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  2. Charging administrative Fees

    HD recoveries get charged an admin fee....photos, calls and questions from law enforcement and customer and driver and insurance and salvage folks and sometimes salvage buyers and brokers and driver's family and on and on and on, and each of these folks wants to come in the yard, and them there are folks who have to be kept out of the yard like attorneys and investigators, and environmental folks have questions and requirements, and health department is often involved, and greater recordkeeping.... Yep, i charge an admin fee. And for those folks who want to play let's make a deal .... The deal is clearly spelled out on my invoice: pay me in full within 7 days and I'll waive the admin fee. That's a justified discount....a big recovery paid within a week GREATLY reduces administrative costs! LD...nah, no admin fee there.
  3. Towing an AWD on wheel lift?

    Just got 'er done. Ahead of the pictured torque tube is a bolt on u joint yoke. 4 15mm bolts and a ratchet strap to hold the shaft steady, I was on my way...
  4. Ford 550 or Dodge 5500 Rollback

    From someone that recently bought a newer rollback... Go Dodge! It seems that a lot of the Fords that I looked at had a new engine installed at 100K. This was for gas or diesel. After about the 50th one i looked at that a new engine, I decided Dodge was the way to go. My only complaint with my 15/5500 is the tiny fuel tank. 22 gallons bone dry fill ups. If Dodge would fix that, they would have one heck of a truck.
  5. Anybody have a old brakebuddy 4 sale?

    Wisner, ne how much do you want for it?
  6. Standard Northwest recovery

    Ha, new truck is in the heated shop all shiny & warm away from the salted roads. This is the 2001 550 4x4. Love the new truck but not ready to have it get all dirty yet:).
  7. Building Our New Emergency Response Truck

    Trying to load more pics but the program won't let me....Great hosting of photo's...
  8. We had to replace our service truck so we decided to start with a "clean slate". I wanted something to use for our road service, our accident clean up response as well as traffic control to deal with people that don't move over. We thought about a couple of directions and decided on this route... 2018 Ford Transit 250 Van. 1st order is to tint it down a little...lot of glass... Then we sent it out to have a Interior Shelf unit & divider panel installed... Went with a composite divider to keep noise & fumes out. Not sure why the picture size has been limited that I can only get these loaded so I'll continue on another post....
  9. Had a local "Crime Watch" guy wrecked the other day...He was about 90.... Should of watched the road instead of worrying about crime at 3:00 in the afternoon... He couldn't get in to the truck because it was too high...which turned out to be a lucky break... The officer went to go find his wife which was called to pick the guy up. While waiting there, he said he had to go to the bathroom? Eddie said your ride will be here in a minute...but it was too late, he proceeded to "Let it Go' in his pants right on the shoulder of the road.... Lifted it off the rocks &dollied it home...
  10. Yesterday
  11. Standard Northwest recovery

