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  1. MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The 10-year-old rules regarding how and when tow truck operators can snag cars for parking illegally could be changing. FOX13 learned the Memphis City Council will begin debating changes that affect when you get your car back and when you should pay the extra storage fees. Chris Jacobs told FOX13 about the day his vehicle was towed 10 years ago from downtown Memphis. "It was blink, I turned and came back,” Jacobs said. “Somebody said you better move your car and it was gone." His car was towed for parking illegally in a paid lot, which costed him around $300 to get taken care of. The following changes are being proposed: Asking for better signs to warn people they are parking illegally, and risk being towed Allowing customers to pay with cash, credit and debit cards Requiring tow truck operators be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for customers to get their cars back Mike LaBudde of West Tennessee Towing Association told FOX13 he has mixed feelings about the proposed changes. "I see some of them as okay,” said Labudde. “Some of them need to be addressed further." LaBudde has concerns about one proposed change – requiringe a tow truck operator to return a person's car two hours after he contacts the company. "We have an employee three in the morning releasing the car,” said LaBudde. “Fifteen people show up and 10 of them are drunk. It could turn into a bad situation really quickly." Another idea is to set up a system, allowing the owner of the car to contact the tow truck operator to have their car released if it was towed because a friend parked it illegally. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  2. 2006 Ford F450 4x4 with a chevron renegade dual winch wrecker was stolen (July 6th) around 9:30 pm. It was last seen leaving at the shop on 129 heading towards Croton on Hudson. The person whole stole it was dropped off by a silver Honda odyssey mini van possibly 2004 model year.
  3. Carjacking suspect kills owner, leads pursuit to Sugar Land A carjacking turned deadly Friday afternoon when the owner of a stolen tow truck confronted the thief in broad daylight. Shortly before 3 p.m., a tow truck owner dropped off a repossessed car to a lot along Beechnut Street, Assistant Houston Police Chief James Jones said in a press conference. The repossessed vehicle – a black Kia – was just unloaded from the tow truck when the owner noticed someone driving away in his wrecker. Tito Moczygemba was processing the repossessed car and witnessed the theft unfold. "He said, 'hey, somebody's stealing my truck.'" The owner yelled to Moczygemba for the keys to the Kia and the pair chased after the thief. Police say the two followed the wrecker west on Beechnut Street until it intersected with South Kirkwood Road, where the tow truck had stopped in a bank parking lot. When the owner of the wrecker and Moczygemba got out of the Kia to confront the driver, the thief put the truck in reverse – pinning the owner, Moczygemba said. "I was standing right there in front of him," Moczygemba described. "I ran back trying to help him, to give him CPR. He couldn't speak. There was blood coming out of his ear. His eyes were rolling back. I tried to help him." The injured man, clinging to life, was transported by ambulance to a hospital, where he later died. The suspect took off and police chased the wrecker into Sugar Land. He eventually crashed into a pickup truck at the intersection U.S. 90 Alternate and Brooks Street where he was taken into custody, Jones said. Homicide detectives investigating the incident will work with the Harris County District Attorney's Office to determine appropriate charges against the suspect. Jones says he could face first-degree murder charges. The tow truck owner was described as a husband, father, and grandfather who frequently worked with Moczygemba repossessing vehicles. He worked on his wrecker everyday and took pride in his work. "We were supposed to go to Galveston," Moczygemba said. "That's what we were talking about when (this happened)." Neither the wrecker owner or the suspect were identified by police. RESOURCE LINK with images
  4. Tow truck driver arrested after “stealing” a big rig “with the intent to permanently deprive the owner” A tow truck driver is facing criminal charges after incorrectly towing a parked semi truck “with the intent to permanently deprive the owner” in South Carolina earlier this month. The incident happened on June 18th in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. According to WSPA News, trucker David Garland spoke to the owner of the Ingles store on Highway 9 and was granted permission to park his big rig in the parking lot overnight whenever he needed. After doing so, Garland’s rig was towed by a Cole’s Towing truck driver Shannon black – a company with a contractual agreement to tow unauthorized vehicles from the Ingles parking lot. The next morning, Garland realized his truck was missing and an investigation into the incident began. That’s when Cole’s Towing released the following statement: “The vehicle was lawfully towed based on a valid contract between Southern Pride Towing and Recovery [affiliated with Cole’s Towing] and the owner of the premises where the vehicle was unlawfully parked. Southern Pride towing wants to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and is currently waiting to hear back from the owner of the vehicle, Boyd Brothers Transportation.” A warrant was then issued for Black’s arrest on charges of grand larceny and breaking into a motor vehicle. “Black did take, steal, and drive away with the semi-truck cab and its trailer with the intent to permanently deprive the owner; Boyd Bros. Transportation, Inc.”” read the warrants. Black was then taken into custody and booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center, but was released on Monday, July 2nd on $6,000 bond. Cole’s Towing still says that they stand by their original statement. