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  1. Eds Towing Said: Picture perfect job. Curious as to how much time did you have on scene? Thanks, Ed Ed it took 3 hrs with the clean up an regrading, Thanks BOB Young Mike said: Nice tidy job bob, just as you planned I guess. Mick little riehl said: can you post photo of the Recovery "soda" truck you own?, Would like to see the Decal with all the Doors closed. Thanks goodmichael said: Bob, I really enjoy reading your narratives. With the use of words, you show people, you do not tell people. And you take pretty good pictures too. Thanks for giving others the opportunity to see what a full scale narrative is all about. ncsteveh said: Goodmichael I agree, complete narratives like Bob writes leaves no room for the adjuster to question the invoice and makes it much easier to demand a premium price for your services. Just like WreckMaster revolutionized the training end of our industry, Bob and Eric are working on doing the same with the financial end of it. Jeff Hurley said: Great recovery and clean up! Your company is a great example of professionals with the proper equipment making a real difference in our industry. rotator60 said: Large and in Charge. Picture perfect professionalism. Thank you for sharing the pictures and narrative of this recovery. wvhooker said: What type of fuel transfer pump do you use Bob?
  2. Hino Feedback Good & Bad

    Past comments were just to fragmented to find enough valuable information. What is the status of your Hino? What problems have you had with your Hino? What year and how many miles on your Hino? What kind of MPG are you seeing with your Hino? Have you had any issues with tire wear? What if any resolution to the lawsuit have you seen? Add any other issues you have had over the past few years. Thanks
  3. Paul Windsor wrote in September of 2012: Just went out to use my 05 international flatbed and I noticed that my brake pressure switch was lite up on the dash. I unplugged the two sensors on the master and it still stays on. I have lots of brake peddle and changed the fuse and I still can't get the light to go out. I noticed when I touched the brake with the truck off, I don't get that whinny noise motor. Can somebody point me in the right direction to correct this as I am not a truck mechanic on how to solve this problem... need some help truck isn't making me money by not running thanks !! QueenswayTire Said: ot much help, but check fuses and look for a power problem to the electric motor. I know on ours the light comes on on random start ups, but a quick turn off and on of the ignition and it goes out. We still have the electric motor running when the truck is off though, so I doubt you will be that lucky. I know one of our Topkicks did this quite a few years ago. It ended up being a broken power wire to that electric motor. Paul Windsor said: Thanks Queensway for the reply. We put a power wire to the motor and the light went out and the brake pedal makes the noise but thats not the fix; if we could just find some schematics on the wiring of this motor and the relays, it would help us out alot. Its hard, none of the dealers want to give up the schematics. See you at the tow show. byddon said: I can fax you the circuit diagram for the brake system, send me your fax number. Paul Windsor said: THANKS Byddon your the man !!! then two days later replied: I would like to thank Byddon on sending me the schematics to fix my problem with my brake switch worked out great just some green wires sure can't beat this tow 411 site and the great ppl on it Thanks Paul byddon said: Glad I could help sunshinetoday said: what was the fix? Paul Windsor said: green wire in the loom near the maga fuse April 25, 2018: Biondis said: We are having the same problem with our 02 4300 any way I could get that diagram I hope you guys are still on here. May 16, 2018: rblanchette said: what ended up being the problem? we have the brake pressure light and alarm on . please help
  4. New life for an Old Iron