    Nice. How do you like the new truck?
  12. 03 Nov 2007 08:32 MWBMDUSA Wrote, This came from the youtube post Titled: I don't call AAA if my car needs a tow About This Video: I called AAA to have my car towed because it had not been run in three months. Their services were terrible from the beginning. The video speaks for itself, letting a child under the car before it is secured shows AAA does not care about safety. I did not know any mechanics in the area, so AAA recommended I take it to their partnered shop called DynaTune in Portsmouth, NH. I told them the situation of the car and asked to do whatever necessary to get the car running. I picked up the car and paid the nearly $700 bill. These so-called experts, ran numerous tests, but didn't check the oil. Naturally, there was almost none in it and less than 150 miles later, my engine blew. I called AAA again for a tow, this time they towed me to Fred's Auto in Candia, NH. I mentioned to Fred that I had just got the car fixed and he said the first thing he would've done was check the oil. I am now much worse off than before ever "getting help" from AAA. I have contacted AAA and they have told me, in a nutshell, "too bad." A representative has seen this video and doesn't sound concerned. I advise everyone to be careful when doing business with AAA, because they say they care about their members, but when push comes to shove, they have no problem leaving them stranded Last edited by MWBMDUSA on 19 Jul 2009 20:02, edited 3 times in total. newtotow said: Ok all i see is child working with his Parent helping to hook up the car which, It may not be a very good hook up but the car is been held by winch we have all put our head under are car same at one time seems to me that this person should worry more about them self then the a child learning to work with it parent. Adams Towing said: I don't get it did you just post this or did you write the letter? I don't see anything wrong with this except i prefer to put cars in park and i know lots a people on here don't. The boy was off to the side of the car so if it did come off the truck the injuries would most likely be minor. How else would you hook it with out being near the car? And personaly about the oil if you wanted them to check the fluids you should of asked. People freek out when you do something a little extra and it might cost them a few dollars. I recently had a young guy question the fact about 3 quarts of oil i put in his car because i charged him and never called him to get the ok, but if i would of let him go that might be him complaining that i didn't do my job and be tying to get a free motor. It's funny people never take the blame when there own laziness get them in a pinch. Cotton said: I started helping my dad when I was younger than that. He watched to see where dad hooked it and did the same on his side. I dont see anything wrong with it. authorizedtowing said: first 3 people that commented after video if you think there's nothing wrong with that procedure first you need to watch the video again because you either missed a lot or you have no respect for this equipment because it will HURT YOU in the blink of an eye now I'm not saying to be afraid of your equipment I'm saying to respect it. First mistake after pulling vehicle on bed he (father) walked behind the car that is on a launching ramp if the cable or bridle would have broken he (father) wouldn't have a prayer when that car launched off that bed. Second young person (son?) did the same walked behind vehicle. never ever walk behind vehicle that's not saftied to front of bed do you put a vehicle on a jack and not use safety stands NO. And for the guy that's going to say well the truck looks fairly new whats the odds of the chain or bridle breaking? don't need to run odds when a life is at stake even if it was the first tow for that truck who's to say something wasn't assembled correctly and we all know that our equipment is only as strong as the weakest link isn't that the first thing that we learned? And one more thing it's a good thing we have spell check!!! MWBMDUSA replied: No i did not write this letter its coppyed from the you tube post . As for the child ENDANGERD i have three sons all three started much younger helping hook and drop cars and trucks i dont see anything wrong with that and as far as the safety dad needs to learn first then his son. The Tow God said: Couple of things came to my mind. Living in California, the sue happy state, allowing a child to run the truck is asking for trouble.Anything goes wrong, they have video evidence against you to use in court. Judge is going to ask about the training that boy has, how much workers compensation is on that child, not to mention the child labor laws involved here. Secondly, any AAA rep would probably flip if they knew that a child was assisting anyone to service their members. Because it was a AAA call, it leaves AAA liable as well, no matter what AAA tells you. Third, you NEVER, EVER walk behind a car on a flatbed that doesn't have at least two safety chains holding it in place. Our company has a brand new Century flatbed years ago. Our driver loaded a new T-bird onto that flatbed. When he got the car into a position to install the front safety chains, the Ramsey winch broke and the car took off. It pulled the cable out of the winch and hit another car causing almost total damage to both cars. Ramsey bought both cars and the repairs to the truck, but it just goes to show you that nothing should be taken for granted. The failure turned out to be a key-way in the winch. I would never allow any of our drivers to let their children operate any of our trucks with or without supervision. Just too many things to go wrong and too much liability. twinbulls said: Father and son working together..... I do it all the time with mine.... But I do keep them next to me and I done let them walk behind car...Mine are younger though.. I feel some people are trying to find anything wrong....That they FEEL ....maybe their parents didn't love them enough??? How many times have you picked up a car that just left the repair shop ?? And something else broke ?? And I like the comment that the second shop said ... Well I would have checked the oil first .... YEAH ....ok and if the belt broke he would have said I would have checked the belts first ...LOL So now the car owner only has a video of the tower loading his