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  1. dperone

    AMG Benz...

    It looks nice and all, but I'd much rather have the truck towing it than the car itself. Nice little payday though.
  2. dperone

    Definitely Outside The Box!

    Now that is cool.
  3. I avoid clear warning lights to the rear. They have the tendency to blind oncoming traffic, more so than the other colors anyway.
  4. dperone

    The Fleet

    We washed up the fleet for an updated picture. Missing are one flatbed currently being built at the Miller factory and one flatbed that we are taking off the road when the new one comes in.
  5. We turned 70 years old this year and are planning a customer appreciation/ open house to celebrate. I was wondering if anyone else ever did one and if so what activities did you have; i.e. wrecker demos, touch a truck, food, music, etc. Also, how did you guys handle running calls? Did you take only emergent calls and decline all the rest or have a skeleton crew try to handle everything? Any comments will be appreciated.
  6. One of the state police garages we tow for has had this old Chevy with a Holmes 1200 sitting there rotting away for years. Every time I go in there I ask them when they are going to auction it off, it would be a cool little project and it has less than 5500 miles on it. The other day they called me to tow it out of there. I got all excited because I thought it was time for the auction, but unfortunately they just sent it to another garage to move wrecked troop cars around.
  7. dperone

    Wheel lift & dolly

    I love the car manufacturers for making such pain in the butt cars. I always hated using a flatbed so having so many stuck in park cars that need doillies keeps me in my truck all day
  8. dperone

    Gas Truck Sunk w/ A Twist...

    i always wondered why they put such a long hose on that reel considering how many we pull out trying to get right to the tank.
  9. My thoughts exactly. I will sit behind one of MY OWN trucks and help them get loaded quicker. No way am I blocking a lane, much less for another company who will blow by me riding the white line when I'm roadside loading a car. I will stay in the slow lane, get as far left in the lane as I can and slow wayyy down to force those behind me to do the same. Of course these things help too. All this took was about $50 in cones and around a minute to walk them out and not one car passed me in the slow lane. If you're not willing to invest that little bit to save your own life, why should I risk mine for you?
  10. dperone

    2018 Ford Raptor

    Broken or being delivered?
  11. Why go through all of the work to drill a hole on top, when there's a nice big hole already provided? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
  12. dperone

    Tesla Towing procedure PDF files

    Very informative stuff, I wish all vehicles were as tower friendly. I do love how all of the provider manuals have directions to wheel lift and dolly the car, but the owners manual says flatbed only. I'm sure that's going to cause many a headache for towers.
  13. We got the first snow of the season Saturday, and as usual everyone forgot how to drive. I only managed to get pics of one of our jobs, and boy was it a doozy. A Tahoe rolled onto it's roof on a curvy icy road and took out a pole. The pole landed on top of the truck, so we had to wait for the electric co. to kill the power and cut the pole up. Luckily they were in the area so the wait wasn't too long. Pretty simple recovery, once I had it on it's wheels I slid it to make it easier for my dad to line the bed up. moorsebp said: First snow is always the worst ESC said: I’m not sure what people were thinking this weekend. We’ve been really slow lately with crashes. But I swear when everyone heard on Friday that snow was coming for the weekend they just crashed into each other. Friday things went nuts for us, BEFORE the snow came. Sat during the snow we had a few crashes. Then again today, no snow but they all just slammed into each other. I’ll take what I can get. Eds Towing said: Nice work. It was a small storm for us but we made pretty good coin on it! polarbear0808 said: Just remember they said they had 4 wheel drive
  14. Man what a haul. At least he got lucky that both vehicles were towable, my luck they'd be awd's Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk