one spilt a bit of milk This was on the same road but about 50miles south. BigWheelRecovery said: Nice job ,We also use air bags when ever we can, they make the job a lot safer an it just goes better, BOB
  7. Topic was originally created in May of 2008: Job from Wednesday tanker loaded with waste water from the tip.Tanker was buried into the ground liftted the rear with the tator then lifted with the cushions to make space for the strops once lifted with the cushions the hatches were opened and the water sucked out made for a easier job. canadiantowman said: nice job guys, thanks for posting pics Gary Sienk said: Looks like a good job, but I hate the part where you have to clean up all that mud, so isn't that where the young new guys come into play. Did that water stink? Eds Towing said: Looks like a nice, messy job. That rotator is a tough looking unit. I was curious. With the current economic status of the USA, is American equipment cheaper over there when the exchange rate is factored? Years ago where I worked we imported quite a few Boniface units and at one point the price was so good that Jim bought 6 or 7 of them due to the exchange rate. rotator60 said: Very nice recovery..Thanks for sharing.. peelman said: Gary the company did there own clean up as they are a waste management company.Water did stink. Ed at the moment miller are selling lots of equipment in the uk because of the exchange rate but our biggest cost is our fuel at about $12.00 a gallon and going to increase and about 70 odd % of that goes to the goverment in tax. SHOCKING. AZtowKING said: Just wondering why you needed your boom so far out, It was obviously heavy and the air bags were needed. So why place your truck in such a weak position................................
  8. Topic originally created by cardinaltowing in August of 2008: customer called with overturned t.t. loaded used 60 ton rotator, 5030 and air cushions to upright. loaded with 41,000lbs of misc car parts. job took about 3 hrs to upright. once trailer was up the load had to be reworked. after load was fixed towed whole unit to customers dock and let them off load then towed both to storage yard. cbdancer said: How did the front of the trailer get crushed during the upright?? did somone pull faster than the other or did they try to upright it before the bags were inflated?? just wondering George wreckmaster#010474 George Jones www.advancedtowing.net cardinaltowing said: one pulled faster then the other rotator60 said: Great air cushion job..Very nice.. bandctow said: nice job. i love seeing air cushion at work.there faster then offloading. they make you good money and they just look bad ass!! Paulie B&C TOWING PGhrist said: The air cushions left the trailer by the load instead of wreckers lifting by the trailer!!! Less chances of lower wall blowing out and leaving load on ground with unit standing up!!! Hope this makes sense!!! Take care... Scooby said: ooks nice, tks for sharing cbdancer said: It was kindly pointed out to me that my post may have been taken wrong and i did not mean to come off like a smart ass i apologize if it came off that way i meant no ill will glad everything worked out alright and i hope my comments dont keep you posting other recovery's you have great equipment and i am sure me and everyone else would like to see more of them George wreckmaster#010474 wstowing11 said: Really nice air cushion recovery !! I have heard of putting vehicle rims between the floor and chains on a belly support before, but never seen it done . How much , and of course it helps, but what brought you to try them in there . Don't worry about the crinkle in the nose roof section, seems to me something always buckles no matter how hard, no matter how careful you are. With all that room at the roof line , I think I would have takin advantage of backing the wreckers right into the roofline and lifting from there with the air cushions . But the way the recovery was done really was correct for positioning, because we always do not have this room on the interstates. I know this price wouldn't cover your recovery cost , but it would have been cool to charge them $ 8888.88 on 08-08-08 , just would have been memorable. cardinaltowing said: the reason that we didn't put the trucks on the topside of the trailer is the feild that the md is in was pretty wet and the trucks would have sunk. anytime that we upright a loaded trailer we always put the rims in and chain the floor.
  9. Topic Originally Created by JTC Towing in June of 2013: This car is fresh out of our shop. This is the second time i hauled it. But i got to clean the truck this time. Car is owned by Aaron Laffey a pitcher in the major leagues. It now has a 427 cobra jet with a super charger made by pro charger all aluminum heads 100 gpm fuel pump 1/2 fuel line regulator in the engine compartment. MSD ignition. Complete custom interior custom front end to remove the chrome bumper. made the grills from an f-150 to match. fiberglass formed headliner retro sound system. embroder trunk with shelby logo. customized the dash to be painted without the ugly "fin" dash that ford had. Low rise seats. smoother all plastic parts and painted to match leather. i pc quarter window panels made instead of the 5 pc ones that were original. BlackAutoload said: a its a pony. . Now about your truck. Looks sweet ! Love the steps. JTC Towing said: Thanks!! Street Jesus said: Looking good! Greenway Towing said: Nice looking Mustang. Wonder if it is true 427 BB or 427 SB. Greenway Towing, Inc. Todd aka Toad JTC Towing said: Sb but still runs damn good lower on weight to Greenway Towing said: Oh yeah, I'd rather have the SB 427. I had friend that had one in a Factory Five Cobra, it would get it! He was my student at Carolina Motorsports Park. Greenway Towing, Inc. Todd aka Toad JTC Towing said: Problem we are having now is planting the car Greenway Towing said: Could put some Graverobber mini tubs in it and get some meat under the back end. I know that Detroit Speed makes some too but I believe everything they make has gold in it because it is so expensive. Greenway Towing, Inc. Todd aka Toad Ralph Robles said: Very nice. Them SB 427s are screamers. The truck is not bad either.
