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  3. Water Been There Done That...

    In this particular situation, enough cable could be extended to winch from the standing water. I think that vehicle had a center mounted recovery loop for attachment? Instead of going to him, winch him to you?
  4. Backup water seperator for 6.7

    I have to drain the water out of the bottom of the separator/filter that has the drain valve knob on it. Since we are having all this rain I'm not surprised about the water problem. My truck is a 2011 F650 Extended Cab with the Cummins / Allison I have 80K on it now.
  5. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
  6. How can video be uploaded?
  7. T-Shirts, T-Shirts and Yes T-Shirts

    Ron, make it a large, Thanks.
  8. Our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends.
  9. Here we complain about our safety on the road due to drunk drivers, and now this moron gets behind the wheel and kills someone. What an idiot. He deserves the maximum sentence the law can hand down and permanent driving restrictions.
  10. One more senseless tragedy. Another life lost and many lives affected. It’s been illegal to brink and drive for over 50 years and yet people still do it. I feel so bad for the tow truck drivers family and friends. Thoughts and prayers.
  11. I'm looking to replace winch cables on my Medium-duty wrecker. What are everyone's thoughts on cable? We currently have steel core cables on the truck. The superb swagged sounds like it wraps nicer, and has a higher wll, but is about double the price.
  12. 2018 wreckmaster roll call

    WM070202 Sent from my LGMP450 using Tapatalk
  13. Prayers for his family and for those who know him. Sent from my LGMP450 using Tapatalk
  14. A tow truck driver was killed Saturday after being hit by a drunk driver in Cypress, police said. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said that the victim was putting a boat into the back of his flatbed on Grand Parkway near Bridgeland Creek Parkway around midnight when a man in a Toyota veered off the road and hit the flatbed. The driver of the car was hospitalized with minor injuries, police said. He faces manslaughter charges. The identities of the victim and the driver were not immediately available. RESOURCE LINK
  15. A 66-year-old woman died after a car crash in Yuma late Friday night, police said. Around 10:30 p.m., a 2016 Freightliner 16M Rollback tow truck, driven by a 28-year-old, rear ended a 2006 Nissan Sentra, occupied by a 70-year-old man and the 66-year-old woman. The woman died at the scene, Yuma police Sgt. Lori Franklin said. The man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The tow truck driver, Christopher Peirce, had a blood alcohol content higher than .20. The legal limit is less than .08. RESOURCE LINK
  16. Tow Insurance

    I have had good luck with Berkshire Hathaway so far. SUPER reasonable rates. only complaint is it takes them forever to make policy changes, such as add a new truck, ECT.
  17. 2018 wreckmaster roll call

    WM 160330
  18. Personal use, Rollback project

    LOL speaking from experience, make sure you have NOT FOR HIRE pasted all over that sucker. depending on the state, they will mess with you. cool truck tho. I have a Mitsubishi fuso wrecker version of yours. good trucks.
  19. Hello Again

    Just took the time to log in to the old forums and found out they had moved. so I created a new account here. I didn't post a whole lot on the old forums but I did enjoy reading the topics and discussions and was able to learn alot. hopefully I can do the same thing here and hope to be able to contribute as well. wanted to take the time to say hello and introduce myself on here. so here goes My name is Jim, I own Knighthawk towing in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have been in business 3 years in July. I have a GMC topkick rollback with a 19ft Jerr dan rustler bed, and a 3116 cat. A Dodge Ram 3500 with a century 411 and a 24 valve cummins, And recently added a Mitsubishi Fuso FG211 wofith a Century twin line bed, and a 5.9 Mitsubishi Diesel, built by House of Wreckers. Have been transporting cars for years but only have about 3 years in the towing industry. am currently Wreckmaster 4/5 Certified. know quite a bit, have learned quite a bit, and am still learning. will post some pictures once I figure out how.
  20. dodge pulling a trailer lost control, jackknifed and ran off the road mowing down about 50' of brush ending up buried face first in some tasty blackberries.
  21. Re: The Future of Towing

    I believe that towing, the physical action of towing will decrease, but roadside service to replace modules will blossom. Tomorrow's tow operator will have to be tech savvy. The tow man or tow woman of tomorrow will be highly trained and highly skilled. They will use a lap top more than a snatch block. They will have to operate a scanner and be able to replace modules on a casualty. Thirty years ago, if I told a technician that one day a car will not have a distributor or spark plug wires what would they have thought?
  22. Tow truck driver charged in fatal crash (IN)

    Tragic, just tragic. I hope the families of those injured and those of the deceased get justice.
  23. Water Been There Done That...

    Many of my recoveries are in water ,never once have we allowed a truck to go into water.Most times you cant see under surface.Waders are standard equipment in our toolbox.
  24. Water Been There Done That...

    Unimogs have air pressurized axles for deep water. I'm guessing a lot of military vehicles do that as well
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