    Euroassistance added this restoration to Tow411 in 2006: This is my GMC 7000, bought from the nato base of Aviano Italy, after six months of waiting now we starting the works on the unit. this is the unit when we buy it... . Lillo's is working to repair the front fender the fender is cover with bondo and I'm working to sand the bonnet, i think is a long way to the end of works....... <<24 Hours a day behind you on the roads>> RodVT said: Thanks Fabio. Pictures of the stages of rehab are really fun to look at. Please post often! Rod Euroassistance said: After many days of work something change rear is sanded and ready to repaint and now painting the cab this is the result and finally painting the bumper and the contour of the grille in black the cab is finished, now we work on the bed......... <<24 Hours a day behind you on the roads>> Fredstowingnj said: Looks like an old Nomar Euroassistance said: It's a canfield not a NOMAR really similar on the old mechanical s units, had only 42,000 Miles but was lefted in a yard for three years.... was ready for dismantling when I'm coming to buy it....and save !!!!! I'll go with 2 new batteries and it start in a second like was off for one day..... drivin' back to my workshop, about 250 miles......at 50 mph.... it was really an adventure Finally we see the finish line now remaining only the details red paint on the drums These are the last works and this I'm me i can't wait to make the first recovery/tow <<24 Hours a day behind you on the roads>> RodVT said: Very sharp Fabio. You are doing an excellent job! Rod Euroassistance said: Finally I see the end....... now remains only little details I fit air and electical supplies and all the necessary Da Wash Boss said: Super nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truck looks great glad to see the old iron being back in service. There is nothing wrong with using them old trucks. An air gun is a whole lot cheaper to buy then an underlift. Pull the bumpers place your angle iron and away you go. Thanks for sharing. Danny Cassello TRPC East Hartford, CT
  5. Topic Originally Created by casetowing in August of 2010: here is the newest wrecker that my friend pete has purchased i drove by and noticed it over the weekend. i wasn't able to get much info on it other than it came from ct. once i heard that i knew of someone that would know everything about it so don't let me down danny.. i hope to spend some time around the truck soon... by the way the kenworth on the right side is getting the 750 body from the wreck that he has. i will show the build once it starts it will be done in house by the same welder that built the tandem ford that he has. eric gee towing manager 570 404-0346 case's towing mansfield pa 570-662-1163 Da Wash Boss said: Again,,,, the truck is sold and I lose out on it. That truck was owned by Plaza Service in Wallingford, Connecticut and sold for $7500.00 a few years back. The truck was purchased by Lombard Motors in New Haven, Connecticut. The name Monaco Automotive was placed on the truck and the truck was never really used. Monaco also has or had a beautiful and stunning Freightliner with a Holmes 750 that was a showpiece I wonder if he still has that one. Good luck with that truck I know for a fact its a great running truck. A friend of mine use to use it now and then when he was at Lombard Motors and he loved that truck. Danny Cassello TRPC "EST 1963" Plaza Tim said: I bought that truck in 2000 from Michael's Towing in N.Y. we built the tool boxes, side doors and put new sides on it. Painted it and ran it. It was a great running truck. It didn't get allot of use with having later model underreachs in the yard, it's to bad because it ran and drove so well, but we can't keep them all. If you have any questions I'll try to answer as best as I can. Tim Plaza Service Center Inc. 12 North Plains Ind. Rd. Wallingford, CT 06492 (203) 269-3550 Da Wash Boss said: quote by Tim "It was a great running truck. It didn't get allot of use with having later model underreachs in the yard," No reason not to use it. There are so many trucks you can still tow with that bar. Look around the corner from you at Plunskes they have fancy underlifts but the old weld builts and Holmes slings run everyday. Just kidding with ya don't think I am slamming you, that truck was and still is sweet. The new stuff is nice and makes it easier but the old stuff can still tow quite a bit if you have knowledge of how to use a sling. Glad to see you on here Tim, post some photos of all your fine rides or if you like I will come take photos of them and post them on here for you if that's okay. Danny Cassello TRPC "EST 1963" casetowing said: don't worry about old school this company is old school as it get they got there first underreach last year and it is only a zacklift. they only got it do to the 52 mack no longer being on the road. they towed every day with a 72 kenworth 750. I just wish i would of got pictures of that truck before the accident. tim are you the one that just sold it. eric gee towing manager 570 404-0346 case's towing mansfield pa 570-662-1163 Plaza Tim said: No, I sold it to Lombards in New Haven Ct. in March of 2008. I didn't know it had been sold again until I saw it here. It was actually pretty funny to open that page and see it sitting there still with my color scheme on it. Plaza Service Center Inc. 12 North Plains Ind. Rd. Wallingford, CT 06492 (203) 269-3550
