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  1. Louwo

    Cherry popped

    That's what I thought. None the less need the double/triple. Thanks.
  2. Louwo

    Ok... Who towed the crane?

    Liquid lunch no good unless on vacation.
  3. Louwo

    Cherry popped

    I understand that as towed vehicle being over 10k a class A is needed. I was wondering if a double/tripple endorsemend was needed. Again I have both. Let's say I sent another driver who did not have it for a commercial tow non Police ordered. I wonder to if this was over 10k as well 2wd cab and chassis with a empty tri axle boat trailer
  4. First double for me. Early morning impound usually go out with the flatbed and put the trailer on the wl but the only thing I knew was the length of the trailer and was told it was a pick up. Not that it was a dulley or a tri axle trailer. Just pick up and a 25' trailer. Decided as I was waking up to take ol red out as the boss suggested it to. My one question is something like this if it was a commercial tow would another driver need a double/triple endorsement even if being pulled on a 26k chassis non cdl required truck(I already have my T endorsement)? Asking about commercial calls only because my understanding police ordered tows in NJ many laws are exempted like axle weights and cdl requirements.
  5. Louwo

    New member

    Welcome. Used to live in OOB and Portland in the past. Tried to tow up there but no one up there likes a Jersey boy.... Hope you are keeping busy.
  6. Welcome back. I used to drive with a Griffin who lives in Missouri.... Danny Griffin. Was a good man when I was OTR then.
  7. Louwo

    Hello Again...

    Welcome back Steve..
  8. Louwo

    Where is it now?

    Gotcha. Just had to watch the level of sand or material. Thanks.
  9. I love breaking out the sling. We have a pintle hook that was in the office for years I kept tripping over. Appears the day I could use it it's no longer here. The boss took it in his vehicle to move a trailer the other week and left it in there as he is on vacation. What are the odds..... wait a moment this is towing very good odds this would happen. So a quick head scratch and here's what I did. Felt good behind me. The trailer was only registered for 3k. I think that think almost weighs that empty and forget about the 2400 pounds of so a skid. Ahhh impounds are fun.
  10. Louwo

    Where is it now?

    Dual Sanders? Is that what they called the chains that are on the axles that spin like on most buses for the winter?
  11. Louwo

    F650 blowing "Allison Transmission" fuse help

  12. Sorry to hear. My condolences. You guys have in the past some unique equipment I loved seeing work.
  13. Light board on the back?
  14. Louwo

    AMG Benz...

    Neat looking car. I don't like the outer bridge. Usually take up both lanes crossing that bridge. Is feels like the lane is right at 102" wide.
  15. Louwo

    Updating The Support Trucks....

    Looks sharp.