car ??? Well I will make another story.. for that video here it goes: Check out this video...Its of me and my kid loading a car.. It was a very busy day and we are very hungry.I think we will get lunch soon.. But I just wanted everyone to see my son helping his father, We loaded this car and took it to the repair shop, The silly lady NEVER checked her oil ??? and I think she blew the engine. Another day with my son , We had a great time and made some new friends... I will post more videos soon... Father and Son Towing.... I like this story better.. Heres a pic of my daughter Ameritowrushton said: I agree, that is how I learned to drive. I have been hooking up since I was about 6 years old and I am now 18. That is very good experience for what may be his future career. He will be better than some of the other people in his area when he gets old enough to drive. Dad uses me to train all the new drivers because I can ride with them and show them the secrets. Thanks Brad ReliableTowing said: I like Twinbulls scenario better... as for the unhappy AAA customer that hasn't used her car in 3 months, it looks abandoned in an empty p-lot. Was there a huge oil slick under it when it was moved? If not, you were 3 quarts low when you parked it. I don't condone walking behind an unsecured car, if the dad had one safety on I don't see a problem. We all take for granted our equipment from time to time- it is man made and can/will eventually fail unfortunately. As for JR helping out and spending time w/ Dad or Big Brother or Uncle Or Whomever- he's not glued to a playstation or TV so kudo's to him for wanting to do something with someone. Steven authorizedtowing said: Didn't have a problem hanging out with dad and learning unfortunately dad wasn't trained properly can't say it's all his fault but to have no common sense he has no right to be operating any kind of equipment. Adams Towing said: I didn't know it was wrong to say you didn't understand something on here. I also was unaware that we have to have all post spell checked before we post them. If there is anymore rules to posting something or asking a question i would be very thankful if someone would let me know? njChuck said: Really don't see a problem either,only thing I might have done differently is not slide the bed so far up making it a little easier for JR to find the T-Hook slot. As far as walking behind the truck, not exactly right, BUT WE HAVE ALL DONE IT! Bigwinch1 said: OK we are AAA provider yes there are a few things wrong here kid on bed walking around back of car so on and so on my ? is was this vehicle even within the AAA guidelines was the car registered cause you know according to AAA that would not be a covered tow of course some people will haul any thing for AAA when there rules specifically say no vehicles with altered suspinsions of any sort car missing body parts unregestered vehicles or just plain junk my kids both help and are probably better prepared for the future because of it whether they go into towing or not any way just my 2 cents Chris AKA bigwinch1 Curt Sharp said: We can all pick the video apart. Probably not as high of standard as we should expect for ourselves, from what I can see doesn't seem too bad of a hook-up so far, we have certainly seen worse...the thing that I question the most is...WHY was the video taken in the first place?? How many owners video tape you towing their car? As always, I think there may be more to the story... auto rescue said: I'm oh so happy that I always do everything 1000% right so that no one can pick my job performance apart Oh wait a minute that's not me it's someone else that's always right, my bad. Letsplay2 said: Maybe the operator didn't have a clue himself???? Devin kyresqtow said: Wow I wonder what would have been said about me hookin up to t&t's... mixers... or anything else I helped with growing up.... Personally I have seen winches jump out of gear before... but they have always had warning signs before they go... soooo I don't see a problem..... as long as he knew his equipment... yes I do chain before I stick my body under the car to chain tho... and as far as the car went... having only sat for 3 months..... yeah they should have checked the oil....... it was brought in to be checked over... but it is an oversight... could happen to anyone.... and he made it how far and didn't check it himself??? hey it could have been full when he left the shop and burnt that oil as they drove... or developed a leak..... he states almost none.... wonder if it was really almost full.... why do people always want to blame someone else for their misfortunes? Brian Bell said: I have 2 10yr old boys, they never want to go on calls with me. Maybe its because I don't let them get out of the truck much less run the winch. Am I over cautious YOU BET!! This video has me thinking.... should I start letting them help?? (that kid got kinda close to that car with that J-hook) Then again do I really want them to become 24/7 towers? By the time they are old enough to drive it will be really bad out there... (wonder how many times dad's have thought that through the years?) I guess well have to load some of the junkers out back on the truck my brother drives. P.S. My 4 year old loves going on calls. He usually makes me drive around in the parking lot once we drop so he can "see" the car we towed from his CAR SEAT!!!. dperone said: thats how I started back when I was younger. me and my dad spent a lot of time together towing, and most of the things I know about towing came from him. most of my fondest childhood memories were sitting in the passenger seat of our various trucks. he always looked out for me, leaving me home if the weather was bad or if he was out on the expressway. personally, I think it makes better operators. Car Store Towing said: If you did a roll call as to how many guys have let their sons or daughters run the controls you might run out of space in the listing. The Driver was a little careless if he did not have any front chains hooked up, But Take a look, Driver Had on gloves, son did not. driver and son both had on tennis shoes. A major NO NO at our company. This is what you get when you let your son grow up and learn what the wrecker business is all about. This is my son Tony 3rd Generation Tower And well dressed I might Add. 23 years old and is learnig the ropes in a 60 ton Rotator.
  13. Lets see some pictures