  6. Originally posted by Berts112 in march of 2007: We got this call Friday night. All we where told was that a plane had crashed! We responded with the tater,9055,landoll,and two rollbacks for debris. This is what we found upon arrival! After we where released by N.T.S.B. I looked the plane over and decided that the best way to lift it would be to crossstrap it under the passenger compartment, making an x with two 20' 4" straps. While Dan set up the tater, The crew and I want to work rigging! We made an initial lift of about 3' to test the integrity of the fuselage. This also allowed us to stretch the control cable to the right engine so we could cut it free. Once all the center straps where settled in, I had Dan Set it back down. I then ran a strap and roundsling from the hook to the propshaft on the left engine. This balanced it so it would come straight up since the left wing and engine where still intact. we then used pull ropes to rotate it for placement on the landoll. My brother Ryan then backed under it with the Landoll and Dan Gently set her on. He then swung back over and grabbed the loose engine! The crew James, Brian and Jedd strapped her dow for transport to a hanger. We left all the rigging in place because we where going to unload it inside the hanger. Since we where a "little" wide the locale p.d. shut down the road for the entire route to the airport. I went ahead to the airport to check out the off load area. One little set back. The Gate was too narrow to bring it through. We had Ryan pull all the way to the gate. I set up the 9055 on the otherside of the gate. my boom over the fence and grabbed the tail. I lifted it high enough to clear the fence. I held itand both Ryan and I pulled forward together until clear. Once inside the hanger we re lifted it then pulled the Landoll out. They wanted it in the far corner so Dan pulled the tater out and I hooked it with the 9055 and set it back in the corner. Thanks for looking. Stay safe!! P.S. Have you ever seen this many firemen before? Don't take life so seriously cuz you'll never get out of it alive!! bigtow00 said: Did they survive? If they did they crashed in a good spot. Right in front of a hospital. Good lookin' Tater! Life is about the journey, not the destination. Jason Ray Heavy Duty Specialist/TRIP Supervisor School of hard knocks Membership # 05101978 (Charter Member) "My Views may not reflect the views of my employer" Berts112 said: No i'm sorry to say both pilots where killed. That is actully a gym owned by the hospital! ATP03 said: Soory about the pilotrs. Heck of a job under those conditions. Thanks for sharing . all the best to you and your crew Tony P T&K BigWheelRecovery said: Garry very nice job, unfortunately I found the hardest part is yet to come, that's trying to get paid from the insurance company. Planes are not like car or trucks they all end up in a hanger an out of your control, an the insurance company will find some low life to go sneak it off to there holding yard out of state with out paying you for your services, Sounds lousy but it;s happened to us. I hope you don't have to go through all the the legal expenses in getting paid that were going through. Also tow 411 will probably remove your post even though you object in writing,that's called censorship. Not trying to bust you bubble just be ware, BOB Berts112 said: Yes we are aware of the insurance issue. I'm sure it's gonna be a pain. But what where we gonna do say no? And why would it be pulled? Note: There is nothing in this post that wasn't all over Chicago news, and local news papers? BigWheelRecovery said: Garry same with us an tow 411 pulled it. hope it turns out well you did a nice job. BOB DrHook541 said: There is a big difference between an insurance payment issue and a federal investigation. Bob, your post is still intact and if you can provide Ron with an assurance the investigation is clear, your post can be reopened in a public forum. We do not censor posts without reason. Legalities are usually the biggest reason for censoring. Self-protection (ours and yours) is a high priority. Garry ... a job well done. I do hope the insurance company pays you well.
  7. Member Michael DTowing has been flagged for misrepresentation. Members have reported his company does not exist. Michael will need to explain within the next 24 hours what is his status in the industry. When topics are created members immediately get a sense if the new member creating the topics is a member of the industry or has other motives.