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  5. CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Chula Vista police are looking for a hit and run driver who hit a tow truck, forcing it off the road and then rear-ended another vehicle. “I was in the lane closest to the curb. A car in the other lane came over cut me off and hit me -- sideswiped me -- and shoved me off the road and into a ditch,” said tow truck driver Robert Davis. “And then hit another car and then took off.” Davis works for Tony’s Auto Center. After the crash, his truck hung precariously off the edge of a Chula Vista ditch. He said he needs to buy a lottery ticket today. “That’s where I’m going after this, to get checked out and get one of those,” said Davis. He said a white BMW sideswiped him on H Street in Chula Vista and forced him off the road. “I’m a little sore on my left shoulder,” said Davis. “Honestly I was just hoping it would stop and wouldn’t get hurt any worse than what I was.” Davis wasn’t seriously injured. The BMW went on to rear-end another vehicle after sideswiping Davis’ tow truck. Chula Vista police say it happened just before 11 a.m. Tuesday, and they are looking for the driver responsible. “I didn’t see what he looked like. It was a white BMW is all I know,” said Davis. Chula Vista police say the white four-door BMW sedan will have some heavy front-end damage. RESOURCE LINK
  6. Some wrecks are easy to see coming, like when two NASCAR drivers get into an old-fashioned shoving match for the win on the last lap of the race. Others are hard to believe even after they’ve occurred, like this spec Mazda Miata colliding with a tow truck on track in the middle of a race. Bill Agha was racing in a Sports Car Club of America event at Sonoma Raceway in California when this went down, rearranging the entire front end of a poor 1999 Miata. It looks to have happened during the San Francisco Region SCCA event at Sonoma recently, where Agha finished 57th of 75 cars on June 30. Here’s the video from the Spec Miata Man Drama Facebook page (hell yeah, somebody get me in on that), which shows a corner worker with a yellow flag before Agha’s white Miata comes into the wrecker’s path:
  7. Courville's Garage, Montville, CT Tanker Burns In I-95 Fire, Falls Off Tow Truck In Franklin, Prompting Evacuations, State Police Say Some homes and businesses in Franklin have been evacuated, and Route 32 is closed, after a tanker fell off a tow truck late Friday morning, state police say. The accident happened about 11:20 a.m. on Route 32, when a tanker truck that had been involved in an earlier fire on I-95 was being towed to Bozrah, they said. The tanker tipped over or rolled off the tow truck. The road is closed between routes 87 and 2, police said. No injuries were reported. State police didn’t say what was in the tank, but the state Department of Transportation said the mishap caused a hazardous materials spill. RESOURCE LINK In another post on FB they stated the tanker was involved in another incident. The wrecker was towing it from the rear and dollied the front. The dolly lost its wheels and tanker loaded with nitrogen rolled. (this information is unconfirmed)
  8. Stephen John Gunter was born April 18, 1972 and was taken from us too soon on July 2, 2018 of natural causes. Steve was born in Phoenix and graduated from Dobson High School in Mesa. He had a number of loves starting with his daughter, Lauren, who was the twinkle of his eye. He was very proud of her and was a wonderful father. Anyone who met him learned quickly that another love of his was the towing business. He had his own trucks for a while and then sold tow trucks for several companies over his life and he loved to talk about the towing business. Steve also loved people. We are not sure if he ever met anyone he could not talk with immediately. As we are finding out through Facebook he had a profound effect on many people he met. Steve loved life. He was given a new life when he received a kidney-pancreas transplant. He loved his family, mother Judi Hayer and husband Al and his dad, Jack Gunter and wife Fran. Steve will be sorely missed. Services will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Mesa, 161 N Mesa Drive in Mesa, AZ on Saturday July 14th at 11 am. Donations can be made in his name to the Donor Network of Arizona, 201 W Coolidge, Phoenix AZ 85013 or Juvenile Diabetes Research, 4343 E Camelback Rd #230, Phoenix AZ 85018 There will be a tow truck procession for Steve on Saturday, July 14, at 9AM starting at Bass Pro Shop in Mesa. Everyone who would like to participate is asked to arrive before 9AM. The procession will leave at 9:30AM. If you have any questions, please contact Todd Grone at 480-557-8633 Steve was a long time member of the association and will be missed.