  14. Lets see some pictures

    Lets see some pictures
  15. When is it done for?

    I wonder how long till this thread devolves into chastising lazy drivers who just cant seem to stay clean. And don't get me wrong, I don't want to do that, and sometimes it cant be avoided (getting dirty) but do we all know that driver that just has a certain way about their routine, the repetitive out-hook up-back in the truck routine where they just don't ever seem to care about their image? whenever I see a driver working a tow without gloves on......ugh. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS! lol....ok, sorry, don't want to be the member who does what I was just talking about, lets stay on topic Mike.....I guess im with Jefftow and for SURE Towman2 on this, the only way to stay on top of this is to have plenty on hand and do the best you can (herding cats) to watch the drivers and try to get them to swap them out In a timely fashion. Here's a question tho....which way do you go, do you buy the more affordable but less durable throw away type vests, or blow the few extra bucks for the more sturdly built heavier duty (and then perhaps more washable and reusable) vests with nicer zippers or buckles vs the light flimsy Velcro style? hmmm?
  16. Tim was trying out his new camera . We weren't able to edit it on my format so this is just how it came out . There was about 2 inches of fresh wet snow that hit Naselle WA on 02/16/2018...
  17. Towing Software

    Ok everybody, hang in there for a few seconds and i'll make my point, First, I am a dinosaur and I will make no excuses for it. I have an almost 35 year old towing co (when billing and statements and payroll were pretty much all done by hand, on paper) and I like things to go smoothly and I don't like changes.....unless I make them and usually only because I realize I have to. If it's not broken, don't fix it. I'm NOT however against upgrades and modifications, when its a good idea. So please don't give me too hard a time about being set in my ways. Now here's my point/question, back in the 90's I bought the original Tracker software for doing Statements, payroll, etc.... and I really liked it. Have used it for well, decades, I guess... my dispatchers liked it, bookkeeper liked it, everybody liked it, it was easy to train new office personnel on it...and our commercial customers liked the statement format, well here's the thing...... we lost the CD's it came on..... wasn't a big deal till finally, years later now, the puter it was loaded on has finally bought the farm. Im currently still trying to salvage whats on the hard drive, and if I could find the disc's I would just start over on a new machine. But if I MUST move on to new software, I would like to find something similar.... and sorry, I don't want anything cloud based or anything I have to pay a monthly subscription for..... just a good solid towing specific software program, or I'm open to something similar. I haven't yet tried to call Tracker to see what they might suggest..... (have you ever tried to call Tracker? it's like calling the DMV)... .but I have browsed their websites, along with other tow software webbys, and I am really not interested in what I am seeing....... so, after you tell me you think I need to move into the 21st century, tell me what you all think. and thanks. .......Mike
  18. It's deja vu all over again

    I sent you an invoice, I know you have been a member longer than my records indicate. Once I figure it out, I can set your status.
  19. 411 member joining the TowForce