  10. Although this is not a tow truck, It is one of my favorite hobbies, This car is a driver, its got lots of dings, and scratches and is always dripping oli, but I have more fun in it. Original engine Flathead four cylinder, with newly added aluminum pistons bored 30 over, modern distributor and ignition to give a cruising speed of about 55 MPH and 65mph if I want push it. My hole family has model T and we are very active in model t clubs, enjoying as much time in them as we can.... Thanks for looking this pics was taken while on vacation in clearlake IA last summer for a car tour!!! Eds Towing said: That looks cool. Is it a hand full to drive at those speeds? I don't imagine "Henry" had any anticipation of 65mph! Ed Barker said: Ed I had a 1927 restored model T,,,there a handful to drive at 35 miles an hour,,,,if you never drove a model T you don't know what your missing,,,,I just never drove my T very much and I had a feller that wanted to buy it ,,,he was in a model T club and owned 3 model A's but no T,,,so I sold it to him.They are for sure quite a piece of history.
  11. Wreck Recovery... Driver’s #36, #21 and #29 Handled Out Driver Valley Rd. Oakland. Minor Injuries
  12. News Topic Originally Created in August of 2005: TRACY -- The cost of a standard tow ordered by the Tracy Police Department could increase by $40 on Sept. 1 if its request is approved at tonight's City Council meeting. The current fee schedule used by six local towing companies on the department's rotation list hasn't been updated in more than 10 years and is out of step with what is charged in other cities in the area. The request, prepared by Officer Michael Reiter, seeks an increase for a standard tow from $90 to $130 and storage from $25 to $35 a day. These and other changes are in line with the California Highway Patrol's fee schedule. Tracy's request cites rising utility, insurance and fuel costs and fees allowed by other area law enforcement agencies as reasons for the increase. Tracy police Capt. Michael Maciel said he thinks the proposal will pass at tonight's meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at the Community Center at 300 E. 10th St. "It is not an issue that costs the city any money," he said. "It's authorizing vendors to increase their fees up to where their expenses are." Glenn Levine, owner of Reed & Son Tow Service, said he would welcome an updated fee schedule, but it won't solve the underlying problem. "We could tow these cars for $75 apiece if people would pay their bills," he said. Levine's company tows about 300 cars a year for the city, and nearly half are never claimed by the owner. That means the company is out the price of the tow and costs of checking for liens on the vehicle and disposal at a salvage yard, he said. Scott Fitzgerald, supervisor at Plummer Tow in Lodi, said that city increases tow fees each year in accordance with the CHP's annual review and adjustment of its fee schedule. He said he isn't surprised to learn a city hasn't addressed the issue in 10 years but is surprised the current rate for a tow in Tracy is so low. Plummer Tow receives $138 for a standard tow and is awaiting approval to raise that to $144. Approval is expected in the next couple of weeks, Fitzgerald said. Representatives of B&M Towing in Manteca, which is allowed $120 per tow, also said Manteca adjusts its fee schedule annually. Maciel said there was no particular reason the fee schedule wasn't reviewed previously but the department will do so more frequently in the future. www.recordnet.com/apps/pb...001/NEWS01
  13. Topic Originally Created in July of 2005: Towing-contract process reviewed Low-bid way is threat to safety, lawmakers told Senta Scarborough and Justin Juozapavicius The Arizona Republic Jul. 29, 2005 12:00 AM Awarding police towing contracts based on the lowest bid creates a system that lacks responsibility and places the public at risk, nearly a dozen industry experts, lobbyists and citizens told a legislative ad-hoc committee Thursday. "What is a life worth to you?" asked Pete Colantoni, the president of the Arizona Professional Recovery & Towing Association. Colantoni, who owns B&B Wrecker Service in Phoenix, said he opposes the lowest-bid method because it could lead to longer response times and place the public and officers at risk. Thursday's fact-finding hearing at the state Capitol was led by Sen. Thayer Verschoor and Rep. Andy Biggs, both Gilbert Republicans. The committee is examining the process that the Arizona Department of Public Safety awards its police towing contracts. DPS uses a fixed-rate rotation system that involves several towing companies, but some lawmakers want the contract to go to the lowest bidder, which they believe is called for under state law. Biggs and Verschoor questioned the legality of using a fixed-rate, rotational system because they say state law requires a competitive bidding process. DPS began switching to the new process in 2002, saying it provides a fair, market-based price and has significantly lowered citizen complaints. Except for its East Valley operation, DPS oversees 215 contracts with 203 towing providers. Critics have said that the real purpose of the hearing was to ensure that Mesa-based Cactus Towing regains the exclusive contract for the East Valley that expired in June. Cactus held an exclusive contract in Mesa for 10 years and was recently awarded part of a new towing contract that split the city into quarters. The company is the center of a fraud investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Cactus owner Lee Watkins and General Manager Todd DeMasseo, who showed for the hearing, deny any wrongdoing. Mesa Councilwoman Janie Thom, one of the few speakers not involved in the towing industry, said a low-bid, single-provider system has "opened the door to charges of abuse" in her city. RESOURCE LINK NO LONG AVAILABLE Jeepers1 said: A few of us attended the meeting. It was to say the least a bunch of legislatures who have no clue what it takes to do the job. They were willing to listen however they are stuck on the A.R.S. Laws so I believe until these are changed the low bid tow will win out. As it stands - I think Catus did a 1 cent or 1 dollar tow (can't remember which) but those that were at the meeting stated that they get their money somehow by adding other fee to it. I think it's who you know here and not what you know. AZ historically has always been a low pay - right to work state- so not many are trained to do the job correctly. I believe that the towing community in AZ will need to stick together - which in itself will be a hug undertaking........real bad undercutting going on here and if they would all realize that they could all make a decent living things would be much better here. I could go on and on but I'll stop for now - Laurie