  9. A truck flipped over the Howard Frankland bridge’s guardrail Saturday and into Tampa Bay, forcing the driver to flee the partially submerged vehicle. Gordon Bechtold, 26, of Largo was driving southbound on the St. Petersburg side of the Howard Frankland bridge on I-275 late Saturday morning when he attempted to maneuver from the inside lane to the center lane and lost control of his 2007 Toyota Tacoma. The truck slid onto the right shoulder, flipped and plunged over a guardrail, according to Florida Highway Patrol public information officer Steve Gaskins. Bechtold was able to escape the scene with minor injuries, Gaskins said. The officer said alcohol was not a factor in the crash. RESOURCE LINK
  10. FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It happened just after 3:30 p.m. on Highway 168 near Auberry Road. One of the lanes of the four lanes was closed for more than an hour, as crews worked to pull the truck back onto the road. It is not clear what caused the driver to go off of the road, or if any other vehicles were involved. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  11. Tow truck driver highlights "Move Over" law in wake of I-85 accident ANDERSON, SC (FOX Carolina) - Tow truck driver David Hatley points to an American flag with a yellow stripe. He explains that much like law enforcement and firefighters, tow truck drivers have a brotherhood. He said when one driver is hit, it resonates with every driver no matter the company. "You're terrified that you lost a tow brother. That's how he felt after he saw this," Hatley said. "These guys are competition during the day, but we're still a brotherhood." That's why he was upset to see a picture of an accident come out of Anderson County. Troopers said an 18-wheeler rear ended Tinsley's Towing Truck along I-85 late Wednesday morning. "This is happening way too often and on average, a tow truck driver is killed every six days," Hatley said. Hatley said he during the 100 deadly days of summer, he would like to see more tickets being written for those who don't follow the "Move Over" Law. Troopers said it's important to reduce your speed by at least 20 miles an hour. Troopers said the driver of the tractor trailer was charged following the accident. "Just please be aware of your surroundings," said Hatley. "Pretend this truck is your family that's driving it. Wouldn't you want them to come home tonight?" RESOURCE LINK With Video
  12. A $10,000 reward was being offered Thursday for information that helps detectives solve the killing of a tow truck driver who was gunned down six years ago on this date in Norwalk. Robert Garcia, 22, of Norwalk was shot just before midnight on June 28, 2012, near the office of the towing company in the 13500 block of Norwalk Boulevard, the sheriff’s department reported. Detectives planned a news conference later Thursday morning at the Hall of Justice in downtown Los Angeles to announce the reward and seek help in solving the crime. “As he walked back to the office … three men approached him,” a sheriff’s statement said. “Robert fled eastbound on Front Street toward the business, but was fatally shot multiple times at the front door of the building.” Surveillance video showed Garcia pounding on the door to the business before collapsing to the ground. He was pronounced dead at the scene. “Robert was a hardworking provider for his budding family, and had two small children at the time of his death,” the statement said. The reward was offered by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killers. Anyone with information on the case was urged to call the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500. RESOURCE LINK
  13. INCREDIBLE DRIVER: Max Quaglio doesn't let his cerebral palsy stop him from working as a truck driver. Kate Dodd by Kate Dodd THE word "can't” is one that doesn't exist in truck driver Max Quaglio's vocabulary. Yes, he might have cerebral palsy - a physical disability that affects movement and posture - but he doesn't let that stop him going out and chasing his dreams. Max works for Clayton's Towing Service at Nambour in Queensland and it's incredible what he can do behind the wheel of a truck. He's worked at the tow truck company for three years after his father Ben, who is also employed there and is one of his son's biggest supporters, asked his boss Mike Clayton to give him a shot. "When I first met Max I said to his dad, 'Look is he really going to be able to handle this?' but I've had to eat my hat a few times,” he said. "(That first day) I said let's go up the road and see how he goes and if he can talk the talk and walk the walk, we'll see what happens. "And we did and Max just blew me away. The moment I saw him, I said he's a natural at it.” So, Max's first job with Clayton's was to move the cars around the yard. Max said when he was little, he used to play with his Matchbox cars and line them up in a perfect row. Now when it came time for him to move the big cars around the yard, it was exactly the same. "He'd just line the cars up like his Matchbox cars,” Mike said. "If I said I wanted them to be half a metre apart, they would be half a metre apart. "Just this guy is a wiz and he made it look easy.” Max then got his truck licence, and then his semi-trailer one before moving on to his b-double. "It's not just 'Max can drive a truck'. When he's in a truck and you're watching him, he can have 40 tonnes in the back with a truck and dolley and he can drive as good or better than the other guys,” Mike said. "He's not struggling, he's just a natural.” Mike said he set Max some challenges and gave him a little push - he did trips to Brisbane and Rockhampton with no problems. "I get to give him a push sometimes, it might be as simple as opening a bonnet of a car. He was trying to get it and said he couldn't. I told him to try harder, don't let it beat you, just get in there and then he did,” he said. "Then one day we had him in the excavator - he's got better skills on one hand than the other and he said he couldn't drive it because of the levers and he struggles with fine skills. But I said we don't have time to talk about it, just get on and give it a go and he jumped on and did it.” While Max works at Clayton's, he's also got his own business on the side - Max's Haulage, where people hire him and his ute and trailer to shift their belongings around. But Max's got his eye on the future and is studying a business degree at university. "My ultimate career is a combination of (working) in the office and out on the road,” Max said. "Anything's possible, you've just got to see what the future holds.” Mike couldn't be more proud of Max. "He's got a big future ahead of him. With Max there's no such thing as can't. You can't stop him.” RESOURCE LINK