    Welcome njringleader and Yes, the old board provider made a change for having a few issues to a major disaster. We searched for not just a replacement but a 2.0 version. We may have been able to save some data had the provide been upfront with us prior to the change from yuk u to an outdated phpbb format. So, we recreated the famous look and feel of Tow411 the Message Board with a provider that has been on the up and up with us. Kat aka Chris my brother has been working hard to add all the bells and whistles he can find. The is already on the way to being the New Force in the Towing & Recovery Industry with the Experience & History to back it up. Hope it is worth your time cause in a year folks will say this is either the biggest blunder or ingenious. in·gen·ious inˈjēnyəs/ adjective adjective: ingenious (of a person) clever, original, and inventive. "he was ingenious enough to overcome the limited budget" synonyms: inventive, creative, imaginative, original, innovative, pioneering, resourceful, enterprising, inspired; clever, intelligent, smart, brilliant, masterly, talented, gifted, skillful; astute, sharp-witted, quick-witted, shrewd; elaborate, sophisticated "an ingenious economist" (of a machine or idea) cleverly and originally devised and well suited to its purpose. overcome the limited budget - Patron Recognition Month But actually I think it is simply innovative. Enjoy...
  20. It's deja vu all over again

    I see, I wasn't sure what was happening here, but now I think I have a handle on it. I was a member of the original Tow411, but i'll admit that running a towing co sometimes leaves very little time for things like logging in to a fave website and browsing, and it has been SO very long since I checked in at Tow411 that as I stumbled across this and created a profile and started looking around and I was like ''wait a minute''......but now its more clear........glad to be here. Thanks for bringing it to us. Mike, Split Second Towing.
  21. 411 member joining the TowForce

    Forgive me but I haven't checked in for a long while, but what happened to Tow411, and is this its replacement or something?
  22. Re: Florida Tow Operator Killed 02-22-2018

    Rest easy brother, your shift is over.
  23. Anybody have a old brakebuddy 4 sale?

    I have a used brake buddy. It is in Louisiana. Where you located?
  24. Im lucky to have so many slow growing well rooted "Holmes Trees" in my area, this is the Northwest standard car/truck off the road rigging, over & over again for the last 2 days.
  25. February Patron Recognition Month

    Wow... We're on the move and I feel the Force. Do you feel it, Do you feel that Force that TowForce? All the topics in one place, all the experience and knowledge in one place. (multiple forums) Professional discussions has always been what the Towing Information Network has been known for... Yes, we were challenged and feel off a bit. A pathetic message board provider forced us to move and a new Force in the Towing & Recovery Industry was born. A True TowForce has emerged from the ashes... Are you on board, can you assist us and provide some financial assistance to keep this Force on track? Is your name listed within this Patron Recognition Post? Should you be listed? Have you responded? Are you ready to assist in bringing our annual budget back to a level we can work with? If so visit our Sponsor Store now http://www.towforce.net/store/category/1-subscriptions/
  26. 04 Jan 2018 09:59 2018 T270 KW Century Series 12 LCG Stock # 3539 This truck is at install right now and will be available in two weeks. This is a priced very competitive and has lots of extra features. Wrecker Specifications Series 12 Century LCG 2 48 inch Tool Box LED Work Lights 14 Head Justice Light Bar DOT and chain Package Chassis Specifications 260 HP Engine with Allision Automatic Transmission Power Windows and Door Lights 22.5 Aluminum Wheels Air Brake Air Ride 150,000 miles or 3 Year Basic Vehicle Warranty Please contact our sales team for additional information or check out of request for quote link with an immediate price.
  27. 31 Aug 2017 15:17 2017 Ram 5500 Cummins Diesel Automatic Transmission 19,500# GVWR Vulcan 19.5' GEN 2 (2) 48" Boxes LED Bar Light Work Lights Chain Pak DOT Kit Mike Kuhn Smyrna Truck & Cargo,LLC 404-304-9246 mkuhn@smyrnatruck.com
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