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    My shop truck was looking a little tattered from a rough winter so we figured we would run it through our body shop for a new "suite" and then put our new logo on it... She came out pretty nice for a 300,000mi truck! Then off to the wrap shop.... I was happy with the results. My team did a good job on her & she's ready for another 10 years of service.
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    Got a call tonight for a new Mercedes with a flat tire wanting to go to Staten Island NY. We loaded it and told them we would take it down on Monday... A big dollar ride....
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    2018 Ford F550 XLT Extended Cab 4x4 with a Jerr-Dan MPL 40 Wrecker. Description: 18,000 LB. GVWR, PowerStroke 6.7L Diesel, Automatic, (2) 8,000 LB. Winches, 4,000 LB. Wheellift, Wired Membrane Remote, Federal Signal LED Lightbar, (2) Side Compartments, AM/FM/CD/SYNC with SXM Satellite, Power Windows and Locks, Heated Power Mirrors. Located in Illinois, call us at 815.725.4400 for more information. I-NTTJEB99472-411
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    With some basic assumptions since most light duty trucks are about the same, your truck should be able to lift approximately 7,000 pounds with the wheel lift fully retracted and 5,000 pounds at full extension. Now this is the calculated capacities, NOT the structural capacities as determined by whichever wrecker manufacturer you have. Most manufacturers limit light duty to 4,000 pounds at full extension due to structural issues not chassis capacity. The way I determined this is using the basic tow capacity formula that has been industry standard for decades and some educated guesses as to what your truck weights. A typical F-550 4x4 should have a static weight close to 10,000 pounds with 60% on the front axle and 40% on the rear axle. The 2017 F-550 extended cab with a 60" CA body on it (you said no tunnel box) has a wheel base of 167.9" and typical light duty wheel lift overhang is between 72-96" (retracted vs. extended). Plug these numbers into the formula 1/2 front axle weight x wheel base / overhang = capacity. 3,000*167.9=503,700/72=6995.83 at full retracted. If your rear springs are collapsing then they are not doing their job to support the load or you are overloading them. It is very likely your springs are weak, or the truck did not have the payload plus package installed properly. Off the line the F-550 comes standard at 18,000 GVWR and requires a dealer installed upgrade to make the 19,500 GVWR which includes a frame reinforcement between the springs. Even when working properly there is no weight transfer from the rear springs to the front axle in a tow truck. Wreckers use the rear axle as the fulcrum point in a lever and the front axle is the counterweight. Your steering can be improved by either increasing the front axle static weight with a counterweight like a push bumper or brush guard, reducing the rear overhang or lengthening the wheelbase. Installing stiffer springs will help with rear end sag and provide better support for the weight that you are towing but will not help transfer.
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    I agree the rear springs are not the best on a f550. I am building one currently, but we also add springs to the top and bottom of the mains. Have been doing this to ALL of our wreckers no matter the brand for the past 62 years. The manufacturers haven't realized where a wrecker carries its weight; behind the rear axle. The better the rear suspension the less squatting it will do and better steering. You are correct if is on a 60 ca/ with wheel lift at full extension going to have some issues. I have a 2008 F350 with a 6 ton single line wrecker with sneeker wheel lift. I am towing single axle tractors from rear, 350 box trucks from front and large SUV on wheel lift with no front end issues.
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    nice truck do check their also they also have some good taste Action Towing
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    They picked the right people to do it!
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    I love towing sprinters with a light duty. No-biggie to me. Just don't drive like an a$$ and collect the $$.
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    2014 Kenworth T270 with a Century 21’ Steel 6 Ton Carrier. Description: 26,000 LB. GVWR, 289,802 Miles, Paccar PX-7 Diesel, Allison Push-Button Automatic, Engine Brake, 8,000 LB. Winch, 3,500 LB. Wheellift, Removable Aluminum Rails, (2) 48” Toolboxes, LED Lightbar, Power Windows and Locks, Power Mirrors, AM/FM/CD with Bluetooth and Touchscreen Located in Illinois, call us at 815.725.4400 for more information. I-UTTEM419841-411
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    2018 Peterbilt 337 with a Jerr-Dan 22’ Aluminum Wide Lo-Profile Carrier. Description: 26,000 LB. GVWR, Paccar PX-7, Allison Push-Button Automatic, Exhaust Brakes, 8,000 LB. Winch, 3,500 LB. Wheellift, Federal Signal LED Lightbar, (2) 48” Toolboxes, Power Windows and Locks, Heated Power Mirrors, AM/FM/CD with SXM Satellite and Bluetooth. Located in Illinois, call us at 815.725.4400 for more information. I-NTTJM482273-411
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    If you don't use forks get an autoloader. Your back will thank you.
