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  2. We found this while going thru some old books at the shop. We found it amusing and wanted to share it with all the holmes lovers out there. Wish i could have gotten the images in with the captions because you could clearly determine what competitor they were talking about. Scholle's Towing and Body Shop Peru, Illinois 815-223-0070 "The original towing and recovery specialist in the Illinois Valley area since 1972" Jeepfreek said: great reading.thanks for postingit.regards jim[canuk]fraser. Ole8212 said: That's pretty cool, never saw that before. I think if you look at a couple of the pictures it's pretty clear who's 40 ton they are comparing to. Thanks for posting. Voigt21 said: Nice. You can't outpull a Holmes. Thanks for posting. dsc said: Great information! Thanks for posting... michael212 said: The only thing the 1701 & 1801's lacked was reach. If they would have had the reach I believe things may have turned out differently in the Wrecker world.... Michael Myers 253.588.1757 ext 150 mttowing said: That makes me feel better about mine. After a three year restoration, I hope to see what it will do soon... gtowman said: nice.. thanx for posting. OconnelBodyandTowing said: That's a really cool post. I have 1701 with a intergated under reach mounted on a triaxle vovlo and haven't found any that it cant do on its own yet.
  3. A driver was dumping at the landfill when some trash got caught up in the front of the trailer and it tipped the truck and trailer over onto its side we were called out ...
  4. SAM

    Hello Again!

    Will be putting some new products this week and a sale.
  5. Another driver dropped off a trailer and this time dropped it before the concrete pad and it sunk thru the black top so the warehouse called us out to lift the unit ...
  6. CM1 retired

    box truck into a tree

    Good call on having a heavier truck take it that far. Too many ways to get in over your head. Dan
  7. Louwo

    Cherry popped

    That's what I thought. None the less need the double/triple. Thanks.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Another driver decided it was a good idea to attempt a u turn in a soft field when he realized he could make it because he had lost traction he decided to get out ...
  10. A driver was having some issues with his truck and contacted us to come out and provide a towing service we came out and towed the unit to the Cummins ...
  11. Driver lost the drive shaft between the tandems and when it came out from the truck a passenger car had ran it over and it ripped the oil pan out from the car the ...
  12. Another Happy Customer of Rick's Truck & Equipment....Joey's Auto's Highland , New York. This was one bad Rollback Truck!! Notice the custom paint , another option given by Big Bro............
  13. silverhawk

    Cherry popped

    It's not the weight of it, but the posted figures on the door sticker. 26,000 gvw on tow unit and less than 10,000 of towed unit. a class A is not required. The second joint requires double endorsement if not an emergency situation.
  14. Loaded forward would have been better weight distribution, but still overloaded for the gvwr on that small of a unit.
  15. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
  16. TowZone

    Hello Again!

    Hey, Sam good to see you here. This new community is growing rapidly. Show our members New Products on the New Force in the Towing Industry. TowForce is by Tow411 but it is so much more then just Towing Information.
  17. LAST DAY... I have 4 Shirts to send out.
  18. See this all the time from the AAA drivers around here
  19. Bet he can do a wheelie real easy
  20. Thomas Whitman

    Tow Truck Driver Hero Alert 07-12-18 (SC)

    Congratulations, Blane! Good that you were there at the right moment. Well Done!! tw
  21. Highest 600 serial # I have seen is D89BJ8505 ....so shipped April 1989...sold to Canadian government
  22. Got video loaded right this time . We had to wait for low water to recover the jeep as my big 4x4 wrecker lost a tie rod end next to the surf line . We were still 2 ...
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