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  1. Njsss

    Dump truck

    Yes, NJ requires higher insurance liability & higher fee for heavy duty tow truck registration/decal. Think this truck has same tow capacity as F650 w/ 12/14 or 16 ton? Obviosly, its not built to tow loaded roll-offs
  2. Njsss

    Dump truck

    Wrong At least according to NJ & Jerr Dan
  3. Soon there will be no more REAL truck drivers...
  4. Njsss

    Dump truck

    Thanks. 25 Ton med duty???
  5. Njsss

    what do you think? She's almost done

    Nice, money maker. Good luck with it..
  6. Njsss

    Dump truck

    Safety chains removed & straps loosened
  7. How can video be uploaded?