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    All, We would like to introduce our new product line. This is a current build of The Metro HRV 70. Thanks for following. Webb Wehbe
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    2007 Ford F750, Jerr-Dan MDL 280/110 14 Ton Wrecker 33,000 LB. GVWR, 169,561 Miles, Caterpillar C7, Allison Push-Button Automatic, Spring Suspension, Air Brakes, (2) 15,000 LB. Winches with Air Freespool, 28,000 LB. Underlift, (2) Tunnel Boxes and (2) Compartments, Strobe Lightbar, (3) Sets of Forks, Spring Lift, Push Bumper, In-Cab Underlift Controls, AM/FM/CD, Power Windows and Locks, Power Mirrors. Located in Illinois, call us at 815.725.4400 for more information. I-CU7V516034-411
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    Amazing the care we take with these vintage cars, considering when they were new all we had was chains and sling. Good Job Tho!
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    2017 Ford F-550 Ext Cab, 6.7 Scorpion Diesel, Auto Trans, XLT Trim (Power Windows & Locks, Cruise & Tilt, A/C, SYNC Radio, Power Htd. Mirrors, Keyless Entry) Upfitter Switches, 19.5 Alum. Wheels, Cab Steps, Built with a Jerr-Dan MPL-40 Twinline Autoloader! Trans Driven PTO, Whelen L.E.D. Lightbar, Collins Dollies, 6 Head Self-Contained L.E.D. Strobe Kit, L.E.D. Worklights, ITD Tie-Backs, Road Service Pkg, Clean-Up Pkg, Located in Lyons Oregon, Built & Ready to work!! Give me a call at 503-991-6930 or check out www.santiam.info for more information!!
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    T-ROC meeting with Commissioner Stanley at police headquarters.
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    Possible the wiring harness going into the trans may be failing. Our old 07 650 with the 5.9/allison the harness went a few times and we had a allison dealer replace it. Did the same thing limp more, died while driving, would not start from time to time.
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    Have not posted in awhile, so here is a few.. thanx for looking. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Hi All … I returned yesterday afternoon from a 2,239-mile motorcycle ride to Northern California (round trip) to meet the three-time generational family of tow truck operator Kenneth Ray Davis, who was shot and killed while working a CHP impound in Chico, California on October 6th, 1934. I spent an entire two days with Mr. Davis’ granddaughter and grandson at local sites including the Chico Cemetery, I visited the Chico History Museum, as well as visiting two houses Mr. Davis resided in. We also visited the grave site of CHP Officer William Riley McDaniel and suspect Nick Turchinetz … all buried in the same cemetery. The most interesting detail of this project is that the shooter shot his victims no more than 1,000-feet from where they are buried now. Kenneth Davis’ story is an incredible one where I was able to provide details to Davis’ family that they didn’t know. All in all, it was a great adventure to share with the towing and recovery industry, and making Kenneth Ray Davis the oldest, known and confirmed, tow operator killed in the line of duty. I’m proud to tell you that Kenneth Ray Davis WILL have his name emblazoned on the Wall of the Fallen this September in Chattanooga. Most exciting is … Mr. Davis’ granddaughter and grandson will join my Christine and I when his name is announced. After 84-years in quiet hiding, Mr. Davis will finally be recognized for his unselfish acts of serving the law enforcement community. I’ll be writing another article in American Towman Magazine in a month or two to share all the details of our meeting. Thank you all for your kind words of support and prayers as I traveled these miles. The Goldwing ran flawless and everything fell into perfect place. Also … while traveling; I’ve uncovered another bit of towing history of a closed towing business that’s reinvented itself. Note: These are the kind of stories I live for. R.
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    Up right it where you find it, then load it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's bullshit....I have towed hundreds over the years.
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    On June 25th. 2018 My cousin and partner passed away.. Patrick J. Avella was one of the owners of Highpoint Garage Inc. of Union City and North Bergen, NJ along with his brother Ronald A Avella who sadly passed on several years ago and 2 cousins Robert Avella and Steven Avella. Patrick J. Avella was the son of my fathers youngest brother, he was also the youngest of us 4. Patrick ran the storage yards and covered local calls in the Cities. He did some occassional Heavy Duty work bit for the most part covered light duty and flatbed work. After his retirement he resided in Port Jefferson Station, LI, NY. Patrick will always be remembered as the happy go lucky guy with the big heart.. Patrick was born and raised in Union City, NJ he owns farmland upstate NY and lived next to the business till his retirement some years ago. Patrick is survived by his wife Roseann, Son Patrick Jr.and daughter Giuliana. He will be dearly missed by all. The Services were held in Port Jefferson Station, LI, NY and was only a one day viewing and then a Mass.. Thank you and God Bless...
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