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  1. rreschran

    Found On The NET "What Is Towing?"

    The, "Unknown Author", mentions dedication, success and survival, but fails to mention, "Reputation". I see, "What is towing", as a study on day-to-day realities, but, this industry is far more complicated than that. GoodMichael said it best, "It is up to the people in the industry to adopt professional standards to ensure that a certain level of quality of life is ensured." R. 
  2. This incident was the 2nd tow operator hit in California in 6 1/2 hours. The operator in San Diego was transported to Scripps Hospital in critical conditions to his legs. Christine and I offer our prayers to the families and companies involved. R.
  3. Hi All ... A local tow operator from a local (San Diego County) tow company was struck early this morning while out to pick up a vehicle on the 125 at Jamacha Road. He was struck by a motorist who stated he did not see the tow operator although the tower was wearing a vest with the tow truck's overhead lights activate. He was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital with critical injuries. Please keep your prayers coming for this operator. I'm not at liberty to disclose info, but I'll report more when it's approved to release details. R. https://www.10news.com/news/tow-truck-driver-seriously-injured-after-being-hit-by-car-on-sr-125
  4. rreschran

    A Quick Training Video?

    Nicely done to include four positive steps of additional safety or technique ... padding sharp edges of the round-slings, moving bystanders, adding 4x4 roll-away protection to the pavement and a catch-line to cradle the drop. Great example guys. R.
  5. rreschran

    Often Times We Do Not Even Know...

    ... for every one that gets caught ... another hundred get away. The odds are stacked against towers and first responders. R.
  6. rreschran

    Re: In Memory of Philip Julian

    Hi All ... thanks for you kind words and reflections regarding Philip. Cindy sold the business as it was difficult for her to do so in his absence ... not that she couldn't run the company on her own ... but her missing her husband and partner in life is simply too hard for her right now. Christine and I wish her our prayers and support for her future where ever she may go. R.
  7. rreschran

    Re: In Memory of Philip Julian

    Hi All ... This Sunday marks the one year date of Philip Julian passing away. Philip was one of the few true leaders in the towing and recovery industry and especially in Tennessee. I wanted to share this with you so you will keep Philip in your prayers. And to Cindy, know that we love you and support you. We hope you're doing well. Philip was a great man who love what he did with passion. He was involved and wan't afraid to tell it like he saw it. I think of him often and miss his presence on Facebook and the tow truck forums. So, on Sunday morning, please tip your coffee cup in memory of Philip. I miss you and will never forget you. R
  8. rreschran

    Re: Credibility or Not?

    If you've been awaiting the arrival of a feature film regarding rogue tow truck operators ... it's coming soon in Vancouver, BC. So much for the dignity of professional tow operators. Here's a trailer. https://www.tribute.ca/trailers/22-chaser/24358/
  9. ... I personally don't see any issue with the officer's actions and I appreciate the message he was sending to the motoring public. I once impounded a vehicle with a screaming female driver still in the car to avoid angry crowd that was forming. What was fun about the whole thing was the tow truck operator had a smile on his face the entire time. R.
  10. At the time the police pull Nguyen from the crashed tow truck, the suspect was wearing a reflective vest. Other things come to mind, but that's simple speculation. R.
  11. This sounds more like the crime of auto theft, not car jack as there's no mention of taking the truck by force or fear. None the less, a man lost his life trying to take back his property. My prayers go out to the tower and his family. R.
  12. rreschran

    Kenneth Ray Davis - 10-06-34

    Hi All … I returned yesterday afternoon from a 2,239-mile motorcycle ride to Northern California (round trip) to meet the three-time generational family of tow truck operator Kenneth Ray Davis, who was shot and killed while working a CHP impound in Chico, California on October 6th, 1934. I spent an entire two days with Mr. Davis’ granddaughter and grandson at local sites including the Chico Cemetery, I visited the Chico History Museum, as well as visiting two houses Mr. Davis resided in. We also visited the grave site of CHP Officer William Riley McDaniel and suspect Nick Turchinetz … all buried in the same cemetery. The most interesting detail of this project is that the shooter shot his victims no more than 1,000-feet from where they are buried now. Kenneth Davis’ story is an incredible one where I was able to provide details to Davis’ family that they didn’t know. All in all, it was a great adventure to share with the towing and recovery industry, and making Kenneth Ray Davis the oldest, known and confirmed, tow operator killed in the line of duty. I’m proud to tell you that Kenneth Ray Davis WILL have his name emblazoned on the Wall of the Fallen this September in Chattanooga. Most exciting is … Mr. Davis’ granddaughter and grandson will join my Christine and I when his name is announced. After 84-years in quiet hiding, Mr. Davis will finally be recognized for his unselfish acts of serving the law enforcement community. I’ll be writing another article in American Towman Magazine in a month or two to share all the details of our meeting. Thank you all for your kind words of support and prayers as I traveled these miles. The Goldwing ran flawless and everything fell into perfect place. Also … while traveling; I’ve uncovered another bit of towing history of a closed towing business that’s reinvented itself. Note: These are the kind of stories I live for. R.
  13. I didn't see this topic elsewhere, but another tow operator was killed in League City, Texas as he was loading a vehicle on the shoulder in the early AM hours. Details are limited. My prayers go out to the tower's family and the company he worked for. R News Story has been added: LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- League City police are investigating an early morning fatal crash that killed a tow truck operator on FM 646 and Avenue G. Police say the crash happened around 4:30 a.m. when the operator was responding to a crash. As the operator was loading the disabled vehicle onto the wrecker, another driver crashed into the operator and killed him. The driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. As the investigation continues, police say that particular stretch of road is dark and the driver may not have seen the tow truck. Right now, they do not believe alcohol played a role in the accident. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  14. rreschran

    Kenneth Ray Davis - 10-06-34

    Hi All ... I am headed for Northern California on a 10-day ride with the mission of meeting the family of tow operator Kenneth Ray Davis, who was shot and killed on October 6th, 1934. Davis is the oldest, recorded tow truck operator who was killed in the line of duty on a CHP impound during the Great Depressions nearly 84-years ago. I wrote an article in American Towman Magazine in the May 2018 issue, beginning on page 8. You can find the article on AT Digital Magazine ... here's the link: http://digital.olivesoftware.com/…/AmericanTow…/default.aspx Upon my return, I'll be writing another article on the second half of this historic bit of towing history. I've petitioned to the Towing & recovery Museum Wall of the Fallen to have Mr. Davis' name added to the Wall and that will happen in September 2018 in Chattanooga. Pray for me as I ride through rush hour traffic for all of those poor souls seeking their way along the Los Angeles freeways. Have a most wonderful weekend. Randy Randall Resch American Towman Magazine Alpine CA.
  15. Frank ... Christine and I send our prayers to the tower's family, his friends and his company. R.