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  1. SAM

    Hello Again!

    Will be putting some new products this week and a sale.
  2. SAM

    Hello Again!

    Hi! This is Sam, some of you might know me (either online, phone, or from Trade Shows) as I formerly worked and established a presence for Manufacturer Express. I left the company a few months ago for newer and brighter beginnings. I just launched my new e-commerce online company called Baremotion LLC. www.Baremotion.com We carry several well know brands such as Towmate, Liftex®, All-Grip, Crosby, CM, LiftAll, as well as import products. Not everybody is equal, as not every product is equal. So we strive to accommodate each buyer and offer all price range products with top quality. Our goal is to make purchasing simple, fast and easy. We will be adding new products as we move forward so sign up to our newsletter for all the latest news and offers. Thanks, Sam