  8. 48 Ford Wrecker

    These are from images posted by KW5030 in the summer of 2006 doing some body work. Will be in the paint booth next week. THAT'S ME IN THE BACK, AND BIG JOHN GOING TO ANSWER THE PHONE We are going to display it out front of our 4 acres we have with shop in Big Rapids. Co. colors. It's an original Marquette boom from a Ford dealer out of Minn. (hand crank) I replaced the tin tail board with treated wood.
  9. Topic originally created by KW5030 May 2006: Well, its finally nice out, and someone wants a pool dug. This backhoe breaks down just peeling the top soil. Bad part is the septic is on one side, and the well is on the other. He drove between the well and the garage. And thats where he is coming out. Using a 16,000 nylon strap, shackle, and pulley I use that good ol' tree that volunteered. He was saying.." Use me, Use me!!"... I did use a safety chain, so if the nylon strap brke to catch the shackle be cause I was using a spotter to let me know what was going on . (Could not see the backhoe) Of course the drive was made at a 90 degree turn and used for a yugo. ( that was fun ) I unhook the shackle and winch him to my truck. After rolling down the driveway, is his truck and trailer. Unhook the trailer from his truck, and pull him up. Time you get some High quality H20!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Waialae Chevron said: behind the house around the corner...the tow truck magician can do it!!! nullstowing said: Nice job, what would we ever do without trees? pttowguy said: If that was my customer, he would have dropped the front bucket on the ground after it quit running...lol showrtime93 said: Now thats using your head LOL nice job thanks for sharing Harvey Spencer auto rescue said: I like the strap around the tree idea. Thank you for the pictures. John R. hpgtowing said: Nice work.... Perfect example of meeting a challenge and working through it... Stay well.. Steve JohnMarsee said: Sad part about this, The break down may have only been a small $ fix. Nothing major goes wrong with a case. Glad they called you! $$$$$ bts 3 said: Nice work. Way to use your head and resources. Waffco Joe said: Nice job,reminds me of that michael jordan, larry bird commercial. Around the house, though the backyard, by the swing set, around the tree,nothing but "winch-out". Thx for sharing, Joe ExpressTowAaron said: He must not know any good mobile mechanics? I used to manage an equipment service shop and half our business was our mobile trucks fixing things just like this. Good job, I especially like the safety chain on the tree. MNPOOL said: Nice job, Good recovery !! git r towed said: good job, i had the same thing one time except it was a track loader, it took quite a while..... john
  10. Tow411/TowForce Montana Association Member Roll Call: http://www.montanatowing.com/ The purpose of this topic is to identify our members located in the sate of Montana. As well as to identify the members of the state association. Please respond here. Thanks
  11. Back in August of 2010 a member reported he had seen the name Ernest Holmes on a bearing. He was thinking that's pretty cool, you don't see that very often. Someones name on a bearing. Then he noticed something else got he got to looking and seen where it was made. Really... Is this OEM or a replacement part? NjChuck said: When did Japan invade Ernest Holmes? gdwrnch33 said: That is what i was wondering. When you think of Ernest Holmes you think of american steel. Vulcanuk said: don't know if Holmes ever used jap bearings but most Holmes repairs we have carried out over the years have made our bearing man scratch his head, in a lot of cases they used different inner and outer race to get to what they needed, my guess on this is that the inner has been replaced at sometime maybe i'm wrong !!
  12. January 8, 2008 Rogers Rescue burn out car in a wood tuck new truck out for a play thanks for looking rich Ed Barker said: Very nice unit,,awesome. chip 2830 said: Awesome truck would like to see some more info on that unit!!!!!!!!! onetentowing said: Wow, That is 1 cool machine, I could use that up here, How about some more photos of that truck in action, Thanks for sharing. localtowie said: The more i see it the more i like it.... Keep posting very cool..... I like its name to..... Moggy... WheelliftWarrior said: The unimog......next on my wish list TOwBoY88 said: That's how to do it.