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  1. Thanks to Miller Industries. The Vets appreciate your support !!
  2. Gas Truck Sunk w/ A Twist...

    Do you have a customer of the year award ??
  3. Love the new site
  4. Do you use brochures?

    My wife has a little printing and duplication business. We often print postcards for local church and non-profits. I use the same type postcards for the flag business. Costs for the cards is not bad at all but around 34 cents for stamp unless you use a bulk mailing permit. Good results, but getting a good mailing list takes a lot of time. Let me know if I can help. JimB
  5. I watched the old site get an awesome upgrade then this new site. Ron, you get a slap on the back. I no longer do towing, just the flag business. Still love to watch heavies do their thing !! Roach 901