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  1. Very fortunate no one was injured.
  2. goodmichael

    Ting noise at takeoff

    The dealer should be able to print you a copy of the spec and or measurement for both from the workshop manual. If they can not fix the problem, request that they contact a field service representative. They also have a hotline where they can contact the engineers at Ford.
  3. goodmichael

    Buying my first heavy

    Grow your business slow. People, overall, are not getting smarter, more patient, or doing a better job in driving. There will always be work, you have to decide whether you want to work to put money into your pocket, or work for the bank, which is what you do when you finance equipment. Education is what will establish the future of this industry. The week long course as well as the RBU courses will greatly enhance your knowledge base as well as your profitability. Once you have completed the week long, I believe that you can host a course as well. Grow your business slow. You are doing a great job,
  4. goodmichael

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    That is how the dealerships do it under warranty brother. Let us know how it works out! I think the call it a lay over. If they have to dig into the harness it is at the owners expense.
  5. goodmichael

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

    If one can find the problem circuit the individual circuit can be repaired. Wiring harness costs thousands of dollars to replace.
  6. goodmichael

    Ting noise at takeoff

    There was a service bulletin for some of the lighter duty rear wheel drive fords some time back which was supposedly resolved by placing a heavy grease in the splines of the yoke underneath the boot. Sounds like possibly a universal joint. Request that the dealership use the chassis ears and then test drive the vehicle. Was driveshaft balanced? I would also check to ensure that the correct universal joints were installed. Could be coming from the pumpkin also. I really have a hard time trusting technicians today. Just because you go to the dealership, it does not ensure that you are getting top notch work. Ford does not require ASE certifications, they certify their people internally.
  7. goodmichael

    Truck on its side in a garage !

    A bad carpenter always blames his or her tools.
  8. So, if I am correct, the operator stopped to solicit the wreck, and was informed that there was a tow on the way. The crash was not avoidable, but the wrecker being damaged was 100% the operator's fault. There was no law enforcement present, The operator should not have placed himself, or his company in this situation.
  9. goodmichael

    Buying my first heavy

    Do not, I beg you do not, make this leap because of what is "promised", especially from AAA. You are a prudent business person to price on the high side. The heavy market is a totally different animal. These toys eat dollars, as in twenty and fifty dollar bills, not singles. Also when things break, and they will break, you are looking at thousands of dollars rather than hundreds. Grow slow with a landoll and a sixteen ton. You will sleep much better, I guarantee it.
  10. goodmichael

    Cherry popped

    And do not forget your med card.
  11. goodmichael

    Buying my first heavy

    EXCELLENT,EXCELLENT advice. Heavy duty towing is a big green monster. It stays green because it eats cash. I really like the suggestion to get a sixteen ton. I think the sixteen ton and a versatile Landoll trailer would allow you to test the waters as well as provide a very strong return on investment.
  12. goodmichael

    Wreckers charge fee when drug paraphernalia is found

    I think one should be trained to always consider the interior of a vehicle to be contaminated with blood born pathogens. A person working as an operator or at a towing facility really has no business digging through a car once it is impounded. Puncture resistant gloves should be worn at all times when anywhere near a vehicle. The exception to this rule obviously is for a repossessed vehicle where personal property is removed and stored. You need to assume that there are items in the vehicle that can cause you harm. Over the years, I have seen some really sloppy methods for storing personal property. One of the best was a company that had wooden racks built that held plastic tote style bins. It sure assisted in getting a mouthy subject out of the office in a hurry.
  13. goodmichael

    Truck on its side in a garage !

    Those Rotary lifts are still made here in the USA I believe. They should easily lift that suburban.
  14. goodmichael

    A Quick Training Video?

    Very good example of professionals at work!
  15. goodmichael

    Auto Shop Owner shoots and kills theif (IA)

    He HAD a lengthy record. My prayers go out to Mr. Kraft. Taking a life is a soul searching endeavor,.......... but you have to protect what you have. People work to hard to just allow themselves to be victims.