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  1. Orcas Tow

    Ting noise at takeoff

    My 2001 F550 had done the same thing since new, thought it was just normal until I did the clutch at 50,000 miles & found the transfer case output yoke had play, torqued the nut to spec with loc tight & all is good.
  2. Orcas Tow

    Ting noise at takeoff

    I would confirm torque on the pinion nut & the trans/transfer case output yoke nut, one of those may be loose enough for the yoke to rock in the splines causing that noise which will transfer throughout the driveshaft & make it difficult to pinpoint source by ear..
  3. Orcas Tow

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    To follow up I never have been able to duplicate the symptom after tanks of fuel run through it & my diagnostic testers hooked up so I ended up running a single new wire outside the harness back to the Trans module clipping the factory white/orange tracer wire at each end. With no symptom present at this time I think its the best solution.
  4. Orcas Tow

    Balancing 19.5 tires?

    2001, everything is tight & minor imbalance before balance beads installed in unbalanced tires, then considerable wobble after beads.
  5. Orcas Tow

    Balancing 19.5 tires?

    Interesting update, I was happy with the difference in the F650 with 245/70-19.5 after adding the balancing beads I put some in my F550 with Alcoa's & 225/70-19.5. The outcome was different, prior to balancing the 550 had a slight tire imbalance at speed but hardly noticeable, after 6 oz of beads in each tire on the front now the steering wheel has a visible shake. Not sure what the deal is.
  6. Orcas Tow

    vulcan strapless vs autoloader

    I have owned a Vulcan & Chevron Autogrip. I will not own anything light duty without an autogrip anymore. They are great for flat tires, up against curbs, picking from mud puddles/snow, etc... No monkeying around with spoons or L arms & easy on the back.
  7. Orcas Tow

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    Thanks, Im into it today, have about of 5 feet of the harness spread open at this point for inspection starting at the firewall plug heading over the engine & then back towards the interface module & trans module at the rear of the cab. My wire is a white with orange tracer, nothing yet but still digging.
  8. Orcas Tow

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    Thank you, agreed & will do.
  9. Orcas Tow

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    No symptom over 8 hours of driving. Its almost like Ford is taunting me by the picture in the Ford manual, like they know right where that little prick of a wire is protruding into a neighboring wire in the 150 wire harness, see figure 2, Grrrrr
  10. Orcas Tow

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    Thanks, I agree. I will be finding this intermittent short. I have all I need to tear into & repair a wiring issue in the truck also a "short finder" hooked inline with the fused circuit today & have a 8 hour trip. The short finder beeps & has an internal re setting circuit breaker in the diagnostic tool to alert you when the load on that circuit changes/shorts. Im hoping it will rear its head today as I am the driver today but its mostly driven by my other guys for off island trips.
  11. 2007 F650, 5.9 Cummins with an Allison trans with about 40,000 original miles. No prior symptoms. Today loaded double to go off island, shut truck off at ferry landing, went to re start to get on ferry & no crank, no signal to fender well mounted starter solenoid. Jumped starter solenoid & truck started but Service Engine light on & the transmission was in limp mode. Trace no crank & trans limp mode to blown 15 amp #30 "Allison Transmission" fuse blown in under dash fuse box, install new fuse, it blows as soon as key is turned to run position. I unplugged all modules (ABS, TCM, etc...) still blows fuse. Followed wiring harness closely from TCM forward to look for chaffing, found nothing & was confirming fuse was still blowing as I worked my way forward. I unclipped the harness at the fuel filter to confirm no chaffing/bare wires & then the fuse stopped blowing, nothing found. Re secured everything & it's been starting & operating normally again. Anyone have a similar experience & give me a place to look as I have not been able to duplicate the symptom again & did not find a smoking gun. Thank you.
  12. Orcas Tow

    Balancing 19.5 tires?

    Update: I installed the Alcoa's on the outside rear & front along with 8oz of stainless balancing beads in the front & 10oz in each rear & a handful of talcum powder in each also, the trip to Seattle went smooth as silk. I was very impressed with the smooth ride quality, it did not shake at any speed, from stop up to 70mph. 245-70-19.5 tires. Thanks for all the replies:)
  13. Orcas Tow

    Balancing 19.5 tires?

    Installed the new Alcoa's on the flatbed today, heading to Seattle tomorrow to test them out, you know better fuel economy due to lighter wheels, less wind resistance due to shiny polished surface equating to better performance making for better fuel economy, the aluminum is probably recycled too so also saving the planet;). I installed 8 oz of the stainless balancing beads in the fronts & 10 oz in each rear. Actually just hoping for a smoother ride.
  14. Orcas Tow

    Plaza Towing: Truck Tour

    Very well thought out, thanks for sharing.
  15. Orcas Tow

    Balancing 19.5 tires?

    Will do, I ordered a set of Alcoa's & 6oz of stainless balancing beads for each tire today.