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  1. mooresbp

    Our Newest Family Member

  2. What about the locking valve
  3. Very scary out there, Glad no one got hurt.
  4. Our thoughts and prayers
  5. mooresbp

    Re: Tow Operator Struck - San Diego County

    Our thoughts and prayers
  6. Very worthwhile!!! Take the time you will be glad you did!!
  7. Most of them will use you and your equipment and it is all worn out and then go to the next guy. AAA providers are getting fewer and farther between for that reason. Most have figured out that it doesn't pay very well. We keep a close eye on the call and if it doesn't pay we don't do it. I am not going subsidize bad calls with profitable ones if I don't have too. You will always have some that are borderline because of not enough information or what ever but to do it up front knowing it won't pay is silly.
  8. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends
  9. Thanks for your reply. Only 6 months old
  10. I have one folding arm that doesn't hold tight in tow. Any suggestions?
  11. mooresbp

    Didn’t Have For Long

    Sweet ride
  12. mooresbp

    No keys—Again