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    Ting noise at takeoff

    Okay my Ford dealership is still scratching their head. So I am hoping someone might have ran across this problem. My 2014 F550 makes a “ting” noise when you start moving both forward and reverse. They have had the truck in 3 times and have everything check or replaced in the entire drive shaft. I guess their next step they want to do is replace the entire driveshaft. Anyone run across this? I would like to have my truck problem free before winter starts it only has 58K. The noise started around 50k.and had a driveshaft replaced about 40K.
  2. Towgirl4

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    I had a 2007 F650 multiple issues. It had actually gotten to the point where it would shutdown and restart going down the road. As a last resort we replaced the whole wiring harness which solved the problem. Zip ties wore through in several spots.